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Hey hun! How are you? So I had the date with that guy. You know how I said I wouldn't have sex on the first date? I couldn't help myself. I am such a damn slut. (Notice I don't care though!)

We came back to my place to just watch a movie. Which was all good until he started to do the thing where he licked my ear, and nibbled on it. Using his tongue on the inside and out, just running it all along it. I swear I can orgasm just from that. He does that for a while, then we make out. Awesome kisser! Our tongues were playing with each other. I just loved the feel of his body against mine! Then I tell him to stop, because I don't really want to go any further. Well we stop for a bit, then he comes back to do his thing some more. He starts doing the ear thing, then reaches down and starts playing with my breasts. He was cupping them, pinching my nipples, and rubbing my through my bra. Its been a while since I had been with a guy and I was completely turned on.

I did something I usually don't do...while he was doing that, I reached down and started playing with myself. I was rubbing my clit, and I could feel that I was completely soaked through my panties. While doing this, I had an amazing orgasm. I told him no more at this point. He didn't really listen, lol.

He gets up off the couch, tells me to lay down. He then kneels next to the couch. He starts to kiss me, and while he is doing that his hands play with my nipples some more. He then reaches down and starts rubbing my pussy over my panties. Before I know it, his hand is under my panties, fingering me and rubbing my clit. He had two fingers inside of me, pressed right against my G-spot. It was so intense. I orgasm again, twice.

Then he talks for a few minutes, proceeds to do the same thing again. I orgasm again. Keep in mind, that I haven't done anything to him yet, and we are both fully clothed.

He then stands me up, pulls down my skirt and panties, undoes my bra, but leaves it on. At this point I am so relaxed I no longer care that I am completely going against all first date standards. He kneels on the floor again, sitting me on the couch. Takes my legs puts them on his shoulders, and eats me out like a champ. Licking me up and down my pussy lips, fingering me, tasting me, sucking on my juices. AMAZING! I haven't met a man with a mouth like that in my life. Orgasm, twice more. Good lord. I think I am going to die at this point. So I plainly tell him I want him to fuck me. Start talking dirty to him. Telling him I want his hard cock inside my soaking wet pussy. I didn't have to twist his arm, let me tell you. Get him undressed, give him a blowjob for a bit. I was careful though because I didn't want him to cum, I wanted him inside of me Then he throws on a condom. Has a very thick cock by the way, it was stretching my pussy. We start to fuck, just plain ole missionary. For about 10 minutes. He was such a tease, would pull out, then thrust back in hard. Making me gasp over and over. I begged him to fuck me harder. Starts fucking me, just ramming his cock in and out, and then he comes. When I could tell he was start to cum, my pussy tightened around him as I orgasmed once more!

Omg, I came so many times. This boy was so very talented with his fingers, cock, and mouth. I must say my boobs are a bit sore today. lol

The one thing he did that really turned me on is: When he had my laying on the couch, he would put both my hands above my head, and hold them there while kissing me. I don't know why I liked that so much but I did. Maybe it was the feeing of not having control.

Wow. I can't wait to see him again...or feel him.

Hope you enjoyed the details, hun. You asked for it!

Much love,


Did you like? Let me know! It's a bit different from. But so very true, as it just happened last night. :) Yay for sex!

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