Some Real-Life Fun

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I get into my car. The heat outside is unbearable so I quickly turn on the AC. I pull out of my parking garage and head south. I tap my fingers on the steering wheel my heart pounding out of my chest. I’m finally going to meet you. My thighs tighten up then relax with anticipation.

I smile thinking of the time’s we’ve tried to talk online. What we’ve said I’ve loved and I can’t wait to actually meet you. I can picture your hands all over my body. With the combination of the AC and thinking about your strong hands my nipples begin to get hard. I decided against wearing a bra because my breasts are perky enough, and I’d rather have you not have to take too much off. I rotate my shoulders liking the feeling of my breasts getting heavier.

I tap my left foot to the music my calf muscles flexing, and my skirt slides up a little. I take my hands off the wheel and stretch behind my head my breasts thrust forward causing my shirt to tighten. I do a little shake and put my hands back as I notice the car next to me.

The man’s a little older than me and I notice that he found my stretching a site. I smile a slow smile at him as I look back at the road. I decide I’d like to get his attention a little better so I unbutton a little of my shirt and slide one hand over my neck leaning back. His car’s a little higher than mine so he gets the better view.

I lift my left leg up a bit and rest it against the side of the car. My thigh is now in view to his eyes. My fingers slide against my leg slowly then run up my chest all the way up to my mouth. I bit the tip of my finger while I thrust my breasts forward again. I open my shirt up more and let my left breast fall out. I glance over at him and he’s now trying to keep control of his car (good thing we’re on a highway and there’s not many people around.) My hand circles my breast and I pick it up. Massaging and pinching the nipples.

I bring my hand down my stomach to my panties. I begin stroking over my panties hoping he can at least see my hands moving down there. He beeps his horn and I look over again. He’s holding up what looks like his cell phone and motioning as if to ask if I have one. He then begins to give off his number with his hands. I laugh because I can’t believe this. Who does this? I decided to see what he wants. I pick up my phone and as he does the numbers again I dial.

“My god you are so hot.” He breathes into the phone.

“You think?” My hand moves back up to my breasts. My breathing has gotten faster and I can feel my skin heating up.

“Oh yea. Rub those tits. Really squeeze them for me. You’re making me hard.”

“Mmm… my nipples are so sensitive. I can feel the tingling in my pussy.” I pull my nipple a little so he can see.

“Oh yea baby. Are you nice and wet? Is your pussy all hot and moist right now? God I want to fuck you. Touch your pussy for me.” I can see his car swerve a little.

My hand moves down and my hand slips in my panties. I move into my pussy and I’m already a little wet. Must be the excitement of what I’m doing, as well as wanting to get to your house.

“Are you wet baby? God I’m so rock hard right now. I need to fuck you. Let’s pull over so I can slide into that sweet wet pussy.”

I look over and I can tell he’s stroking himself. I look up ahead and notice how far we’ve gone. The time’s flown by without me even realizing it.

“You want to fuck me? You want to slide your hard cock into this tight pussy? Will you fuck me hard? Thrust it in me causing my entire body to shake? Huh? You wanna fuck this pussy?” I begin moving my entire body and throwing my head back.

“Oh yea baby you know I do. I want to make you scream. You’ll be my little bitch and suck on my dick after I fuck your brains out.” His speed picked up with his excitement.

I look back at the road. “Oh shit.” I quickly look in my mirror and see that it’s clear and I quickly pull off the exit.

“What the fuck. Where you going?” I can hear he’s pissed.

“That was my exit. I gotta go. It’s been fun.” I click off the phone. Now I know that was mean, but hey I’ve got other places to be.”

I look down at the directions and see that I’m at your street. My breathing gets faster once again knowing that I’m almost there. I pull up to your house and notice a bunch of people walking away. I didn’t think you were having people over but I get out of the car anyways. I straighten my shirt and skirt as I head towards your door.

It’s open a little and looks as if you had slammed it but it bounced back open. I climb your steps and notice a light on in what seems to be the bathroom. I walk over and see you bending over your sink. Your eye looks a little cut up as if you had just gotten into a fight. I back up and decide to make my presence known.

“Hello.” I slowly walk towards the bathroom.

You come out, your shirt off and a wash clothe to your eye. “I didn’t know you were coming over.” You do look very surprised.

“I wanted to surprise you. What happened?” I walk over to you my hand instantly moving up to the face cloth. You tell me of how you heard someone getting beaten up outside your house so you ran out to help. “You’re such a hero. Come on, let me take care of you.” I lead you into the bathroom, dragging you in. I have you lean against the sink facing me though. Your eyes roam my body as I take the cloth from your hand. My hand moves up to blot the blood that’s there. You tense a little because of the open cut. I smile as I lean in and kiss the side of your head. “You must be sore. Let’s get you more comfortable.”

We walk to your bedroom where you sit on the bed wondering what I’ll do next. You open your legs a little as I lean into you. Your hands move around to my ass as I put my hands on your shoulders. I begin massaging you a bit- but I can’t wait any longer, I lean down and brush my lips against yours.

“What? The fight turn you on?” You laugh as I back up a bit and push your legs together so I can straddle you.

“Yup. It did.” I lean up and kiss your lips again. Nibbling on your bottom lip as my tongue slides out to taste you. My tongue slowly makes its way into your mouth as your tongue meets mine. I make little purring noises as you kiss me deeper. Our mouths moving trying to get more. My hips begin to grind in a slow motion. Your hands grip my ass tighter pulling me towards you.

I smile and laugh giving you access to my neck. You quickly begin kissing, licking your way down. I begin grinding harder on your lap. Your hand slides up my back squeezing. I lean back so you have to hold on to my tighter. My hands slide up my body to my hair as I begin grinding more feeling you begin to grow. You laugh a bit then pick me up and throw me on the bed.

My skirt moves up my body as you crawl onto the bed. Your strong hand travels from my calf muscle up my thigh to my stomach where you begin to lift my shirt up. Slowly the material crawls up my body revealing more skin with each movement. You do this slowly, torturing me. My body’s aching for your touch.

You get to my breasts and instantly your hands find my nipples. They’re already hard but as you quickly push my shirt fully off I realize how much I’ve wanted your hands all over my body. You lean down and kiss the tip. They feel so tight and heavy as your hand begins to massage them. Pushing them together then apart. Squeezing them moving your hands toward the nipples. You pinch them as you lean down to kiss them. Your tongue darts out and flicks the nipple.

My body jerks upward to give you more. My hands running through your hair gently pulling you towards me. You blow air on my nipples then take one into your mouth. Sucking on it with just the right amount of pressure where I can feel a little pain, but it’s good. You nibble and suck on them as my body once again begins to rock towards you.

“I need you.” I pull you up towards my lips engulfing you in a kiss. You smile upon my lips as your tongue slides into my mouth. Your hand moves down over my chest and down to my thighs. Your fingers trace circles towards my waiting pussy. You trace my panties up and down while still kissing me. Your hand moves back up to the top of my panties and slowly makes it way into them. Your fingers roam around my lips feeling me wet. I’m making small cries needing to feel your fingers.

Your other hand takes my hands and holds them above my head. My body is arched upward trying to get more of your touch. You begin kissing your way down my body. My hands grip the top of the bed. Your tongue circles my belly as you begin to suck and move your mouth down. My breathing gets faster and my thighs open needing to feel you. You don’t disappoint me. You kiss my panty-covered pussy as your hands begin to move around to my ass. You grip the top of my panties and I lift my ass to help you out. I can feel your breath on me.

My pussy getting even more wet feeling you begin to touch me. Your fingers slowly outline my wet lips. And I start to move my thighs shut trying to squeeze my pussy because the slow stroking of your fingers is too much. You sense I need more so you lean down closer and slide your tongue up my slit. Your fingers spread me open and your tongue traces my pussy not yet touching my clit.

My hips rock towards you and I’m full out moaning now. You lick all the way up my pussy and circle your hot tongue around my throbbing clit. The finally you suck on it. I scream out. My thighs shut lightly around your head and my hands find your hair. I kind of push you more into me as you slide your finger into my pussy. It takes you in, so wet and tight.

You move your fingers in and out and your tongue dances around my pussy. “Please…” I beg breathlessly. You move back up and kiss me once again. I can taste myself on your lips. I kiss you harder wanting so much more. I love kissing you. My hand moves down to your pants, which are very tight right now. I undo the button and the zipper and quickly we get you out of those as well as your boxers. You lie back down half over me as we kiss some more. I tilt my head back again so you can kiss my neck. Your mouth is so hot on my skin.

I can feel how hard you are against my thigh. My hand travels down and grips your cock. As we kiss some more my hand begins stroking your throbbing cock. My hand slides the length and grips you. You slide on top of me and spread my thighs.

“You ready?” You ask me. I pant back my answer yes. Your hands grab my hands and once again put them over my head, thrusting my chest up. You lean down and pull a nipple into your mouth as you thrust into me. “Oh.” You’re so big and thick. I can feel you stretching me as you make your first thrusts into my pussy. My head is thrown back as I moan louder. Your hands move down on the bed supporting your weight as you push into me harder. Your cock moving in and out.

“Yes, oh god fuck me harder.” My hips moving with your thrusts. I move my hands down your back. My nails scraping you. I move down to your ass as I pull you to me. Your hips are fucking me harder now. I spread my legs wider needing more of you in me. In and out your cock moves. Taking most of you out of me then quickly and forcefully driving it back into my wet pussy.

“Yes… oh god yes.” You feel so good. I push against your chest as I feel your cock moving in and out. You hit my so deep in my pussy. You roll over taking me with you. I sit up straddling your cock as my hands are on your chest. You thrust upward with your hips trying to get into me as much as you can. My breasts bouncing with each thrust.

My hips move as I ride your cock now. Lifting up then moving back down. I rock back and forth, back and forth as your hand moves down to my pussy and your finger massages my clit. I squeeze my pussy tight, milking your cock. I sit up straight my hands behind me on your legs. My head thrown back with the pleasure of me riding you. I speed up my pace feeling you in me. I want to cum. I can feel it building up as I thrust my pussy on your cock.

You reach up and pinch my nipples. I sit back a little so you can sit up. You now have your hands wrapped around my body as we rock back and forth. You being so close and beginning to suck on my nipples sets me off. You can feel my pussy throbbing around your cock as I begin to cum. My moans are loud and short as I squeeze my pussy trying to ride as much out as I can.

Your hand once again finds its way down to my pussy and rubs my clit. It’s so sensitive I jerk. You laugh and pull me up off the bed and kiss me. I pull you towards your dresser as put my back to you. You lean around me and kiss me as you rub my pussy again. Your cock is wet from my pussy so when you put your cock to my ass you slide in with not too much difficulty.

It takes me a minute to get used to your cock but then you begin long slow thrusts. My legs are spread wide and I’m bent over taking you into my ass. It feels amazing as you thrust a little faster and rub my clit with your strong fingers. I can hear your breathing getting faster as you begin thrusting harder and faster into me. You grab my waist and pull me towards you your other hand grabbing my breast.

Leaning forward we kiss again and I can feel you about to cum. You thrust into me fast and quick strokes. “Cum inside me.” You push me back down toward the dresser. Your hands on my back as you fuck me faster. God it feels so good. I can feel my orgasm building once again. You grab my hips and fuck me hard. I can feel you erupt into my ass. You lean around and rub my clit as you cum inside me. I begin to cum again. My bodies pulsating as you thrust into me slowly now getting your cum inside me. You pull out and I turn around. We kiss again as you lift me up. My legs wrap around your waist as you walk me towards the bathroom.

“How about we take a shower together now.” Mmm… now that sounds fun.

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Some Real-Life Fun

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You finally meet up to do all you’ve talked about.