The Private Dance

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Oh yes she thinks she is so fine and she's gonna blow your mind, she begins to dance in front of you to get your attention as she runs her hands over her body to turn you on. She has just what you need to make you stay all night long as she is plying you with drinks and making sure she gets that dollar so she can pay her rent. She rolls around on your table top looking so sexy smiling and touching her body slowly as she never takes her eyes from yours and your eyes follow her hands over her big gorgeous breast, down her stomach watching her flesh break out with goose bumps as she slowly runs her fingers down to her thong. Smiling she spins her body around so she can wrap her legs around your head bringing you in close enough so you can smell her sweet juicy pussy that you want so badly. Laughing she spins her body off of your table as another dancer slowly pours water over her head as you watch getting hard watching the water streams running so slowly over her breast watching the other girl licking the water off of her neck, down her chest stopping just before her hard nipples.

She turns her back to you and her ass cheeks begin to vibrate, bending slowing from her waist she spreads those cheeks apart with her hands as the other dancer is squatting in front of her wiggling her tongue and your cock is throbbing as she rubs her crotch as you watch them, wanting them. You do want them don't you? They tease you long enough to get you to join them in the private room where they are going to blow more then your mind.

They got you hooked and you want their ass up in your face so you can keep them filled with those green tips. Their bodies are rubbing against each other, you watch as their nipples touch, you want to taste them with your wet tongue. One is now in front of you letting you play with her thong, as the other one stands behind you with your head between her tits as she grinds her body against you. You become brave taking your finger into her wet thong and the other one whispers the price for the play. Thinking with your throbbing cock and the alcohol you pay the price where they remove all of your clothes as well as their's and one throws her leg over your shoulder on one side and the other sits on your lap taking your cock deep inside of her pussy and you moan as your tongue works the wet pussy stuck in your face feeling her hands tightly around your head as she begins to fuck your face as well as your tongue.

The one on your lap turns her body so her back is facing you taking your cock deep into her ass, ah yes, you want to explode as the other one has her body moving in such a hard, slow grind and her juices taste so sweet, so sticky and you want to explode your cum in the ones ass as she plays with her wet swollen clit. She keeps her hips moving in one steady movement as your cock grows larger and harder inside of her ass. You feel your cock getting ready to explode hard and deep as their tongues are in each others mouth and your face in buried deep into her pussy as she rubs her swollen throbbing clit all over your face and trying to fuck your nose with that steaming pussy.

Your tongue is trying to get deep into her sea of white cream that is running out of her pussy onto your tongue and down your chin, they both begin to moan, the moment is becoming so intense as your cock is like a volcano ready to explode as your body stiffens and a loud moan comes from the pit of your stomach as you explode. Both women are moaning and your cock is exploding its rich hot cum deep into her ass.

Silence is now heard through out the room with the exception of heavy breathing. The three of you look at each other as you begin to dress and the women kiss you good bye as they go into another room where they will shower and clean up before the next private dance.

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The Private Dance

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Two dancers do more than blow his mind.