Teacher’s Sex Pet

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I'm sitting here in your office in the dark. I've been your student for two year now but today its all over...we're going to become...well you can use whatever word you want. But what we're going to do is fuck.

You're opening the door and walking right in.

"Hi, sir. Yes it's me. Don't you remember me whispering in your ear this morning that I'd be waiting in your office this afternoon?

Are you just going to stand there?

You look a little hot...come over here..."

You walk up to me and I reach for your tie pulling you close and kiss you with my soft warm lips and whisper to you...its time for me to teach you a little something sir...I want to show you just how wet you've made me over the year...

I push you down onto your chair while slide my ass up onto your desk...you pull your chair in close while I lift my legs up onto the arms of your chair

You like me straddling your chest sir?? With my knees apart? You like looking up my dress sir? Your face just inches from my pussy? I know you've been looking before sir... day after day I'd sit with my legs spread open watching you watching me slide my fingers over my white knickers. Making me wet and soak through...I saw you get hard and turn towards the board pretending to lecture but really dreaming of the moment when your cock would slide inside my young tight pussy...

Mmm just remembering you watching you is making my wet...

You sit back and watch me as I'm... undoing my shirt buttons one by one while I foot softly massages your crotch...you're hard already...I can't wait to feel you in my pussy...

You're staring at me while I take my shirt off my young tight breasts in my white lacy bra calling to you. You reach out and cup my breasts in your hands I moan mmm yeah baby touch my nipple, make it hard baby...you sit up in your chair and tease my nipple with one hand while looking me right in the eyes as you pull my bra down off my other nipple and drop your lips right onto my breasts. I gasp and arch my back pushing my nipple deeper into your mouth. Your tongue circles my nipple ...occasionally sucking pulling it up from my chest...you other hand slides down to my pussy...and feel how wet I am even through my lacy white knickers and stockings... I pull you up by your tie , pulling your mouth up to mine and you ravage my mouth with your tongue.

I can't get naked fast enough sliding off the desk..turning with my back to you and undoing my skirt and slowly dropping it to the floor...I slide my fingers into my stocking and bending over my ass in the air while I slide them down my legs... I turn to look at you...you're rubbing faster with your eyes locked on my ass...I drop to the floor and crawl to you... sliding my hands up your legs and my tits rubbing against you I slide up your chest and take off your tie, I whisper to you stop rubbing...and just sit back...you drop your hands away as I straddle over you my wet knickers grinding against your hard cock...your cocks going to slide all the way in soon baby and you moan your fingers fumbling with the zipper. I trap your hands between my legs and smile...but not yet...

But I'm not prepared for you...in one movement you push my panties away and slide a finger all the way into my wet dripping pussy... I gasp and that only spurs you on fucking my tight pussy with your finger while moving your head down to suck on the tits pushing against your chest...I try to take back control by ripping your shirt apart...the buttons fly and you hard nipples look so good I drop my lips around them sucking and flicking them while you start to fuck my hard with your finger ...I can't help but grind harder against you fuck baby fuck this feel so good...you pinch my clit with your thumb and send me over the edge...oh I'm cumming...

I stand over you...finally sliding my panties off down my long legs and your eyes glaze over as I drop to me knees and undo your zipper...

You pull you shirt off as pull your pants off...through your jocks I rub you shaft gently and drop my mouth down to the wet spot and you groan as I lick it softly. You say fuck...just suck me baby, I ... wanna blow in your mouth. And slide your jocks off and rub your cock between my two hands, rolling you softly between my palms and while licking your balls with my tongue...as a drop of precum collects at the head of your cock I jack you off with my right hand and bring my lips down around the head of your cock...you throw your head back as I suck hard on the tip of your cock my lips massaging the rim of you hard dick my tongue swirling around the head and sliding into your hole...you taste so good baby want to feel you fill up my mouth.

I want you to come for me baby "you're close?" cum for me now baby watch me as I jack you off into my mouth watch your cum shoot into my mouth baby

You are so hot sir...

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Teacher’s Sex Pet

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Student shows sir how much she lusts for him.