The Tandem Chain Dance Ch. 02

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The blonde tugged her sister back with a slight shake of her head, quickly explaining that begging when it comes to dances gets you nowhere. She then quickly drew her quickly to the furs to discuss, the chains singing softly. The redhead bit her lower lip hard, following reluctantly, panting as she fought the terror of dancing before a Master.

The blonde in a shiver and lilt of bells mixing with grading music caused of the dragging chime of chains, the girls rose, crossing the floor and standing in a clear space, the chain giving them exactly 10 feet of space between them, they turn, winds kissing their flesh causing their hair to spiral and tickle their bodies as both go to grip the chain, the redhead holding it low in a pulling grip, the blonde gripping at the throat, eyes wide, ready, waiting for the cue.

The redhead holding the lightweight chain in both hands, she shifts the cold metal between them, focusing her attention on the other girl, the one at the end of the chain, her breathing fast and shallow, nervously she darts her gaze to the Frees watching, seeing Two of whom she was acquainted, and another she had hoped she would be able to forget, she narrows her eyes a bit, seeing the Man of the North, she looks to the girl and tugs on the chain.

With the tug on the chain, the vibrant hazel eyes of the blond flying open, and narrowed. Anger frustration, denial. Fingers grip at the length of separation, a fight. anarchy. the girl begins her movements, always drawing, pulling, away from the chain, away from. the moons and the priestkings will not make her come to such as You before her! spiral piggy tails whip, movements frenzied, the beat, the sound of her feet hitting the planks, a tempo for all that rages within.

The redhead with a bit of a snarl, she draws herself up, squaring her narrow shoulders and bracing her feet slightly apart, lifting her chin, her delicate features hardened to a stern expression, her movements certain, demanding as she watches the girl struggling against the tether, carefully, she tugs the chain closer, drawing the chain closer, bringing the possession at the end of the chain ever closer, a snarl arching over her lips.

The blonde the arc grew smaller, the spirit flared in the hazels. How dare she! Hands gripping tightly, wrapping links around the waist feeling the chain cut deep into bare limbs, skin revealed to everyone's eyes even as the pace draws faster, Frustration, hazel hues find her gaze and the dance freezes, body taunt, the chain crossing a heaving breast to encircle a waist, 7 paces. Silence as wind snaps in the sails, keeping her gaze, seeing her.

Her demand. Her wish the blondes submission. A panicked beast, in movement again, unwrapping quickly with a spiral of flowing tendrils, soft bells and the angry snap of chain once again drawn taunt, but closer to the redhead, ever closer. The heart floods within frenzied. a desperate cry as the mind echos Her wish. Submit!

The redhead unable to ignore the voices reaching, she growls a bit at the girl, jerking the chain closer, two more tugs on the metallic links, a bit harsher now, more demanding, the discarded length clattering to the deck behind her as she wraps the links around her wrist, tightening it on the fragile bones and pressing tight, appearing to strangle it as she stares at the girl, careful not to break her expression.

The blonde felt a jerk, then another, distance demanded, stolen, until only a mere five paces remained, the last yank, pulling the beast from her feet to her knees, Desperation. Frustration. Fear. and the inkling within the blood that made the tears gather within the hazels, all fours, snapping the head back to find The redheads gaze once more, long tendrils snapping back, catching the light, kissing sweat moistened curves, flesh reddened where the chain bit dangled

The blond trying to avoid this, avoid her. Her breath heaves, shivers racking as the beast pulled against those last steps, muscles quivering with the need to release. Submit again it echoes within the mind, and the beast holds her gaze, seeing her wish. She demand's heat flooding the curves with reluctance. Fear, the dance of desire on a knifes cruel edge.

The redhead eyes locked to the girl at the end of the chain, the weakening on the untamed creature, she smiles a bit, pleased with the silent warring, the culmination which was inevitable, she hauls back hard on the chain, levering her body backward to haul the kajira closer, sending her stumbling forward, pleased as the girl hits her knees, she leans down, burying her hand in the girls hair and hauling her neck back, placing a demanding kiss to her lips.

The blonds hues flew open, tendrils crying out, arching the body back, the light striking the beast's moist curves, arched to the redheads pleasure, stolen by her chain, and taken by her kiss, a shiver, the spine rippling as the beast is released, melting at her feet, a puddle, breath ragged, body trembling. Placing a kiss between imagined boots. Chain slack, a beast trembling before the image of strength, tendrils molten gold along the wooden plank.

"La kajira." Echoed both girls as the dance finished and the patrons rose to clap in the Gorean fashion of right hand to left shoulder.

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The Tandem Chain Dance Ch. 02

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The chain connects a blonde & a redhead.