Unscripted Masturbation

Okay, despite the fact that this is titled "Unscripted Masturbation" I needed to have some written text. Therefore, the following is a transcript of what was originally an unscripted session. Enjoy. (I hope you don't mind that this was not a written story to begin with and will please ignore any errors on my part.)

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Hey guys, I thought we would try this completely unscripted this time. So, what you get is me. No story, no nothing; just me. Um, I hope you don't mind that, to start off, I was thinking that I could just answer some questions.

Most of you have been asking me if I really do touch myself while I'm recording. And the answer is yes. I have to admit recording things for you guys really does get me quite turned on; quite hot. I love the idea of it...you're listening to my voice, maybe reading my story, looking at my pictures, you know, something like that, and then you're out there. Touching yourself. Stroking yourself. Just playing with yourself in general. That idea really does get me hot.

Would you mind if I started touching myself right now...just a little? Ohh, ohh, ohh, its just...thinking about you...sitting there, touching yourself...it gets me so hot, you know? I hope you don't mind that I'm thinking about you as I rub a little.

You know, I'm quite wet, too. Here, I'm going to do something for you...I'm not sure if you'll like it, but I know a lot of guys do. Mmmm, that was me tasting myself for you. I wish you could be tasting me, though, that would be even better. I hope you would enjoy doing that – enjoy tasting me; because I love having it done.

You know what else I love even more? Tasting you. It gets me so hot to do it. And the feeling of your cock in my mouth, mmmmm, I just enjoy it so much. So very much.

Oooh, would you please bring your cock over here? Let me taste it. Stick it in my mouth. I want to suck on you so bad. Ohhhh, so very bad. You know, maybe after I suck on you for a while, you could just slide yourself inside of me. Oh, please, would you? I promise that it will feel good. It really will. I'll do my best to make it feel as good as it can.

So, please, just stick yourself inside of me right now. Oh god yes. Oh yes, just like that. Oh god, just like that. Oh god yes. Oh, that's right...now, fuck me with it. Fuck me with your cock. Oh please, oh yes. Harder...harder. Fuck me harder. Please, please fuck me harder. Please, I want it so bad.

Oh god yes. Oh god yes. [A series of moans as I get close to climaxing and finally an orgasm washes over my body. After the orgasm subsides, you can hear some of my heavy breathing and panting. Then, a little bit flustered by what just occurred, a small little giggle.]

Thanks. Oh god. Well, what do you think? Will you come back again some time? 'Cause I really could start getting used to this, you know. I really could.


I hope you all enjoyed that little introduction into my world of masturbation. And I hope you all had as much fun listening to the recording as I had making it.

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Unscripted Masturbation

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