The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 13

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 13: Jamaican Fun

(Copyright 2000. By Paul. All rights reserved).

All events and characters are fictitious.

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* * * * *

Chapter 1.

I awoke with a hard on.

Jenny lay on her back by my side.

She looked to be asleep.

I looked at my wristwatch. Seven-fifteen. It was still quite dark in the bedroom in the flat in London.

I turned over onto my side and looked down at the lumps she made in the sheets. She was supposed to have finished her period the day before, so, hopefully, she would be a blood free zone for the whole of our stay in Jamaica and the week we would be spending taking Louise back to her Parent's in New England. Michael de Vane insisted that we spend two days with him on our way there. It was important he said, so I suppose we had to go. Jenny had had a funny look in her eye as she had read out his letter. He seemed to write every month, something he had never done before, and his letters were full of the progress of Lee-Anne's twins.

Especially the daughter.

Interesting in its way, but things she should be telling Jerez. Not me.

Jenny had looked at me.


I'd fucked her.

Jenny didn't know that.

I hoped.

But Lee-Anne was a Doctor.

Don't look at me.

I'd asked if it was all right to come inside her.

She'd said yes.

It's the woman's responsibility after the question has been asked.

Especially if you're responsible enough to ask, willing to withdraw at the crucial moment, wear something. Be responsible. Then what happened after the woman says yes cannot be your responsibility. It cannot be.

There must be trust on both sides.

And both sides must be equally responsible for their actions. Pleasure has two recipients.

If she'd said, no.


Please wear something.

Don't come inside me.

And you respected her request, then you have done nothing wrong.

After all.

Only they know who'd had them before you and whom they were going to let have them after they left you.

And when.

It has even been suggested that some females have more than one man in a cycle and then tell the 'best catch' monetary wise, that any resultant child is his.

They are very sad people.

I don't believe anybody could do that and look themselves in the mirror in the morning.

I placed my hand lightly onto her stomach. She moaned. I described a circle around her abdomen with my fingertips just touching her skin. I felt her give an involuntary shudder.

I brushed against the top of her pubic hairs. That was a good sign. No knickers.

I let my hand rest lightly on her pubic mound and looked at her face.

A little smile twitched at the corner of her lips. She seemed to groan through her nose.

I let the middle finger of my hand follow the outline of her fanny lips between her legs. Her thighs seemed to fall apart to give me access.

I rubbed the little hairy bit between her two holes and she sighed.

Back to where her fanny lips began.

Pulling first one lip then the other aside I managed to work the tip of my finger inside her.

She took a deep breath.

I pushed it further inside, feeling her hole moisten around it. I pulled it almost out then back in very slowly until my index and forth fingers were lying along her lips. I rubbed the sides and back of her hole inside with my finger. Exploring her. The worked my finger in and out as her lubrication increased.

She took a short sharp breath. Her breathing then became faster almost laboured as if she was doing something strenuous.

Still working my finger in and out I moved it up to the top of her fanny then felt for her swollen rice grain of a clitoris.

She gasped as I found it and started to massage it.

Her eyes opened as she came and she pulled my mouth down to her own.

She lifted my hand from her hole and placed it on her breast.

"What a lovely way to wake up."

She stifled a yawn and stretched, rubbing her foot up and down my shins.

I pushed back the sheets and looked down on her breasts. Firm and white with little finger sized nipples standing erect. They needed sucking so I lowered my mouth to one and drew it into my mouth, swirling around the tip with my tongue. She ran the fingers of one hand through my hair and reached down for my prick with the other. It was just out of reach so she poked a finger into my belly button.

I lifted my head and looked into her eyes. She smiled at me. I smiled back and turned around so my mouth was level with her pubic mound and my prick hers.

She worked my foreskin back and forth then guided the tip of my prick between her lips. She gently squeezed my balls with the fingers of her other hand as I bent one her legs, placed her inner thigh against my ribs and kissed her fanny. I opened her lips with my thumbs and drank in her aroma. I tickled her anus with one fingertip as I lowered my mouth to her hole. I licked and sucked on both lips from front to back then circled her clit with my tongue. She stopped her movements on my prick for a few seconds as I sucked her clit from its hood then she seemed to attack it. With her hand and mouth working together she worked it in and out of her mouth. I felt the pressure building as I licked her faster and harder. She was panting and sucking then her body tensed as I came in her mouth. She slowed her strokes to catch and swallow each load as I shot against the back of her throat.

I rolled over onto my back. One knee bent.

She turned and lay on my chest looking down at me. She lent forward and pressed her mouth to mine. Her tongue licked against my lips as if asking for access so I allowed her in. Her tongue entered and I tasted the salt of my come. "Just wanted to share breakfast with you." She said as she lifted her head.

I squeezed her ass cheeks.

Chapter 2. (Paul).

Our plane left Heathrow at Eleven-thirty and we should be in Jamaica by six that evening, even allowing for a two-hour stop in Miami where we changed planes.

Jenny sat by the window and I in the centre seat as the plane took off. The third seat was empty.

We held hands.

She wore a pale blue skirt and blouse. The skirt was mid thigh when she stood up but only just covered her knickers when she sat down. In fact, if I could just pull the hem up an inch or two.

"Didn't you get a close enough look at it earlier on?" She asked in a low voice as I tried to work the hem up with my little finger.

She didn't try to stop me, mind.

She looked around, so did I.

The plane was only three-quarters full and only one seat was taken in the row next to us. She was a cracker. Her hair was almost black and her eyes were of the deepest brown. Her nose was slightly large. Her dress was even shorter then Jenny's skirt was. She would have been twenty-two or three. She looked sad.

A family of six occupied the two rows behind her and I don't know what was the aggravating.

The noise the children made or the continual apologies of the parents.

She looked at me and I dragged my gaze from the hemline of her dress. She smiled weakly then turned to look out of the window.

Jenny nudged me in the ribs with her elbow.

"Is this better?" She asked.


I looked down. She had pulled up her skirt and opened her legs enough so that I could see the white material of her knickers disappear between her thighs.

"Hmm." I said.

She took my hand between hers and held its edge to her pubic mound.

I disentangled one finger and rubbed its tip along her fanny lips through the white, slightly damp, material of her knickers. Her knickers became damper.

"You can't sit there all day in wet knickers." I whispered in her ear.

"You have another think coming if you think I am going to sit her without any on." She hissed back.

I rubbed a little harder.

She opened her legs slightly wider and looked out of the window.

She gasped as I rubbed against her clit. Hand to her mouth to stifle any sounds.

She took two deep breaths and looked at me with eyes full of passion. Her legs closed tightly around my hand and she gasped out loud.

"Tea or coffee, Sir?" The Stewardess by my side asked looking down at Jenny's lap.

Jenny went bright red, released my hand, lifted her ass from the seat and pulled down the hem of her skirt.

"Coffee I think, please." I replied, trying to hold the stewardess's eyes with my own.

We pulled down our trays and I took the two offered cups with bags of sugar and small tubs of milk.

Jenny starred out of the window.

The stewardess spoke to the girl opposite who also had coffee, white no sugar then she moved on to do battle with the family.

Jenny looked at me.

"Don't you ever embarrass me like that again." She hissed.

"What did I do?"

"Making me sit here half naked while you abuse my body. Then letting people see."

"I was concentrating on you."

She looked at me. Took a deep breath and sighed.

"What am I going to do with you?"

"I know what I'd like you to do."

I smiled at her.

"No." She looked around. The girl opposite was watching us. "All the toilets are in full view."

She was right. On our way back from the Caribbean the previous year a curtain had covered the toilet entrances. On this plane all the toilet doors were in view of the passengers.

"Never mind we will soon be there."

"Another twelve hours."

"Think of how much you will enjoy it when we actually do it." She looked at me. "No, don't think about it."

I sulked a bit, drank my coffee then joined in her speculation as to what the hotel would be like and if Howie and Carole would have changed much in the fifteen months or so since we last saw them. And what about Louise?

She gave me a funny look.

She had dumped me in the back of the car on top of her naked body. I was bound to look when I regained consciousness. The Stewardess returned and collected the cups and things.

I stood up and went to one of the toilets at the rear of the plane.

I dropped my underpants and trousers and sat down.

Yes. Louise.

It was a shame about what had happened to her.

My anus relaxed and my bowels opened.

I did the paper work.

I stroked my prick a few times. It seemed reluctant to grow.

Maybe later? Perhaps Jenny?

I left the cubical.

I squeezed past a stewardess. Did I imagine it or did she push her ass cheeks back against my groin?

I walked slowly back to my seat. Pondering.

The black haired girl was sitting next to Jenny.

"Hallo Paul." Jenny said as I sat down. "This is Rachael."

"Hallo." I sat down. "How do you do?"

Chapter 3.

We arrived in Miami at two-thirty in the afternoon, local time.

Those who were going on were taken to the departure lounge where we were told our Plane had developed a fault and we would have to remain there until it was mended. There would be another flight the following afternoon we were assured but, unfortunately would not be allowed to pass through immigration without a valid US visa. Jenny and I had one and I was all for waving it the Stewardess and moving into a hotel for the night but Jenny pulled me to one side and whispered in my ear that that would mean leaving Rachael on her own in the departure lounge.

We couldn't do that, could we?

Actually I could. But then I looked into her dark brown eyes framed by long black hair. Jenny placed her hand on my ass cheek and it was decided.

We seemed to have gotten most of Rachael's life story from her on the flight across.

Twenty-four years of age. A graphics designer. I'd always wondered what one of those was.

This should have been her honeymoon but she had caught her fiancée in bed with a friend from his works. A male friend, and had called the wedding off two days before.

She wanted to stay at home and hide but her father had insisted she use the holiday as it was too late to claim a refund. The airline had been willing to change the departure date of one of the tickets and her cousin, Sarah, would be flying out to join her in two days.

As her Mother had said. 'If she wanted to be alone then she couldn't be more alone than on the other side of the planet for a couple of days getting him out of her system.'

Made sense to me.

Then it had come to our turn to give a potted history of ourselves.

I left it to Jenny to explain that we had just completed our second years at University and were going to Jamaica to stay with friends.

She asked us which hotel.

Jenny told her.

"Same as mine." She replied. "I hear it's very nice."

"The friend we are visiting is the assistant manager and his girlfriend is a receptionist." Jenny continued. "He was injured last year by a shotgun and is only now fully recovered."

"We're staying at that hotel."

A voice from behind us.

The father of the family was speaking.

"We're going for two weeks." The eldest child, a boy of around twelve or thirteen years of age chipped in.

Wonderful. I thought.

"That's nice." Jenny liked children. She'd better if she were going to be a teacher. "I hope you enjoy yourself."

The other three children seemed to be drawn to Jenny as if she was a magnet.

"What do you do?" Number two asked. A quite pretty girl twelve years old perhaps. The slightest suggestion of swellings on her chest.

"Oh. We are both at University. I'm going to be a teacher and Paul is studying to become an Accountant. Eventually." She added.

I looked out of the window as she told them where we lived. The sun was setting and, as happened in these latitudes, darkness was falling quickly. At home twilight lasted until ten o'clock. It had taken some getting used to on the previous visit to this part of the world. Light, the sun sink's, dark. Very little in-between.

Our departure lounge seemed to have been cordoned off as if we were quarantined. I watched as others made there way along the raised walkways to their night haul flights. The airline staff had been very apologetic but there had been nothing they could do. Should I try one last time to get Jenny to let me use our visa and move into a hotel.

She was talking.

"And if you ask Paul nicely I am sure he could tell you all a story."

I looked around at four expectant faces.

The boy, the girl and twin girls. All between ten and thirteen. The horrible age.

I looked at Jenny and she smiled back.

"Go on." She urged. "Rachael and I are going for a walk."

"Where?" I asked.

"Somewhere you can't come."

"They're going to the toilet." One of the twins spoke up.

I noticed the parents slipped quietly away as well.

Right. They wanted a story.

I told them of a party of one venture scout and three girl guides who'd stopped in a remote farmhouse belonging too the Aunt and Uncle of one of the guides one night. How there had been an escaped convict there. An evil, vicious man. He had killed a warder escaping from prison.

He'd held them all up, except for the boy member of the party who'd stayed behind to lock a gate. As the boy was walking towards the farmhouse he knew that something was following him. Something frightening. Something that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand upright and caused him to break out into a sweat. Something was watching him. He managed to get to the farmhouse safely and heard voices inside. Instead of knocking on the door he'd looked through the window and saw that the vicious convict had tied everybody up and was beating up the owner of the house. The picture of Jo being bent over the table and fucked from behind flashed before my eyes. I left it out of the story. The boy had to wait as the convict had a shotgun. All the time he was aware of something outside the building with him. Something he couldn't see but knew was there. Something that growled and rumbled. Something that was watching him. Eventually the convict left the room with one of the guides.

"What for?" One of the twins asked, sitting closer to me.

"I think he was going to torture her." I replied.

The boy had slipped inside the farmhouse grateful to away from whatever was out there.

Remembering a report they'd read in a local paper as they had driven up to the farmhouse about an escaped Black Panther from a local, private zoo. I thought of the sight that had greeted me as I'd climbed the stairs after freeing the others.

Carole on her hands and knees with Small moving in and out of her. First her fanny, then her ass hole. Her screams. Her screams.

Back to the story. I'd best leave that bit out.

The boy had fought the convict, breaking his own ankle falling down the stairs but making him flee the farmhouse.

A very brave guide went for help, alone.

The convict sent the Black Panther into the farmhouse and the boy had fought it, with his bare hands at first, then picking up the shotgun, had killed it.

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The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 13

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