The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 03

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 03: The Adventures of Paul & Jenny

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Chapter 1

We were on a Venture Scout camp in Northern Ireland in the late 1960's.

My best friend Steve had introduced me to gay sex. Unfortunately another member of our tent had seen us and demanded sex from both of us as the price of his silence. We had both let him at first but as we had both developed relationships with some Girl Guides who shared the same campsite we soon refused him. Whilst on a four day expedition Tommy had tied me up and raped me. The girls got to hear about this and extracted their own revenge. Enticing him to the woods they tied him up and inserted a large broom handle into his anus and left him there to get out of it as best he could.

My girlfriend Jenny and I had spent the night together.

I awoke in the back of the minibus. I already had an erection.

Jenny lay on her side facing away from me, breathing gently. I pulled her ass cheeks slowly apart and placed the tip of my prick against her anus. I rubbed it gently up and down, extracting from her a quiet moan. I wet my fingers and Rubbed them over the head of my prick and placed it against her hole again.

Pushing gently forward I felt her anus contract then open in response to my pressure. I re-wet my prick and pushed it further inside. The head of it was in her when she awoke, anus contracting, tightly around my prick. I couldn't move.

"Try to relax." I whispered gently to her.

I moved slowly in and out. The pressure of her ring tightening. I entered further with difficulty.

"I can't." She exclaimed, pain in her voice.

"Take it out, please Paul, it hurts."

"Try to relax." I whispered again in her ear.

I put more of my saliva on my dick and pushed again. It was moving easier. In and out, her ring and tube still gripping me. I felt the tightening of my balls, the expanding of my prick and I was there. My come shooting inside her. I stopped moving.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

I put my arm around her and felt her breasts.

"It hurt a lot at first." She looked back, over her shoulder, at me. "It was quite nice at the end though."

She smiled at me; her face always lit up when she smiled. I pulled back from her. At first her anus gripped me, then, with a plop, I was out. She gave a short, bubbly fart.

"Oh, I've got to go."

I looked at my watch. Skip would be getting the duty cook up soon to start preparing breakfast whilst he roused the rest of the camp. We quickly dressed, kissing as we did so. Rolling and stashing the sleeping bags, I put our unused condoms into my pocket, the used one I wrapped in a tissue she gave me and we left through the back doors of the mini bus, locking them behind us. We walked quickly to the toilet block. Jenny turned and kissed me. Jumping up and down on the spot.

"I've got to go." She said again and disappeared into the toilets.

I went into the men's block. I had quick piss and shit. Washed my hands and was outside inside four minutes. I waited, wishing I were inside with her. I heard the toilet flush the sound of running water as she washed her hands. She came out and we kissed. Skip came around the corner

"What's with you two. Been up all night?" He asked.

"We're just early risers". I replied. Jenny smiled.

Looking over the ashes of the communal campfire I could see a figure moving slowly at the other end of the field. Skip caught the direction I was looking.

"That looks like Tommy. It looks like he's carrying a broom."

" What is he doing up this early." Skip continued.

We watched as Tommy made his way slowly across the grass towards us. Seeing us he changed direction but Skip called to him to come. He trudged slowly up to us. Head hanging.

"Where have you been?" Skip asked him. He looked at me and then at Jenny. Skip insisted.

"Where have you been?"

"I remember I left this in the woods yesterday."

"And what were you doing with that there yesterday?"

"My hat got stuck up a tree and I used it to knock it down."

"That's right. Some of the girls were fooling about and threw it into the branches." Jenny chipped in.

"Well, it had better not happen again, we are leaving tomorrow and we don't want to lose equipment at this late stage." Skip turned away.

"Breakfast in fifteen minutes."

Tommy loomed over Jenny. "One day I am going to fuck you up your ass." He said with menace. Jenny went pale.

"I'd never let you." She replied.

"When I want to I will and neither you, nor you" looking at me "will stop me."

He threw the broom to the floor and walk to the male toilets

"Can't it be finished with, Tommy?" I called after him.

"It's finished when I say it is."

He was gone. We stayed where we were just holding each other. I heard Tommy cry out once from the toilet. If he felt anything like I had after he had buggered me I pitied him.

"Let's get changed. It's breakfast time."

I walked her to her tent and returned to mine. Steve sat on his sleeping bag, dressing. "I see you didn't come home last night." He smiled at me.

"Just met Tommy." I said. "I think we had better avoid him for a bit." I dressed in my Venture Scout uniform.

"I wouldn't think he would be too happy having spent six hours tied up in the woods with a broom handle up his ass." Steve laughed.

"What have you done?" It was Len from the other end of the tent.

"We did nothing. He'd been annoying some of the Guides," partly true, he had annoyed Jenny, " and they decided to get their own back."

"But a broom up his ass." Len shook his head. "He must really have upset somebody."

We left for the mess tent. Collecting our eggs, bacon and baked beans we sat side by side with our backs to the canvas at the table furthest from the door. Shortly after Shirley and Jenny joined us with their fruit juice and cereals. Jenny sat opposite me. Shirley, Steve. I felt Jenny's foot rubbing against my leg, touching my knee, rubbing along my thigh. I slipped forward on my bench. Opening my legs. Her toes touched my balls. She wiggled them. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"You alright Paul." She asked innocently.

I made a noise at the back of my throat.

"Fine." I said. My voice sounded higher than usual.

She continued moving her toes against my balls, against the base of my prick.

She rubbed her toes along the length of my, by now, hard prick.

She stopped. Looking into my eyes she said.

"Let's go for a walk."

"I've only half an hour before we leave for Belfast."

It was the Northern Ireland Scouting movement's Annual convention and being visitors from England we had been invited as guests. Skip was to give a short talk on our activities whilst in the province and Steve, Len and I were to be available to answer questions and mingle at the reception afterwards. We left the tent with me walking close behind her trying to hide my erection and hurried into the woods behind it. She took my hand and led me to the clearing by the bridge. Four tent pegs lay on the ground where the girls had secured Tommy the night before.

"Do you think he's learnt his lesson?" Jenny asked.

"I am sure when he's calmed down and thought about things he will be alright."

She made as if to pull me to the ground but I resisted.

"It's my best uniform. I can't mess it up."

She knelt before me and undid my flies. Taking my prick in her hands she moistened her lips with her tongue and guided it into her mouth. Her mouth felt so warm and soft. Removing it she circled the end of my prick with her lips and began moving her head backwards and forwards. With each movement more of my prick entered her mouth. I felt it touch the back of her throat and she quickly moved her head away, coughing and spluttering.

"Shirley says girls should be able to take all of it." She sounded disappointed.

"Perhaps you will with practice." I tried to sound encouraging. "I hope you will have plenty of tries at it."

"I bet you do." She looked up and smiled then returned her mouth to my prick. It felt so nice inside her mouth I wanted it to continue for hours but within a few minutes I felt my balls tightening and I knew I would soon come.

"I'm nearly there." I thought I'd warn her this time.

"Don't hold back. I want to swallow it."

I held her head still and began fucking her mouth with short, sharp strokes. One final push and I was there. My come hit the back of her throat and she started coughing but kept my jerking prick in her mouth until I had finished. I moved slowly in and out of her mouth, letting her have the last drops. I took it out. It shone with saliva and come. She stood up and kissed me, her tongue forcing it's way into my mouth. I could taste my come. She pulled away.

"I wanted to share it with you. You didn't mind, did you?"

"No, not a bit." I pulled her close. My hand ran down her spine to her shorts. I held a buttock and began gently squeezing it.

"We don't really have time for anything else," she looked at me, "and to tell you the truth," she continued, "I'm feeling a little sore down there now. Let's leave it to tonight."

She made sense. We walked hand in hand back to camp discussing the day ahead. I was going to Belfast until about three in the afternoon, we were borrowing the Guides mini bus. Everybody else in my Troop would be spending the day packing their belongings and clearing the campsite ready for the next occupants. The girls had the morning at the beach and would spend the afternoon packing. We parted outside the mess tent with a final kiss. The salt of my come still on her lips. I joined the remainder of our party at the mini bus. Skip tossed me the keys.

"You drive. I want to work on my talk."

On the way I kept catching him looking at me.

Skip's talk at the conference was well received and the rest of us answered questions and mingled successfully at the reception. Skip enjoyed a couple of beers at the reception so I drove back to camp. We arrived back at the campsite and debussed. Skip told me to stay behind after everybody had left to return to there tents to pack.

"Jane and I have been thinking about the journey back and we've come up with a plan. Jane drove there mini bus up with Jenny," I didn't know she could drive." But she feels she should travel back with the bulk of her group."

With you, I thought to myself.

"So we wondered if you wouldn't mind driving the mini bus back to Gloucester with Jenny. I've been watching the way you drove today and you shouldn't have any problems. Jenny knows the way so you will probably get there hours before us. You will need to drop off Jo and Carole on the way."

"Love to."

I felt like singing. I went to my tent, changed into camp dress of shorts, T-shirt and trainers, put my condoms in my pocket and went in search of Jenny. I found her sitting on a blanket outside her tent.

"Hallo." I sat down beside her. "What are you doing?"

"Shush." She put her finger to her lips. "I'm guarding."

"Guarding what?" I asked puzzled. "Can't tell." I heard a giggle come from inside the tent. I went to look inside. "No. You mustn't."

She stood up and I rose with her. She wore her customary trainers and shorts but today with a shirt, the tails of which she'd tied across her front, below her breasts, exposing her mid-drift. Her navel tight, disappearing into her.

"Who's in there?" I asked.


"Who with."

"Len." "But we've only just got back. I didn't think they even knew each other?"

"Oh, they've met a few times." She said. "Linda wanted to borrow you, she said I owed her one for last night but I wasn't having that so we agreed she could have Len. I saw you talking to Skip after you got back and told Len I had something for him in my tent. He didn't seem keen at first but I persuaded him to come with me. I let him go into the tent first, where Linda was waiting, naked. They seemed to talk for a bit but I haven't heard anything for a while." She looked me in the eye. "Can I trust you? I want to go to the toilet. Will you keep guard and not look?"

"You can trust me with your life." I hadn't actually promised not to look. She looked doubtfully at me.

"I won't be five minutes." She was off, almost running in the direction of the toilet block.

Well I hadn't promised not to look so I pulled the flaps of the tent slightly apart. It took some seconds for my eyes to become accustomed to the gloom but I could gradually make out two bodies in the centre of the floor. Len was still in his uniform, underpants and trousers around his ankles, shirt unbuttoned, exposing his chest. Linda was astride him, riding up and down on his prick. As I watched, Len moved his hands from her breasts and placed them on her hips, bucking in time with her movements. With a final thrust upwards he came, starting her off at the same time. She collapsed forward on top of him. They kissed. I heard the sound of footsteps and turned around. Jenny came around the corner of the tent.

"Did you look?"

"Who me." I answered all innocence.

I held up my hand and pulled her down to me. She sat at right angles to me. Bum between my legs, her thighs across my right thigh. I put my arms around her and we kissed. I licked her lips. I pushed my tongue between them. Her mouth opened and her tongue licked back at mine. I ran my hand down the back of her shirt, a shirt I thought I recognised, until I met the naked skin above her shorts.

"Don't I recognise this shirt?" I was sure, positive, it was one of mine.

"Mmm. Yes, I was running out of clean clothes and as we were doing the dirty washing in the launderette this morning I thought I'd sneak into your tent and get yours to do as well. (I thought of my underpants and socks). I hope you don't mind that I borrowed this. I found my letter to you in one of the shirts. You've never written to me." The subject had suddenly changed.

"I've told how I feel."

"It's not the same. A girl likes to get it in writing." I shook my head.

"I don't understand."

"Boys never do." Just then the tent flaps opened and Linda and Len stepped out, both red in the face.

"Shift change." Jenny said, getting up and pulling me into the tent.

"What...." I started to speak.

"Shush. This is not the time for talking."

She lay back on the sleeping bag furthest from the entrance holding out her arms to me. I lay down, partly covering the top of her body with my own. We kissed my hand felt for her breasts, then the button of her shirt. Undoing them I pulled the shirt open, she wasn't wearing a Bra. Her breasts looked beautiful. Firm and white, with a small brown circle topped with an erect nipple. I lowered my lips to them, sucking first on one nipple then the other. Her hands went to the back of my head, fingers running through my hair. I kissed her ribs, then her navel. Exploring it with my tongue. Her legs opened and I sat back on my heels between them. I undid her shorts, she bent her knees and I pulled them off together with her knickers. I looked down. Her knees remained bent, her thighs spread wide, the inner lips of her fanny spreading, opening her hole. I took a condom from my pocket, undid my shorts and pulled them to my knees with my underpants. Fitting the condom to my erect prick I lent forward. Her hand reached between us guiding me to her entrance. I sank into her, one movement, filling her until our pubic mounds met. She looked up at me.

"I love you."

I began to thrust in and out of her. I felt so much emotion I couldn't speak. I smiled down at her and kissed her. Her lips opened and her tongue searched for mine. I pulled back, increasing my pace. Her thighs tightened around me, her heels on my ass cheeks moving in time with me. Her tube tightened as she came taking me with her. I pumped load after load of come into her then collapsed on top of her when I'd finished. I heard a muffled.

"I can't breath."

I pulled out of her and sat back on my heels between her thighs. I removed the condom. She handed me a tissue from her shorts to wrap it in. I looked down at her fanny; her lips still wide open and lowered my mouth to it. Licking down along her crack, tasting the rubber of the condom, then back to the top, seeking her clitoris. I sucked on it and licked it. I put my hand beneath my chin and found her fanny with one finger and her anus with another. I pushed into her. Her anus resisted at first then opened allowing my finger, moist with the juices that had run down from her fanny, entry. My other finger had entered her fanny without resistance and I started to move them both in and out whilst licking and sucking her clitoris. Her back arched and her thighs clamped tight around my head holding me in place as she came. It was my turn to say.

"I can't breath".

Her thighs released their grip; I withdrew my fingers and moved up to lie by her side. We heard the call to tea. We quickly dressed, left the tent and walked with Len and Linda for our evening meal. Over tea I told Jenny about the plan for me to drive the mini bus the next day.

"Ah. He agreed then." That was all she was going to say on the subject. "

I didn't realise you could drive." I said.

"There's a lot about me you do not know." She replied.

"But I don't understand. When Jane asked if either of us could drive, you didn't say anything. She must have known you could drive as you drove up with her."

"Jane knew. She also knew I wanted some time alone with you and it boosted your ego to think you could do something I couldn't."

The feeling that Jenny was manipulating my life slowly came upon me. It wasn't a bad feeling. Jenny and I had had a very quiet evening. We sat on a blanket near the campfire holding hands and talking for hours about nothing in particular. Skip and Jane produced some bottles of beer and cider and around us people sat and drank and sang songs. I walked her to her tent at the end of the evening. We hugged each other, hip to hip. I think the late nights and the emotion of the last few days was catching up on both of us. She looked into my eyes.

"Do you want to do anything else tonight?"

"Not unless you do. I'm starting to feel very tired."

A quick kiss and she was in her tent. I heard her say

"Sorry Jo, Carole, I didn't realise you were here."

A further murmur of voices and then silence. I went back to my tent. Everybody but Len was in bed so I climbed over them, doing my best to avoid Tommy, to reach my sleeping bag. Once inside it I was asleep inside of five minutes.

Chapter 2

We were to catch the Belfast - Liverpool ferry that boarded at 8pm, departing at 9pm. It was due to dock at 6am the following morning. It loaded in Liverpool at 8am for a 9am sailing back to Belfast. It had a sister ship on the same route, which reversed the sailing times, travelling to Liverpool during the day and returning to Belfast overnight. We had the day free until 3pm when we were to meet to load the buses and minibus. Some would spend it on the beach, others walking, doing some local site seeing.

I was given the keys to the mini bus and told to make sure it was full of petrol and oil for the journey back. After breakfast Jenny and I headed into the nearest town that boasted a petrol station. It also had a bank, which, after filling up and checking the oil and tyre pressures, we visited. I had brought my chequebook to camp with me together with a supply of cash and as we were travelling separately to the main group I thought I would be wise to draw some more. I also had this feeling that I wanted to buy a present for Jenny. Perhaps she had suggested it. The bank had to phone my branch in England before they would agree to cash me a cheque so we went to a small café for tea and cakes whilst this was done. We had both told our respective leaders that our uniforms were not fit to be seen in so Jenny was wearing a wrap around skirt with blouse and sandals. I could see her Bra through the thin material of her blouse. Tied around her waist was an orange cardigan. She had a small purple handbag on a long shoulder strap. I wore my long trousers, with open necked cotton check shirt and shoes.

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The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 03

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