The Tandem Chain Dance Ch. 01

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I watched as both the redhead and the blonde played with each other that night. Both enjoying the company of another. The slight smiles the hidden laughs made it obvious that they got along. Which gave me an evil idea.

As the redhead retreated from me to the slave mats of the Pink Sleen smile a bit, relieved of her offering and now ruffled into a chaotic mass of garishly orange hair, she furrows her brows for a moment in confusion, pursing her lips to blow the hair from her eyes as she leans back, lowering her hands to her tightly closed thighs.

The blonde grasping a few horns from the cabinets hurried above, holding the pitchers in her left by their handles together and the horns in her right, reaching the top of the stairs and once more upon the main floor. She looked around quickly noting all with Their beverages and knelt, resting the bottoms of the pitchers upon her left thigh until such a time the drinks need be topped off. tossing her head lightly, sending her spiraling piggy tails dancing as the tendrils kissed her bare shoulders tickling her lightly enough to draw a smile as she listened to the voices and watched those around her from hazel hues beneath the light curtain of pale lashes.

The redhead easing backward, she smiles at me nodding. "Thank You, Master, for allowing me the chance to be of service."

The Head of the Inn leaned back on his pillows and putting his feet up on the low table sipped his mead feeling good about Gor and his place in it. The blond gave a quick look to the redhead smiling at her as the two knelt right next to each other, nudging her and giving her a soft smile and a wink, keeping the pitchers balanced upon her thighs, the horns still within her right hand.

The Innkeeper giving the girls an evil smile beckoned them over to him. "Come here for a second girls"

"Yes Master." Replied the blond in her quick voice.

The redhead nearly fainted at being addressed twice in the same day, but rose to her feet obediently, making her way over to the Master as quickly as possible, grinning to the blonde as she falls into step beside her before lowering to her knees at the Masters feet.

"Yes, Master?" Inquired the redhead clearly knowing that something was wanted from her.

The blond rolling her hips back, balancing on the balls of her feet, muscles rippling as the weight transfers on her bare skin, the soft bells lilting in argument to the movement, she rose, the pitchers in her left, mead and ale, and serving horns in her right that she be ready should Any need of her, soft naturally swayed steps crossing the floor, then melting once more to the deck at His feet, modest thighs pressed closed and burdens balanced upon them, flashing Him a brilliant dimpled smile and tossing her spiraling piggy tails to make the tendrils dance. With a quick wink to her redheaded sister in slavery she sank to rounded knees before she drew her veiled hazel hues to her Master.

The Master looked over at the girls and chuckling to himself took the tray of pitchers and drinks from her and setting them on the ground next to him*

"I was thinking..." he started.

A sheer sign of terror in the girls he owned knowing that the evil look he'd given them would soon bear fruit.

Their Master pulled 10 feet of chain from the box next to him and locked one end of it to the ring on both of the girls collars.

"I'd love to see a tandem chain dance." He said calmly as if dicussing the weather.

To her credit the blonde just blinked slowly. "Yes Master, as you command."

"And I'm sure you girls will be just fantastic at it." The Master responded knowing he was asking a lot but knowing equally well that the girls were more than up for the challenge.

The redhead not as sure of herself blinked as well, lifting a shaking hand to her neck, then looking to the blonde.

"May we have a minute or so to ready ourselves Master?" questioned the blonde.

"But, but Master! I do not dance! I cannot dance! Please, Master, find another girl, please...Please, one that knows how? One that is certain to please You?" whimpered the redhead fighting the urge to flee.

Aye girls I know it will take you a minute to discuss choreography take your time and dance well."

"Thank You Master."

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The Tandem Chain Dance Ch. 01

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The blonde, the redhead, the chain between them.