Sinfully Beautiful: Monica

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Hi I am Monica and this our regular Tuesday night girl's night out that we spend at the movies. Tonight we went to the xxx movies, oh my . . . my cheeks felt like they were so feverish when I handed the balding perverted fifty years old man my money as his eyes were glued to my large breast, I am a bodacious beauty at 175 pounds.

We walked into the darkened room where there were a few couples and a few who were not with a couple. The four of us sat in front of the large screen, crossing our legs and fixing our skirts like ladies. Nancy sat at one end and Maria at the other end with Kelly and me sandwiched between them.

The movie started out slowly and then my eyes were glued to a large pulsating cock throbbing before me on the screen, I could see the veins pulsating in this magnificent cock that entered the juicy pussy that was secreting white cream from the opening. He had her pinned against the wall fucking her harder and harder until I could almost feel that great cock inside of my now wet steamy pussy. I even had a perverse thought of visiting the perverted man at the ticket desk.

I began to squirm in my seat, I noticed I was breathing heavy and then I felt the warm hand on my thigh moving up under my skirt and forcing my legs to open up, I felt Nancy's fingers pushing my thighs to the side as her fingers found my thick, sticky sweet juices and began massaging my swollen clit, I looked over at my other friends biting my lips from the pressure she was giving my swollen clit when I saw each of their hands were busy on the other one as well.

I thought I should be doing the same thing to Nancy, but she stopped me when I moved my hand toward her lap. She masturbated the two of us and I gripped the arms of my seat feeling the pressure of the climax building, and then I moaned so sultry just as the actress moaned out in the movie. Nancy licked her fingers clean of my juices and then let me clean her sweet nectar off of her other fingers.

I had never been with a woman before and when we all left we left as friends, in the back seat of Maria's car Nancy was like a boy on a date stealing kisses from me and her hand going under my shirt finding my hardened nipples and then her mouth found them. Maria pulled up in front of Nancy's and Nancy led me out of the car and up to her apartment. She handed me a glass of wine and we walked to her bedroom where she slowly removed my shirt unbuttoning one button at a time, she took both of her hands placing them on each side of my breast and kissing the tops of my flesh.

I could feel my heart beating when she unsnapped my bra allowing it to fall to the floor and I heard her moan when she sucked on my nipple. My head fell back as I enjoyed the sensations her mouth gave my breast and my pussy. She removed the rest of my clothes and helped me on the bed. I wondered where she was going when she walked from the bed to her closet, I watched her remove her clothes and then I saw it, she strapped on a double headed vibrator and was back at the bed on top of me, kissing me passionately, then she gagged my mouth with some sort of device with a strap.

She shoved me more into the bed as her hands explored my body and then I felt it enter my hot steamy pussy and I was in heaven as she worked her magical pulsating cock in our pussy's and we both grinded hard against the other, almost becoming animalistic in our love making, she bit my shoulder which made me more hot, more juicy, she grabbed my wrist pinning them down to the bed over my head, still biting into my flesh, and then it happened as our bodies were in perfect union with the other one the explosion of a life time over came us and almost caused me to black out.

The room was spinning and I felt our quivering bodies succumbing to the orgasms. I didn't think I could moan so loud.

We lay in the bed falling to sleep in each other's arms and tomorrow we go back to our selves, married to wonderful men who might like to join us on Saturday night.

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Sinfully Beautiful: Monica

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