The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 4

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The next morning Talea managed to sneak back into the room before the Princess stirred. She silently stepped to the bed, watching the girl tangled in the sheets that spoke from a restless night. With a wicked smile she recalled the begging Princess from last night, and she wondered how much Maryah would remember when waking up. For sure - or so Talea secretly hoped - she would be having quite a bit of a headache, which would make her a bitch even more than usual. With a grin the supposed maid opened the curtains to be greeted by another gray day, at least it was not raining.

The leaden clouds were hanging deep over the land, the few trees she saw seemed to be cuddled against each other as if seeking comfort. The storm worn peaks of Ishgartan were hidden behind the bulging and drifting layers of rain filled gray as she tried to see where they were destined to go. Still she had difficulties to believe the King was sending his daughter to this forsaken part of the world without having any reliable prove of her future fate. But after a few days of traveling with the Princess she figured he was just glad to have her off his back. With a shrug of her shoulders she turned around and in her sweetest voice said "Good morning Princess Maryah, I hope you slept well and your dreams were pleasant ones..." With a yawn the Princess started to move and stretch, thus revealing her bare body to the eyes of Talea who once again could not help admitting that this Lady was of exquisite built.

Once again she felt her nipples tense under the maiden’s dress and wondered if the guys could have held their promise if they ever would get hold of the Princess in the nude.... While she was wondering about all these things the Princess had started to really wake up. Blushing and with a quite inquiring look she glanced over to Talea. A knock on the door saved Talea from commenting on the previous night or betraying her little secret by a malicious grin. When she opened the door, she found herself facing a grinning and already fully clad Darian, holding a tray with a steaming pot of tea and a basket covered with a white cloth which, Talea assumed, was holding some still warm bread since the smell of fresh bakery filled her nostrils. With a smile she took the breakfast tray and whispered "Thanks love - I sure have need of that after last night ... " She vividly remembered his tongue stroking her tender flesh .. with a sigh and a deep breath she regained her composure and returned to the room and waiting Lady Maryah with the breakfast tray.

It was not too much later, that the party was on horseback and on their way again. With a shudder Talea drew her cloak closer around her shoulders and pulled the hood somewhat deeper into her face. She had felt uncomfortable under the open sky since they had entered this little populated part of the country, since she first had spotted the impressive Mountains, she thought. Something dark seemed to radiate from there - something she felt to be compulsive and disgusting at the same time. As if someone, something was waiting there for her to seal her fate. She had had feelings of anxiety and feelings of fear many times in her life, and it was not the fear of death itself, more the fear of having not enough time to explore all the secrets and joys life had to offer. Many times at the camp fire they had been talking about the next day’s battles and when things seemed hopeless their motto always had been "Do you want to live forever?" They had laughed and with this seemingly careless attitude more than once had been the stronger ones, had made it as the survivors. But secretly Talea had to admit that yes, if she would have had a choice, she would have lived forever. Too hungry was she for knowledge and too greedy for lust to satisfy her cravings in a short human lifetime.... and she knew, the guys were just the same. This was why they were feared, they were said to be merciless, and in a certain way they were, following only their own moral standards, taking what they desired, living, not just being alive.... she glanced back to Cram and Darian, both leading one of the pack horses and seemingly lost in their own thoughts - and she wondered if it was only her imagination playing those mental tricks on her or if the others too felt these irritating vibrations.

It was around mid day, when in one of her tempers Princess Maryah forced the group to a halt. It had not been raining during the morning, but the humid air had made drops gather on the horses and on the travelers cloaks, and Lady Maryah figured it was about time she changed her traveling garments. All attempts from the side of Cram and Darian to at least be riding to the next village and get a meal were futile. At a certain point she reined in her horse and refused to move any further before she had not changed her cloak and boots for dry ones. While Cram had still been arguing with the princess, Darian had left the pack horse behind and sped up a close by hill.

Upon his return he announced that there was a farm house not too far down the road. Finally the princess could be persuaded that it would be more convenient to change in the shelter of the farm house or at least a barn than here in the open field at the side of the road and in a rather dark mood Darian took the lead of the little group. It was only a few more minutes when behind a turn an inviting neat farm house with barn and stables appeared in the gray light. They had not reached the garden fence yet, when the door was opened and a young man asked what they desired. After a few words of negotiation and a handful of coins changing their owner, the door was opened and the women and Cram stepped into a small living room with a crackling fire burning, whereas Darian took care of the horses.

As he had expected, there was enough room in the little stable behind the house for their animals, and after rubbing them down with some dry straw he started to look around for some hay for them to feed. There was nothing in the stables and so he remembered the barn just across. He did not feel like spending too much time with the princess right now anyway... the little bitch was really a pain. Had he not been paid well to deliver her in the precious state of virginity, he mused, he would have long since taught her to appreciate a strong hand in all sorts of ways. With these an similarly pleasant thoughts on his mind he entered the barn, his soft leather boots not making a sound as he stepped into the darkness, filled with the sweet smell of dried flowers and grass.

Even with the only dim daylight outside it took his eyes a moment to adjust to the dusty interior, and when he almost stumbled over an empty bucket, he angrily kicked it away. The sound shattered the silence in the barn and in the same moment from the upper level he heard a muffled cry. This was a sound he knew all too well, the panicking scream of a hiding female trying to suppress this all too natural reaction to the ones of the weaker sex. His face took on a determined look - he was on the hunt now, and this little vixen just what he needed as a valve of his arousing thoughts of teaching Princess Maryah a lesson or two. It took him not more than two steps to reach the ladder that lead up to the wooden floor, and when he had climbed it he pulled it up to assure his prey would not get away easily and to avoid any unwanted interruptions. His pants were feeling uncomfortably tight around his midsection by now, but knowing he would find release soon allowed him to take his time. The hunt was just as much fun as the catch after all. He knew she was hiding somewhere behind the stacks of hay, and by the sound of her voice he was pretty sure she was very young. No sound was heard as his soft leather boots carefully covered the ground to where he anticipated her hideout. His senses alert he could almost smell her, hear the frantic beat of her racing heart ... oh how he loved the hunt...

And then he saw her. A strand of wheat colored hair shining between the dull dried grass … she was not really hiding too well he thought foe a moment…. . At the speed of light he took one last step and grabbed her arm, without further ado dragging her out from behind the straw and dumping her at his feet. With a wicked smile he looked down on the curled up figure who lay at his feet. "Look at me!" his voice cut the dusty silence like a knife. The girl at his feet hesitated but then slowly lifted her head. Big blue eyes like mountain ponds were looking at him, but where he had been expecting tears and fear he saw something completely different … the little minx was smiling and taking in his picture with an obvious look of delight on her face. What was even better, he realized besides the fact that she was as he had suspected still quite young, this farm girl did have quite some similarity to Maryah. Even if it was only the blonde hair and the fragile figure that they had in common, Darian was pleased with this unexpected catch. "Is the guy in the house your husband, slut? .... answer me!!" The girl’s full and seemingly pouting lips tried to hide a little smile as she whispered "No, he is my brother... Sir…" her voice almost inaudible, but through the veil of demure behavior she tried to reflect he felt something else – something that was more .. an invitation …

He was well aware that in his dark cloak, legs a little apart, the riding crop in his hand and only a shadow against the lighter back he looked like the incarnation of Beelzebub to this peasant wench. "Kneel before your Master, wench!" his voice was iron. With delight he watched her hurry to his command, noticing she was getting less and less occupied with keeping up the appearance of a innocent little girl but started to shoot him glances that didn’t leave any questions open … and sure didn’t in his eyes support the innocent image she had tried to express while hiding in the straw. With a delighted laugh he placed the tip of the riding crop under her chin and directed her responding face to the height of his crotch "Now ... are you gonna get to work or what?" When he saw her lick her lips and the greedy expression on her tear eager face he realized that indeed she had nothing more in common with the despised Princess than the looks – by all he could tell so far she sure wasn’t a virgin anymore, and she sure did have a vivid idea of what it was he wanted her to do. Taking his time and immensely enjoying the obvious anticipation of the kneeling girl he slowly started to undo his belt. The earlier only uncomfortable feeling had given way to a dull pain as his swollen manhood tried to blast the tight confines of the leather that held it captive, and when he finally opened his pants his erect cock gratefully acknowledged the given freedom. He could not suppress a laugh as he saw the girl’s bulging eyes at the sight of his impressive equipment.

The thoughts of this body being the Princess kneeling in the dust at his feet delivered to his mercy rekindled the anger inside him, and without any warning he grabbed the blonde mane and pulled the girl’s head just an inch away from his greedily waiting cock. "Now, how come I have the feeling you are not minding this at all....?" With these words he pulled her head the last inch closer and with satisfaction watched her eagerly open her mouth. A loud moan escaped from his chest as her surprisingly expert lips closed around his throbbing cock. Her tongue played along the hard shaft and the fast swirls and long strokes told him she was not a novice at what she was doing - he drove into her, her long hair sliding through his fingers as he dictated the rhythm. Carefull and well aware that with the size of his tool she could hardly breath he forced his cock deeper and deeper into the warm cave of her mouth and finally throat, feeling her tongue against his soft skin. A few more hard strokes and with a soundless cry he erupted, filling the girl’s mouth with an abundant amount of his hot juices. Satisfied he watched her feeble attempts to swallow, but she could not manage and soon the milky liquid started to drip from her lips and down her chin. When he looked at her he noticed her big blue eyes like sparkling stars in her pretty face and only then realized her as well heavy breathing and her now plainly erect and pointy nipples under her blouse. With a little laugh he let go of her head and she rose to her feet, with a mischievous smile scooping up a few drops of his seed that had escaped to her chin and slowly, teasingly she licked her finger clean again – an unspoken invitation.

The first burning hunger satisfied, he bent down to her. With a swift motion Darian ripped the blouse of the young and firm body and tossed the rags to the floor in front of her. Pulling out his dagger he approached her slowly. With slow and deliberate motions he let the dagger slide behind the belt that held the girl’s skirts to her waist and watched them glide to the ground, leaving her naked and a little blushing, which he thought cute seeing she sure had been performing for some of the farm boys behind barns and stables before. Immediately she tried to hide her now revealed most intimate parts, now in exchange showing her small, yet fully blossomed breasts. “Now – tell me darling – I sure can see you are very much enjoying my company and I can tell as well it wasn’t a first time experience for you to suck a cock … so what was all this hiding and pretending about? And what else do you have to offer? “With a little giggle she wrapped her hands around Darian’s neck and rubbed her now nude and vulnerable hot body against his leather clad strong chest. “You know, my brother keeps quite a strict regime on the household and .. well … you know, he saw you coming and was afraid you might take advantage of me and do me some harm – mighty warriors that you are and all … you know, they tell those stories about how strong and …big you are …“ she interrupted herself for a blush and nervous giggle before she continued “and well, I can see now it is true … you know – I have played with the boys a few times behind the stables but … I wanted to keep my cherry for someone special, not those clumsy boys who are so rough and inexperienced … you know, for … a knight on a horse in a shining armor … and they all were quite happy to get that other kind of treatment…but now that you are here – I mean .. you know … ” She looked at him with big blue eyes again and he was unable to resist the unspoken plea any longer. “Ohhh baby – I will show you how good it feels to be made love to … if you let me, and if you trust me …” All she could do was nod her pretty little head breathlessly, her golden curls dancing in a beam of light freckled with dust flakes, her cheeks glowing and her full pouty lips slightly parted. He bent over and with surprising tenderness kissed her, sealing her lips with his and conquering her mouth with his tongue. She gasped when he withdrew and stepped around her.

Standing now behind his delightful “catch”, Darian started to trace the line of her neck and shoulders with little bites and kisses, and felt her body tense under his gentle touch. His hands covered the small breasts with ease and he caressed and teased her until he felt her go soft in his arms. Never taking his hands completely off her body he finished the circle around her, and standing now once more in front of her he started to suck her tiny nipples. Her head fell back and her closed eyes were the prove of her final and complete surrender.

Darian could tell her body was starting to react to his attentions. He knew she would be ready to beg him to take her in a few more moments and he liked this feeling of strength in being gentle .... he let his hands move down her sides to her waist and further down to her legs, all the time licking and sucking her nipples. He was sure by now the heavy breathing and little gasps he could distinguish were more moans of pleasure than anything else.

His expert hands now slowly moved up again on the inside of her thighs and subconsciously she tried to spread her legs, to allow him better access to her until now never touched womanhood. With one hand Darian gently parted her nether lips, the other hand holding her around the waist so she could not retreat from his exploring fingers. He felt the moisture he had expected, this making him even more horny than he already had been. Her skin was soft, the golden curls that covered her girlish mound felt like velvet to his touch ... and her body was now warm and responsive to his actions. He suddenly stepped back and her eyes shot open. He could tell in her gaze the smoldering fire of lust, and the disappointment was plain to be noticed when he had stopped touching and teasing her. He knew she was ready to give herself to him, as they all were after a little he mentally added to his thought.

"You want me to continue? You want me to touch you there?" His hand lazily had started to play with her golden curls again, close to the core of her burning heat but just not touching. He watched her wiggle and sway her hips in her futile attempts to increase the pressure of his touch and direct it to the center of her well lubricated pussy. He once again burst into laughter and she blushed. "Oh you little vixen ... you want it, huh? Want me to show you what a man can do for you...beg sweetie and I may consider your offer... convince me...and I promise you will not be disappointed" And with these words he took another step back and watched her, wondering what she would come up with. Her fragile body was too tempting and it only took her one minute of silent pleading before his cock reminded him that not only she would be getting the benefit of any further and closer attention of the intimate kind. One hand buried in her hair he tenderly forced her to look him straight into the eyes while his other hand started to slowly open the tender flesh between her legs. "You beg me to take you my sweet? You want me to be your first... is that right?" She desperately tried to nod yes, but he wouldn’t allow her head to move.His fingers had found her clit and started to stroke the swollen bud until he was convinced she was ready for his huge cock. “You want me to fuck you? You beg me to fuck you?" He let go of her hair and immediately she responded with a vigorous nod and shining eyes and glowing cheeks. His strong arms held her with ease as he lifted her from the ground and instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her onto his fully erect and rock hard cock. He could already feel the radiating heat of her cunt on the tip of his cock when he looked at her and told her: "Look at me.... I want to see your eyes when taking you... please - don’ you close them or look away" and with these words he slowly let her body slide down a little – just letting the tip of his manhood slide in and open her slightly before he then took the price of her virginity in one hard stroke, careful to not enter her too far at once. She was tight as hell, and when he saw her iris turn into a big black hole that seemed to consume the blue in her eyes he knew she had really been still untouched.This sight of pain reflecting on her face and her obvious struggle to not close her eyes or look away, combined with the incredible friction her tight love channel inflicted on his rigid prick made him exercise all the self control he could muster to not cum in seconds. But she too had been well prepared y his expert teasing and after the slightest second of pain he heard her gasp and before long her eyes were shining bright like lust filled ponds as she herself wiggled more and more of his shaft into her unexplored love cave. His strong arms held her with ease, her legs tightly wrapped around his waist as he finally felt her grind around the base of his manhood – and only a moment later he felt her shiver in his arms and her tight pussy grab his cock even tighter with the contractions of the orgasm that overwhelmed her.This was more that he could master and few more strokes later he shot his load into her virgin womb. With a satisfied groan and heavy breathing he felt her move around him, striving now for more of her own pleasure she instinctively felt could be her reward for all the many times she had been the servicing and giving party behind the stables for the farm boys and occasional traveler. But all she got was his delighted laughter and him letting go of her. He carefully lifted her of his semi-erect member and gently set her to the floor again – steadying her for a moment when she seemed to not immediately gain balance and stand. He picked up what had remained of her ripped blouse and cleaned himself. Then he placed the rag in her hand and closed her little fingers around it. "For you, darling, to keep some memory of this remarkable day" and while walking away he closed his belt and adjusted his sword and daggers.

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The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 4

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