The Preparation of Cho

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The female took a slow breath and a third time lifted, heartbeat pounding, nervousness pressing that knot within her belly to a new degree, she rolled her hips backward, the flow of the muscles under her skin making awareness blossom to a new degree, a pulsing within the heated center, the muscles bunched drawing her upward, standing before Them. her bara taunt, her breathing fast, the nervous rush of gooseflesh racing across the forearms, the piggy tails swaying, twin towers entrapping her curved figure, the pale skin catching the light and holding it, the piggy tails holding the light jealously, her arms lifted crossing behind her neck, feeling the press of the medal, and the legs parted, the pulse dancing in their center, on display for their pleasure she took a staggering breath, praying They were pleased.

The girl smiles softly at the compliment given, slipping away from the position and drawing toward the Mistress, the movements rippling beneath the skin, drawing close and kneeling at Her feet, thighs modestly closed, palms upon them, spine erect and her words lifting to Her.

"May a girl serve you Mistress??

"Yes girl cho, that is melted chocolate mixed in hot paga all in a bowl " Yes Mistress."

The female's hips roll, lifting her into a deep squat, muscles drawing taunt as she stands quickly, bare limbs holding the soft light as she moves quickly to the kitchen to find first the pot and a large chunk of chocolate.

Placing the latter in the former and returning it to the blazing hearth, that placed near but not where the heavily sweet chunk would burn and scorch, she shivered feeling the heat stroke her skin, lashes closing a moment basking within that teasing sensation, the knot pulsing in reminder, warming the belly that further degree, she pivoted, her steps taking her toward the kitchens again, eyes finding the bowls before fingertips ever lifted, slipping over the different sizes until she found a nice simple one, the color pale, and slipped it from the stacks, fingers drawing along it's surface, checking for signs of jagged edges, cracks, or anything unsightly that would have Her refuse it, finding none but some simple dust easily withdrawn with the care of a repcloth. She polished it clean.

Drawing the bowl to the stove, the cloth is used to help lift the steaming paga and pour it within, goose bumps rising upon the flesh as she feels the heat so close, the bowl was half full and she tapered it, placing the paga back onto the fire to keep it hot and enticing. then using the cloth yet again, lifting the bowl, keeping her fingerprints from tainting its edge and drew it to where the chocolate had melted into a thick brown pool, its sweetened aroma teasing the sensations to no small degree, the doll licked her lips and used the cloth to aid in lifting the steaming bubbling pan, pouring it into the paga, watching the colors combine, swirling together until the first swallowed the second, a sweetened and intoxicating union, she placed the pan aside and quickly took the bowl with the cloth to the cold room, the jump from steam to chill assaulting her limbs, finding the whipped bosk cream and adding a dollop to the top, that white cream swirled, with a pivot and swinging piggy tails she made her way back to Her, kneeling with care at Her feet, muscles rippled and gleaming, lashes lowered, extending the sweet choco within its bowl to Her, speaking soft.

"Prays this sweetens Your lips and pleases You."

The female took a slow breath between parted tiers, heartbeat pounding thrice against the collar as she rolled her hips back, knees slipping from the teasing fur, thighs pressed closed as the muscles bunched and eased, pressing the female into a slow stand, the light flickering off her quoted strawberries and cream complexion, the glow holding the curves, dancing off revealed skin.

She swallowed against the lump in her throat, it was dry, the heartbeat pulsing tightly against the collar, awareness rippling through her body as it was caged between the two matching spillways of gold, piggy tails holding her curved figure between their flowing tendrils, the arms lifted, the limbs holding the light as they slid back behind her neck, crossing one wrist over the other as if bound, her chest pressed outward, displaying the large mounds with twin painful peaks, breath in small short gasps between slightly parted lips, her legs parting lastly, shoulder width, her body silhouetted for Their pleasure.

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The Preparation of Cho

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