The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 10

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 10: A June Wedding

Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are fictitious. (Glossary - Fanny = Vagina)

Note. The Paul and Jenny series of stories begin in the late 1960's and continue through to the current day. They revolve around two lovers, Paul Wagstaffe and Jenny Fletcher. They meet on camp in Northern Ireland where they take each other's virginity then have many adventures. They were never intended as purely 'stroke' stories. Just good, sexy fun. I hope you enjoy them. - Paul.

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* * * * *

Chapter 1

June 1971.

I awoke with a hard on.

The sun was streaming in through the curtains on the front window. I turned onto my side, the tip of my prick nestling between Jenny's ass cheeks. I breathed in the smell of her hair. So fresh and clean. I placed my hand on her hip then moved it across her belly and onto a breast. She seemed to purr. I pushed against her with my prick. I could feel her ass cheeks open slightly. My prick slipping in between them.

She lifted her leg and, reaching back between them, guided my prick to the lips of her fanny. I pushed forward, feeling her open, slipping inside her. She closed her legs, her hole tightening around me. I moved in and out.

I supported my head with my other hand and looked down on her.

It was nearly two years since we first met. Such a lot had happened in that time.

From virgin to eight notches on my bedstead. Mostly unintended it's true.

I quickened my strokes as I remembered the time I'd had Sammy at the party. Watching as my prick slid in and out of her ass hole, glistening in its coating of Vaseline.

Jenny was looking back, over her shoulder at me.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked.

"Concentrating on you." Well, a part of me was.

"Oh." She said, and turned her head away.

I squeezed her breast, then ran my finger tips around her nipple.

She turned her head back to me, pursing her lips for a kiss.

I craned my head around her and managed to contact hers with mine.

"Good morning." She smiled. "We never seem to do things in the right order."

"What do you mean?" I panted. I was nearly there.

She was breathing heavily herself.

"Most people say good morning first. Then shag."

Her language. That Linda had a lot to answer for.

"Hmm." I moaned. It wouldn't be long now.

"What present shall we get John and Linda?"

"I don't mind. You choose." Be quiet, I wanted to come.

"You're not getting out of it like that." She was squeezing me with her fanny lips. "You're coming with me."

She was right. I was and so was she.

I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back. I put my arm around her as she turned to face me. She rested her head on my shoulder.

"Alright, I'll come." I rubbed the top of the crack between her ass cheeks. "We have to go down town this morning anyway."

"Oh, why?" She asked, innocently.

"Your Opticians appointment."

"Id forgotten that."

"No you hadn't. You just don't want to go."

She put her hand on my balls then my prick. It started growing. She stroked it and it grew some more.

"I don't want to wear glasses."

She was still stroking my prick.

"I think you'll look nice in them."

She swung her knee across my hips and straddled me. Placing the tip of my prick inside her fanny she slowly sank

down upon it.

She placed her hands on my chest as she rode up and down.

"You won't make me go, will you?"

"It's for your own good."

"Oh, don't make me."

"You've got to."

Her fanny gripped my prick.

"You really are going to make me go, aren't you?"

"Yes." I could be firm.

She climbed off me and lay on her back by my side.

"In that case I don't see why I should do all the work."

"All the work?" I protested moving on top of her. "Who put all the effort into it last time?"

We were both so wet I hardly felt my prick enter her.

I could feel her nails just pressing into my flesh.

"Are you saying I don't pull my weight?" They started to dig in.

"No. Of course not." I hurried to assure her.

The pressure relaxed and I started to stroke in and out.

"I should hope not." She ran the palms of her hands up and down my sides and back.

I must have been in contact with something inside her as I felt the familiar contracting of my balls and the swelling of my prick.

"Can I ask you a question?" She smiled up at me.

"In an minute." I managed to squeeze out as I started to come.

I let out a deep breath and grunted.

I pulled out.

Lying on my back I took a few deep breaths.

"What did you want to ask?"

"Just if you were coming."


She got out of bed and threw a pillow at me.

I fended it off and watch her walk naked across the bedroom floor to the landing. I loved the way her ass cheeks moved. I knew she knew I was watching and over emphasised the movements but I didn't care. I heard the toilet flush then the shower being turned on.

I got out of bed and walked across the landing and opened the bathroom door. Jenny was inside the shower curtain. I stepped into the bath and joined her. Picking up the bath sponge I rubbed her back.

She poured some shampoo onto her hands and rubbed it through her hair. She kept it shoulder length so she could shampoo frequently without it taking the hours it did Linda and Shirley.

I picked up the shampoo and did my own head and thought of Linda.

With Bill's sudden departure as head of the archaeology section Linda had applied to move to another University in the North of England and had been accepted. It was also partly to get away from Len.

Things had never been the same between them after he returned from prison in Turkey. She had always blown hot and cold towards him but I thought he deserved better from her for the way he had stuck by her after her rape ordeal.

Jenny didn't agree. She said that that wasn't something you could build a relationship around.

Didn't loyalty count for anything? I asked. Then I decided not to labour that point. Anyway, Linda could do no wrong in Jenny's eyes and it was an argument I wouldn't win.

Jenny turned the shower off and we got out and dried ourselves.

The telephone rang downstairs.

Jenny looked at me.

"It'll be for you." I said. "It always is."

"I have to do everything around here."

She threw her towel at me and went downstairs to answer the phone.

I went back into the bedroom and dressed in underpants, shirt and jeans.

I pulled on my socks and slippers and went downstairs. Still rubbing my hair with my towel.

Jenny was standing at the hall table on one leg, her other bent with the knee resting on the chair. I stood close behind her and rubbed the area between her two holes with a fingertip.

She stopped talking and turned her head for me to kiss.

She pulled the towel from me as I walked away and mouthed the word tea.

I went into the kitchen and switched on the kettle. I went out to the utility room and opened the tumble dryer door. I pulled the clothes from it into our two-handled Moses wicker basket and carried them back into the kitchen.

I sorted through them on the kitchen table as the kettle boiled.

I poured water into the teapot, spooned in some tea and took Jenny jeans, socks, bra, knickers and a T-shirt.

She kissed me so I squeezed a breast.

"Tea." She waved me away.

Back in the kitchen I put four eggs on to boil slowly, poured the tea into two mugs, spooned half a teaspoon of sugar into each one. I added another half a spoonful to my mug as she wasn't looking and carried them out into the hall.

I placed Jenny's mug on the table. Squeezed an ass-cheek through her knickers and went upstairs.

After visiting the toilet I went into the bathroom, shaved, cleaned my teeth and combed my hair.

Coming back downstairs I turned the eggs down to simmer and put some bread in the toaster. I refilled the kettle, switched it back on and took the marmalade from the cupboard and the butter from the fridge.

Placing the clothes back into the basket I put it under the table. I placed the butter dish and marmalade on one place mat. Taking eggcups and side plates from the cupboard I arranged the table. The kettle was boiling so I re-filled the teapot and placed it on the table on its stand near the sugar and milk. The toast was done so I put it on a plate and set some more off.

"Jenny. Breakfast." I shouted.

"Coming." She replied.

"It's getting cold." I knew her.

I took the eggs off the heat and turned off the gas. Running the saucepan under the cold tap for a few seconds I used a spoon to place the eggs in the eggcups. Watching fascinated, as the heat evaporated their thin covering of water.

Placing the egg cups on side plates on the table I took knives and teaspoons from the drawer and sat down. The toaster popped. I collected the second round of toast, put it on the plate and sat down again.

I cracked the top of an egg. The yolk was just off hard inside.

"Jenny. It's done." I filled my mouth with egg and buttered some toast

I heard her saying good bye and she came into the kitchen tucking in her T-shirt and buttoning the top button of her jeans.

She sat down and attacked an egg.

"Who was it?" I asked.



"She coming shopping with us this morning."

Chapter 2

We picked up Shirley at ten o'clock and battled through the traffic into the centre of Bristol to find a space in the multi-storey car park.

They were like two little schoolgirls together. You wouldn't think that they were on the same course and attended the same lectures each day. They acted like they hadn't seen each other in weeks. Laughing and giggling. Making rude comments about the people we passed in the street. They were much worse than men were.

Jenny pulled me to one side at one stage and asked me how much money I had. I was duly handed my post office book, which I didn't know she had on her, and sent to the main post office to draw out a lot of money. She thought we might spend some today. I drew out two hundred pounds, the maximum I was allowed to in one day and got into trouble with Jenny for taking out too much.

"We don't have to spend it all." I told her.

She looked at me sadly.

Then we were off again.

I didn't realise there were so many shops in the centre of Bristol. And we had to visit most of them twice to compare prices and designs. We bought a silver plate teapot and tray and Shirley the matching milk jug and sugar bowl for John and Jane.

On and off the girls would discuss whether it was hats and gloves or just hats or no hats. Then what colour?

One o'clock approached. We were about as far away from the opticians as we could be by some quirk of fate.

"Come on." I took Jenny's hand. "It's time."

"Time for what?" Shirley asked.

"Jenny's opticians appointment."

"I didn't know you needed glasses." Shirley said as I half dragged Jenny down the high street.

"I don't."

"You do."

"I don't."

"Look if you don't get your eyes tested you are not driving the car anymore."

"My car."

"I won't give you money to feed it."

"Bet you would."

I could see myself loosing this argument.

"We'll come in with you."

"Are you going to get yours tested?"

"I don't need mine tested."

"Bet you do. Your Grandfather wears glasses."

"Only for reading and besides he's over seventy. My Father doesn't and he will be fifty next birthday."

"It's not fair."

At last we reached the opticians. I opened the door for the girls.

I took a seat while Jenny and Shirley spoke to the receptionist.

I sat looking at their backs. Well asses to be exact. Both were wearing jeans the seams of which just crept into the crack between their ass cheeks. Jenny was about five feet five inches, Shirley perhaps an inch taller at most with the fuller figure and bigger tits and I from what I recalled from a Saturday afternoon the previous year, the hairier fanny. Her hair, a shade or two lighter than Jenny's, reached half way down her back.

Had Linda been here she would have been a definite inch above her.

I wondered what was happening with Linda. She was probably coming to the wedding the following weekend.

My Grandfather was away in Spain for a fortnight so we had let John and Jane set up a marquee inside the walled garden for their reception. A horse and buggy ride up the bridle path to our little bridge, stopping there for photos, then the lower terrace for more photo's. My Mother was in her element organising things with Jane. They were even going to use the secret tunnel from the walled garden to the main house to change for their honeymoon. The best bit was that I didn't have to drive anywhere so I could drink a lot of beer.

Shirley came and sat down by my side as Jenny was led away. If she had been going to the gallows she couldn't have looked more depressed.

I sat and chatted with Shirley for the ten minutes or so Jenny was gone.

The two girls, Rose and Sharon, who come on the dig to Cyprus, had moved in with her. Trying to re-grow their virginity's, Linda had said before she left in a reference to the fact that none had a boyfriend.

Shirley asked if I had heard anymore from Egypt.

"No." I replied. " Jerez has spent quite of bit of his time in America with Lee-Anne. They took statements from us all before we were allowed to leave the country. Jerez did suggest nobody mention the orgy in the Temple. Also, to us, that we leave out the part about smuggling two necklaces into the country. Not that the Egyptian authorities minded that. The Cypriot's might have however. They put it out that Ahmed had acquired them in some way. The Cypriots did ask for them back but the Egyptians are standing firm on that. Jerez did recommend we do not holiday in Cyprus for a while. They didn't find any bodies in the caves in Cyprus when they had finished excavating and as Herr Kesler and his friends did not use their real names to us nobody knows if they are on the Island or not. Hans has disappeared off the face of the earth as well, I hope nothing happened to him. He is better off with Kessler and co then staying with Bill and Stavros anyway."

"But they are criminals who tried to kill you." Shirley protested.

"But they wouldn't be buggering him every night."

She looked a little wistful for a moment.

"Oh, no. They shouldn't have done that to him. But I still couldn't believe it of Bill. He was dishy. He could have had his pick of the students and most of the female tutors."

"It takes all kinds."

I wondered what I would have done had he tried it on me. I hoped I would have rejected him out of hand. Of course

I would have.

Just then Jenny re-appeared from the cubical in the rear of the shop.

She didn't look happy.

"Well?" I asked, standing up.

"I'm to choose a frame." She sounded crestfallen.

"Don't be upset." I said walking to the ladies frame section. "There are some really sexy ones over here."

I handed her a pair of narrow oval frames. She put them on.

"They make me look Chinese." She said looking in a mirror.

I handed her a pair of round frames. She put them on.

"They make me look like an Owl."

"I like Owls."

I put them back.

"There are always the National Health ones like John Lennon wears." Shirley said peering at the metal-framed glasses.

"Give me the Owl glasses again." Jenny put them back on.

"I've seen worse." She said, examining herself from different angles.

"That's settled then. You only look like a little Owl."

She punched me on the arm.

Chapter 3

I liked Sunday mornings. When we had a chance to lie in that is.

Most Sundays we had to either drive up to Jenny's parents or down to mine. I didn't mind going down to mine. I had the chance to see my dog, Millie.

She was getting on a bit now. We had discussed bringing her up to Bristol but it would have meant locking her up in the house whilst we were at lectures. That wouldn't be fair.

Neither would taking her out of the environment she had known all her life.

My Grandfather liked the company anyway and as he said, she gave him something to get up for now Grandmother had gone. I saw him at least twice a month and each time he appeared to be going downhill a little more.

I looked at my watch on the bedside table. Eight fifteen. Jenny wanted to be up in half an hour. She was picking up Shirley who was coming to work for a couple of hours on some course work with Jenny and was then staying for lunch. Jenny was going to prepare everything before she went to pick her up so we had only to switch on the rings when we wanted to eat.

The piece of beef we had bought the previous day would go in when she left and as long as I kept an eye on it things would be perfect for around two o'clock. We should also have time for a drink in the pub before dinner.

This is the way to spend a Sunday. Now if I could just get it off to the right start.

Jenny was on her side facing away from me. My prick was hard. What more did I need?

I lifted her ass cheek and slid my prick between them. The tip was just touching her anus.

I pushed against it.

"Ow." She yelped, pulling away. "What did you do that for?"

"I wanted to see if you were awake."

"I bloody am now."

"Oh, don't be like that."

"Well it hurt."

"I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. I promise."

"Make sure you don't."

She threw back the covers.

"Where are you going?" I asked. Things weren't going to plan.

"I've got things to do before I go and get Shirley."


"Thanks for waking me."

She swung her legs onto the floor.

She wasn't getting away with this. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her onto the bed.

"Stop it, Paul." She tried to push me away as I grabbed her hip and pulled her back onto the bed. "I haven't got time."

"Yes you have." I said, kneeling between her legs and looking down on her. My prick was rubbing against her fanny lips. Opening them, then letting them close. I pushed fully inside her. She arched her back to take me. I pulled almost out then thrust in again. She gasped. Again and again. Back out to her entrance then right in until our pubic mounds touched. Her hands were on my shoulder blades, her feet on my ass cheeks. I heard her change of breathing, felt the spasms in her fanny as she came. Three more thrusts and I was there, pumping inside her.

I pulled out and lay by her side.

"Did you just rape me?" She asked.

"Don't think so." I felt one of her breasts. "It's not rape if you come."

"I must remember that."

"I'm sure it's true."

"Sounds like it could be."

"You didn't mind, really, did you?"

"No." She turned and kissed me. "Just don't make a habit out of it. When I say no, it's no."

"But sometimes you say no and you want me to do it."

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The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 10

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