The Fucktoy

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My chest hits the wall with a 'thud'. Warm breath ricochets from the wall back to my sweat-soaked face. Your lips take the nape of my neck again as you pull my hair back hard. You move your mouth close to my ear, pressing your own moist stomach against my back.

"Tell me what you want," you breathe, leaning down to bite my shoulder.

Panting hard from our rough foreplay, I whimper against the wall, "I want you to fuck me." More erratic breaths brush against my neck as you press your lips hard against my salty skin. A groan comes from deep in the pit of your stomach as your tongue caresses the nape of my neck.

"Tell me again" you say, pressing your thick, stiff cock between my legs.

I draw in a deep breath, feeling your hardon against my wet pussylips. "I want you," I say, pausing to bite the arm that you've placed as a brace against the wall, "to fuck me and make me your whore."

"Oh GOD YES," I hear just before your hand slaps hard against my ass. "You wanna be my nasty little whore?" you ask, smacking my tight ass again, your fingers slightly grazing my pussy.

"A huh," I breathe, hardly able to talk as you smack my ass harder.

"Yea??" you ask, sliding two fingers inside me.

"OH GOD YES!" I gasp, your fingers spreading my pussylips apart, making me bend my knees.

"Then put your hands against the wall and bend over, whore" you reply. I do as I'm told, my breath erratic and labored. My hands flat against the wall, and my legs farther out, my pussylips are slightly open, and moisture is dripping to the floor, you step back and look at me for a few minutes.

I turn my head to look over my shoulder at you.

"Eyes down, whore," you say, looking at me with so much desire in your eyes. I turn my head back towards the wall and look down at the floor. Your shadow approaches. "My little fucktoy looks so fucking wet. Does she wanna be fucked hard? Hmm? Does she want my cock inside her?" you ask, your hands stroking my ass and around to my hips, holding me, sliding your cock between my legs again.

"Oh God, PLEASE," I moan, backing my ass up a little further.

"No ma'am... you stay right where you're at," you remark, with an evil grin that I can hear in your voice.

A small groan of protest escapes my lips.

"Got a problem?" you ask. When you don't hear a reply, you smack my ass hard and ask again, "I said... do you have a problem?."

"No," I reply, moaning against the wall.

"Then shut up and spread your legs like a good little slut."

"Mmm," I say as I comply. Stepping closer behind me, your hands find my hips, pulling me back even farther. A hand still on my hip, the other finds my clit and pinches hard. I cry out against the wall as you pinch again, your other hand squeezing my hip as you slide your cock between my moist pussylips. Just the few inches you've inserted spread me wide and make me gasp.

"Hmmm, does my nasty little slut like that?."

"Ahuh," I whimper.

"Does she want more?," you ask.

"PLEASE," I beg, "oh, PLEASE!."

"Tell me.," you reply. "Tell me what you want, whore."

"God, please give me more. Please. I want more!."

Satisfied with my answer, you moan loud as you glide your cock inside me as far as it will go, filling my pussy, making me cry out. My hands push harder against the wall as you fuck me, your cock slamming inside me, making me scream. Your hands pull my hips to you as you enter my pussy, each thrust harder than the last. My moans grow louder as you move me closer to the wall, my tits pressing against it.

Your cock thrusts inside me harder and faster while you slide a hand between my breast and the wall to stroke my nipple, pulling the ring hard. "Oh my God!" I cry.

Suddenly you stop, pull your cock out, grab my shoulders and spin me around, take my mouth into a savage, raw kiss, then lift my body up, pressing my back hard against the cold wall. You move closer, then slide me down the wall, my hands finding your shoulders, my pussylips barely touching the head of your cock.

"Tell me you want me," you say, looking deep into my eyes.

Still breathless and panting, I reply, "Fuck me, I want you so bad I can't stand it."

Your eyes close as you lean forward, your chest pressed against my breasts, and slide me down onto your cock. Our moans mingle as my arms encircle your neck, holding you close, your hands moving my hips, helping me ride you. Your lips surround my nipple as you fuck me, teeth tearing flesh as I moan loudly.

Your strong arms hold me as you stop the rhythmic thrusts and walk us to the bed.

Laying me down on the cool, thick comforter, your hands explore my breasts, my collarbone, my lips. Your cock enters me again as you take my bottom lip into your mouth, biting hard. I moan against your mouth as you fuck me. My hands grasp at your lower back. The rough, hard thrusts of your cock against the soft folds of my pussy feels so wonderful that I can barely control myself.

"Oh my God, I have to cum" I breathe.

"Cum for me, fucktoy, cum on my big, beautiful cock" you say thrusting harder and deeper. My body starts to shudder so hard that I can't breathe.

"OH GOD I'M CUMMING!!!" I cry, clinging to you, my nails digging into the flesh of your hips. You groan as you feel the skin break. Your cock swells inside me, my pussy tightening against it with each shudder. Your hot cum fills me as you moan in my ear, your breath coming in gasps that match my own. A last shudder from both of us, then you collapse on top of me. You start to pull out, but your swolen cock inside my sensitive pussy forbids it, and we lay there on our bed, breathless, fulfilled, and content.

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The Fucktoy

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Her submissiveness is rewarded with the orgasm of her life.