The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: The Common Room

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Coming down the stairs Talea was greeted by the laughter and the smells of ale and food. Immediately she was spotted by her companions and they gestured delightedly for her to come and join them. With a smile that held quite some promise for the guys she approached the table in one of the darker corners of the not too crowded room.

During the last few days she had had hardly any chance to spend some time with them , since the spoilt brat of Princess had kept her busy with all sorts of humiliating tasks, like mending a gown, or cleaning the many boots or just keeping the Lady Maryah company and listen to her ramble or letting her win at playing cards. So for the first time in several days she was able to spend a relaxing evening in enjoyable company - and immediately she was in the best of moods.

Not caring too much about the fact that she was supposed to act like a serving maid, she ordered a mug of ale and when it came she emptied half of it with the first gulp. After she had set down the mug again and wiped away the foam with her sleeve in a completely non-ladylike manner, she was looking straight into the highly amused faces of her companions, Cram and Darian.

In her opinion they were the most handsome guys she ever had met - but that was just her maybe twisted taste... They were both standing quite tall, the bodies well proportioned, not bulging with packs of muscles but firm. Often when looking at them in a fight she thought they were like giant cats of prey. The skin tanned by the long hours spent on horse back and living in the woods made their faces seem to be carved of stone, and she knew about the effect on the enemy their seemingly lifeless stare could have. While Cram wore his hair cut short, Darian had it tied back, the black mane reaching well over his shoulders and halfway to his back.

When dressed in the light leather armor and dark traveling cloaks all three of them were usually wearing, the men looked like Brothers of Death impersonate, their scars indicating that they were in for serious business if need be. And brothers in battle they were. Talea often wondered how the men had met - they were no relatives, that much she knew, but they were like brothers more than any blood line could ever make them. This strong bond between the men made it possible for the three of them to get along so well... because they all were ready to share everything with each other.

Which was a great thing, Talea thought as the itch between her legs seemed to grow stronger - since she couldn’t have possibly made a choice between the two of them. Upon the thought of dragging them both out of the Inn and behind the stables to get satisfaction for this burning desire she felt herself blush. The deep full laughter of both the men made her realize that they too had noticed her wandering thoughts, and under the table she felt a hand slowly playing with her skirts, reminding her that she was supposed to behave as a Lady’s maid... and dragging scary warriors out of an Inn to have them go down on her behind the stables was just not in.

The other way round, she figured with a mischievous grin, it would have been perfectly all right, and none of the patrons, she was hundred percent sure about that, would have interfered with the fearsome couple if they had decided to take advantage of a little serving wench. It just wasn’t fair ....In the meantime, the explorer who had been busy finding a way under her layered skirts had made some progress, and Talea felt her heartbeat speeding up as the callused hand now touched bare skin - most likely it was Cram she thought, seeing this sparkle in his eyes - moved higher along her leg and thigh, pushing her skirts up with its tormenting slow pace. "Now Sis, what did she do to you tonight? Or should I rather ask what did you do to her? When you came down you looked like a cat just having had a nice bowl of cream, still licking the whiskers and looking for some dessert..." Darian had this big knowing grin on his face and she just loved the guys for knowing her so well.

Before she could answer, the hand had reached the hot wet spot it was heading for, and she could not suppress a gasp as Cram slid a finger along her smoothly shaven and now dripping wet valley. "Ohhhh , I’d say Bro, someone has a confession to make ... can’t be just you and me and the few days of abstinence having this effect on li’lle Cinderella here!" And with a teasing grin and a wink he withdrew his hand, leaving Talea even more excited than she had already been.

She wondered if a full on and detailed description of the bathing incident would be enough to get these two horny, not knowing if their needs had been taken care of by the village beauties the previous nights while she was boring herself to death with the Princess. Once again she cursed herself for having accepted the task under the given conditions, but then again ... she sighed ... it was a job and a well paid one at that.Darian ordered another round of ale and a small glass of the locally produced clear distillate the peasants called Tzaca for each of them.

And by the time a pretty lass approached the table to serve the drinks, Talea had started telling the guys about the bathing incident, and about the fact that under the seemingly oh so sophisticated cover of Her Royal Highness Princess Maryah, there was only the average slut. To get the guys into the right mood for her own plans, she continued to describe how the little princess had started to whine and beg when she had left her short before reaching the climax, and that she was probably right now laying in her sheets, lost in wine induced dreams, craving for release of this burning fire in her groins Talea had ignited.

And how much fun they would have with her in this state, Maryah being totally dominated by her sexual desire, probably ready to beg to be thoroughly fucked, licking the boots of those whom she treated like the dirt on the road during the days.... she kept going, describing the appealing sight of a begging princess in the dirt, well aware that the men had been thinking along these lines many times while traveling and being treated like the lowest servants.

She painted vivid pictures of the fragile virgin being the plaything of all of Cram’s and Darian’s desires, knowing she would be the only one to benefit from the results, since it was one part of the deal with King Arden to deliver his daughter to her future husband in the state of virginity.By the time they had finished their ales and gulped down the Tzaca, Talea was not too sure anymore, if the glitter in her brothers’ eyes was a result of the alcohol or of her story, but to be perfectly honest, she did not care too much seeing the bulges that had grown in their pants. And without much more discussion Cram tossed a handful of coins on the table and they went upstairs to the warriors’ room. And soon the moans of passionate love making mingled with the howling wind of this stormy night.

To Be Continued...

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The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 2

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