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The message I was expecting was delivered as a package rather than the phone call I had hoped for.

I opened the package to find an unlabeled video tape. I first poured myself a strong portion of bourbon and set it on the table next to my big chair. I then went to the TV and shoved in the video tape. I walked back to the chair, sat down and took a big hit of the bourbon.

The video started. My wife Jean walked into the range of the video camera. She wore a silly little mask that just covered her eye area, but it was Jean without a doubt.

My wife is a blonde goddess with a lingerie model body and an unbelievably pretty face. She keeps herself tan and buff. Jean was nude, except for a garter belt, dark nylons and stiletto heels. She posed her pussy in a closeup shot so I could see the two tiny moles just to the right of her pussy. If there had been any possibility of another woman, the moles eliminated that.

The video camera pulled back a little bit and the figure of a tall, handsome, brown haired boy appeared. He was wearing only the evil smirk that is his trademark. Wesley Smith fingered his erection as Jean kneeled to take it in her mouth. Jean not only sucked on Wesley's tool, she moved her mouth up and down the shaft, in effect letting Wesley fuck her mouth, something she would never do for me. She continued the blow job until I could see Wesley stiffen and fill Jean's mouth with his cum. Jean then got up and she and Wesley kissed, passing his cum back and forth in a big French kiss.

The scene ended and I took another hit of the bourbon as the next scene started.

Jean was on her back, lying on a bed. She was nude and drew her long legs up to completely expose her pussy. Not only did she show her pussy, she pulled open her labia to show the coral pink inside. Wesley then joined Jean on the bed and mounted her. There was no condom on the hard cock he shoved inside Jean. Wesley fucked my wife for the camera. The camera also shifted to show Jean playing with her nipples and even reaching down to massage the magic spot at the top of her slit. The scene continued until Wesley dumped another load of cum inside my wife.

The second scene ended with my worst fears confirmed and I took another hit of the bourbon as the next scene started.

Jean was still nude and on the same bed but on her hands and knees this time.

Wesley was behind her and shoved his erection up my wife's ass. My wife's ass was well lubed and Wesley was getting deep within her at each stroke. The camera got all the detail and then shifted to the front to catch my wife's expression as she climaxed hard under Wesley's ass fucking.

I killed the last of the bourbon in one gulp. I called the official phone number on the page and got things set up. The authorities would monitor my phone call. Since she wanted to torture me, she would stay on the line long enough for the technicians to trace the call to Jean's cell phone. They would find Jean and Wesley, but it would, of course, be too late.

As I waited for the return call that would set in motion my call to my wife's cell phone, I pondered exactly what I would say to the woman who had promised to share my life. I was sure that I would talk to Jean. Wesley would want me to have to listen to Jean tell me directly that she did not want me and that Wesley was now her man. Perhaps later Wesley would rub in the fact that he had run off with Jean as revenge for my firing him at work.

I finally decided to just read Jean the important lines on the page in my hand.

"Mr. Wesley Smith has a particularly virulent strain of the AIDS virus. Mr. Smith is dying of AIDS, although he may well be unaware of the problem. Anyone who has unprotected sex with Mr. Smith is at extreme risk of death from the AIDS virus. It is important that anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mr. Smith or any sexual partner of Mr. Smith immediately call" The official phone number then follows.

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Vacation Video

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