Stolen Kisses

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The cool night air greeting My face as I slip out of the car. A wicked, languid smile sliding across My face as I think of what is to come. Looking up at the darkened house, I slowly walk along the dew covered grass. The moon riding low in the night sky. The crickets chirping off in the distance. Walking to the front door and opening it, I close it behind Myself just as silently.

Taking just a moment to let My eyes adjust to the darkness, I make My way down the hallway. Peering through the doors as I open each one in turn, until I see your sleeping form outlined in the sheer sheet that covers your body. The smile returns to My face but this time it is far kinder. I think of how much I truly do care for you, and this is why I have traveled so far, physically and emotionally, just for you.

My footfalls silently reverberate throughout My body as I step across the thick carpet. Struggling to keep My breathing quiet so as not to wake you from your dreams... that will come soon enough. Stripping down to My naked form, I cautiously slide under the sheet next to you. My breath catches in My throat as you stir slightly in your sleep.

My hand reaches up to lightly part your hair to the side and behind your ear. Slowly I move down your cheek caressing it as lightly as a summer breeze. I lean forward and whisper into your ear.

"Hello there My child."

I feel you shudder as My breath tickles your sensitive flesh. Your eyes flutter and a smile crosses your lips as you lie still asleep. Taking Me as I lie here next to you, inside your mind and into your dreams.

I move My hand down your body gently taking in every delicious slope and valley. Knowing your body by heart as W/we have danced this dance for a thousand lifetimes. Moving over you as softly as a brush of wind off of gossamer wings.

You shift slightly allowing My hands access to your angelic body. My fingers roaming lightly over your body. Along your shoulders, down your chest, coming to your beautiful breasts. Dancing along your nipples, stroking them lovingly, massaging them as a soft moan escapes your lips. I watch your head lean back as I gently pull them, twisting them slightly.

Leaning My head forward, I move My lips down to yours. Feeling your kiss light upon My lips, stealing your breath away. Slipping My tongue into your mouth, swirling it around yours, sucking it softly. Taking just the tip of My tongue I dance it inside of your mouth, flicking it along the roof of your mouth, sending shivers up and down your spine.

My mouth moves lower along your jawline, down your neck, sucking on the soft, sweet flesh. Dragging My tongue along your shoulder, and moving lower still taking your delicious breast into My hand and kissing it softly. Wrapping My lips around your hardening nipple, getting it nice and wet, then removing My mouth and watching as a small drop of moisture clings to it like a drop of dew on a tender flower's petal. Leaning forward I smile and blow lightly along it watching as it hardens even more.

I move My mouth even lower down your body determined to give you a small measure of the pleasure that you have given to Me more times than I can count. Tonight is strictly for your pleasure; a dream that W/we have both longed for. Coming to your stomach, I move My lips down kissing the flesh that I long to taste every moment of every day. Pausing at your navel I slip My tongue inside of it, feeling your back arch as I come closer and closer to that which W/we both desire. Your legs spread wider as O/our dreams and reality merge.

Sliding My body down, I trace My fingers along your legs moving all the way down to the tips of your toes and back up your calves, along the inside of your thighs, and part your tender lips. Leaning My head forward, I inhale your intoxicating scent and a smile crosses My lips. Slowly My lips pepper the insides of your thighs with hot, wet kisses. Moving higher and higher... closer and closer. I can feel the moisture rising from between your lips and know that even in this state your desire for Me is still strong. Looking down I see the moisture seeping from inside you, dripping down out of your lips like so many melted pearls. The moonlight catches each one, giving it an almost ethereal glow.

Spreading your lips wide open, I lightly blow a cool breeze upon them, as I listen to you inhale sharply. Taking just the tip of My tongue as I lightly trace it along the edge of your lips, circling them slowly, constantly watching your face to see your expression when you awake. Your breath quickens as I slip My tongue between your swollen inner and outer lips. Allowing the tip of My tongue to come just a fraction of an inch away from your throbbing clitoris, but careful to not actually touch it... not yet, anyway.

Dragging My tongue down into your inner lips, I move it slowly downward, hooking it under your pubic bone and sliding it inside of you as slowly and lightly as possible. I feel your hands reaching down to Me and look up to see your face contorted in pleasure as you slide your fingers through My hair. Circling My tongue inside of you; moving it in and out. Going just a bit deeper each time, as I slide My hands beneath you, lifting your torso slightly off of the bed to allow Myself to move deeper within you. I moan quietly at your taste, sending vibrations through your body, as I savor the exquisite flavor of your tender flesh and delectable juices.

Lifting your legs up onto My shoulders and wrapping them around My head, Feeling your thighs tighten around My ears. Taking your throbbing clit into My mouth I wrap My lips around it tightly. Stroking it in and out of My lips, swirling My tongue around it. Nibbling it gently with My teeth, as I listen to your moans rising and feeling your body thrash beneath Me in your sleep. Holding it there as I flick it with the tip of My tongue. Feeling your hands pull My hair, shoving My face even deeper into your wanton passion; grinding your hips into Me. I listen as your moans grow into cries of pleasure, lifting up unto the heavens.

Holding your body close to Mine as you ride your waves of pleasure; the climax rolling through your body like the surf crashing upon the shore. I crawl up next to you and hold your body tight against Me, looking deeply into your eyes.

"Thank You Master. This is a dream come true for me."

"And I as well, My pet. You are a fantasy that is now reality."

I lean forward and light My lips upon yours, and pull your body tighter against Mine as W/we drift to sleep, bathed in the pale moonlight and showered by starglow, perchance to dream of what will be when W/we awaken.

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Stolen Kisses

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tender awakening when sub & her Master first meet.