The Dance

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Tom and Terri were sitting across the room from one another. Never noticing the other stealing glances. They were in a club where people came to dance and have a good time. The club, usually standing room only, was half the capacity tonight.

As Tom sat there watching the young woman he said to himself "next slow song I am going to ask her to dance". It wasn't long before the D.J. announced a slow song was coming next. Tom swallowed hard and stood up. He started toward the woman. The closer he got, he realized she was even more beautiful than he had thought.

Terri sat at a corner table .She saw the man she had been watching get up. She silently hoped he was coming to ask her to dance. He was walking toward her. Her palms started to sweat, her heart raced. She was looking at the napkin she was wringing in her hands and didn't notice when he stopped at her table. When she looked up she was staring right into his mysterious brown eyes. She felt her heart stop and her mouth went dry.

Tom held out his hand and asked Terri if she would like to dance. He fought to control the shaking in his voice as he spoke to her, but the shaking in his hand wasn't to be stopped. He blushed when they both noticed his hand shaking as he extended it.

Terri sat there stunned for what seemed an eternity. Finally she looked at his hand, noticing how large and strong it looked. Then she put her small, frailer hand into his. As she stood she said one simple word "yes". Now face to face with him she took in how arresting his manly features were.

Without a word, Tom led her to the dance floor just as the music began. Standing with only a few inches between them, Tom put his hands on her hips as Terri put her hands on his shoulders. One hand brushed the soft skin at the nape of his neck. They both trembled, searching each other’s eyes, to see if the other one felt it. Tom pulled her to him, completely closing the gap between them. Her body felt familiar pressed against his, comfortable, as if they had always held each other this way. Terri swayed; she was weak in the knees. As they danced Terri laid her head on Tom's chest. She could hear the rapid beating of his heart and his cologne filled her nose.

Tom softly nestled his face into Terri's hair, inhaling deeply he was intoxicated by her scent. He held her tighter. They danced so slow you could hardly see them moving; their bodies were like one.

Just as the song was coming to an end, they once again looked into each other’s eyes. Tom gently put one finger under her chin and tilted her head, readying her for his kiss. He brushed soft curls away from her face as he leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were soft and sweet, tasting of the wine she had been sipping. He felt her body trembling against him, he kissed her deeper, more passionately. Terri didn't refuse his kiss, it felt right somehow. As they stood there kissing, his arms tightening around her waist, she was thankful for his strength. I f he had let go she would have fallen she thought. She was weak, weak with wanting.

The next song was starting but neither of them noticed. When Tom stopped kissing her she was breathless. He took her by the hand and back to her table. He pulled out her chair and sat down in the one next to her. For a moment they just sat there, staring into each other’s eyes. At the same time they both started to speak, both laughing nervously. Tom reached up and pushed the soft curls from her face and said, "My name is Tom". After a short pause Terri introduced herself, looking down at the table as soon as she spoke the words. Tom tenderly tilted her face to look at him, "I hope you don't think I was to forward for kissing you", he said.

Terri shook her head no; she was to flustered to speak. She wanted to know this man, know his body and his soul.

The club was closing, a lump formed in Terri's throat. Was this the last time she would see this man, this man she wanted to know so badly?

Knowing they had to leave, and not wanting to let her go, Tom said the first thing that came to mind. "Come to my place with me". As soon as the words were past his lips he knew he had gone to far. To his surprise Terri replied quickly. "Yes", she said in a quivering voice.

Pushing back his chair Tom stood and helped Terri from her seat. He took her hand and headed toward the exit. As they neared the door Tom noticed it was raining, he put his jacket around Terri's shoulders. Terri looked at him, they both smiled. "I love the rain, do you live far? We could walk,” she said.

Tom loved the rain, sometimes he would go for walks when it was raining so he could feel it on his face, and “only about a block away” he told her. Tom pushed open the door and they stepped out, hand in hand, into the warm summer rain.

They both looked up at the same time to let the rain fall on their faces. Noticing this they both laughed, less nervous than before.The two headed off to Tom's place, talking idlely along the way. Tom had put his arm around her shoulders holding her near him. At times they were silent, alone with their thoughts. Tom found himself looking at Terri, taking in how the moonlight and rain made her hair glisten, and how her eyes sparkled in the dark.

In the times of silence, Terri thought of his strong arm around her, protecting, loving, so strong but yet so gentle. In the middle of her thoughts Tom said, "this is it, this is my place". They walked up to the door; Tom opened it and held out his arm to motion Terri inside.

Once inside Tom took his rain soaked jacket from Terri and told her he would get some towels for them to dry off. Gone only a second, he was back handing her a towel. As they were drying themselves off Tom looked at Terri and said " your clothes are soaked through, let me get you something to change into". Terri never thought twice about undressing and wearing his clothes. "Ok" she said, "where should I change “? He showed her to the restroom down the hall, stopping along the way to pick out a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants for her to put on. "Not exactly your size, but dry. I'll be in the living room when your finished " he said.

Terri changed and went into the living room. Tom had lit candles all around the room and started a fire in the fireplace. There was soft, romantic music playing. Terri's face felt flush. Tom looked up from where he was kneeling in front of the fire. He had changed also. "Come sit by the fire " he said. Terri walked over to him and knelt down on both knees. Tom handed her a glass of wine. Terri took the glass and sipped it, "mmm", she softly moaned.

Tom looked at her for several minuets, "Terri, I want to kiss you“, he said. Not a bit shocked this time she turned to face him. Tom leaned forward, putting the palm of his hand against her cheek and kissed her. Her skin was so soft, like satin. Still kissing her he took her glass of wine and set it on the hearth.

Terri was feeling faint, his kisses were intoxicating. She wanted him, more than she has ever wanted anyone. She wondered if he could sense this, if he was feeling the same way. She brought a hand to his chest, he was muscular, his chest firm. Her other hand found his hair; she ran her fingers through the silkiness. Their kiss intensified, deeper, more passionate. His tongue probed her mouth and danced with hers.

Tom was on the brink of losing control, he wanted to take her, "right here, in front of the fire " he thought to himself. His hand moved from her check down her neck, he caressed it, loving the softness of her skin. He had to stop, he couldn't keep kissing her. He pulled away from her; she looked at him, confusion in her eyes. " I'm sorry, I can't,” he said "you are so beautiful, I want you so badly, if I don't stop I'm afraid I'll go to far". Terri gazed longingly into his eyes, "I don't want you to stop". No more words were needed.

Tom started kissing Terri again; he put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. She moaned as his tongue once again played with hers. Her breasts became heavy. She kissed him back with a fever fueled by the raging inferno below. She was ready to give herself to him, let their bodies become one. Her hands were roaming across his chest, his shoulders, through his hair.

Tom was once again on the brink of no self-control. He wanted Terri, he was aching for her. His hand found her breasts, soft, firm, ample. He caressed her making her moan, softly, deeply. Her back arched, pushing her breasts into his hands. She groaned with a longing that has been suppressed for far too long. His hand slid down to her thigh, she was trembling now. Tom laid her back kissing her, his hand caressing her inner thighs. Terri raked her nails across his back, this time making him moan. His hand slid under her shirt, across her silky skin, to her breasts. He fondled her as she lie beneath him, squirming with pleasure and anticipation. Tom sat up and pulled off his shirt. His chiseled body now visible to Teri in the firelight. Terri sat up, her breath caught in her throat. She reached out with a trembling hand and touched his rippled chest...making him gasp. His head went back, she followed the line of his throat...smiling with pleasure, knowing her touch was exciting him as his was her.

Tom reached for her kissing her tenderly as he pulled her shirt over her head. Tossing the shirt aside, he bent to kiss the top of her swollen breasts, peeking out of her bra. Terri groaned, running her fingers through his satin hair as he gave his attention to her breasts, making her want to pull him into her. Tom removed her bra; she was holding his head to her as he pulled it away. He stopped only a moment to remove her pants, sliding them down her shapely legs. His eyes moved slowly over her body, memorizing all the curves and lines.

Terri blushed as she watched his eyes move over her. Nervously she licked her lips as she watched him watching her. Her trembling hand found the waistband of his jeans; she touched his skin making him arch and gasp. The button opened easily, the hiss of the zipper was deafening as she slid it down. His hand went to hers, stopping her, he removed his pants and lie down beside her; she was warm and flawless under his touch. He kissed her again, adding more fuel to the already raging fire between them.

Moving to cover her body with his, Terri moaned loudly, their bodies became one, her inhibitions flowed freely. She kissed him with a desire she thought she'd never know. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure through them both, making them gasp and moan in unison. Their kisses were hungry, deeper, her tightness milking him. As Tom made Love to her she stared into his eyes, she saw his passion. There bodies were melded, their souls connected. They stayed in front of the fire for hours, making love over and over, feasting on each other’s body. They moved together as if they were one. His kisses were setting fire to her mind again and again. She moaned louder, his thrusting quickened. She drug her hands down his back, he arched and let out a low, deep, mmm. Exhausted, they laid still as one in front of the fireplace that now had only a few red embers. The music had stopped at some point; the candles were all but puddles of wax. The room was silent aside from the crackling of the embers and the barely audible thud of their hearts. Holding each other they snuggled together in front of the dieing fire, that only hours before blazed with the intense passion they felt. As the lovers slept on, neither of them noticed it had stopped raining.

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The Dance

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