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Katie and I had been friends for as long as I could remember. We’d grown up on the same block. Gone to the same schools. Every once in a while, even dated the same men. When she approached me with her little proposition, I was a little unprepared. Katie is a 5’3” strawberry blonde with the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen. When she married her husband, I thought she’d settle down, have kids and be content to raise a family. Well, for the first three years, that’s exactly what happened. Within the first year, Katie had a little girl and I thought maybe number two wasn’t far off. To be honest that’s what I was expecting to hear when Katie called and invited me to lunch. But that wasn’t what I got.

We’d met in our favorite restaurant, a little Italian place that catered to the trendy. Over wine and salads, Katie suddenly stopped eating, put her fork down, and stared at me. I wasn’t sure what was going on so I waited. I could tell Katie was trying to get courage for whatever was coming. Slowly, she explained to me that her and Ned had been talking about ways to excite their marriage. I didn’t find anything unusual in this. Even though I’m single, I know that most couples eventually reach this point. Katie said they had talked about a little getaway for the two of them but that didn’t seem to be enough. After many nights of talking, they finally reached a conclusion. Katie took a big gulp of wine and, looking me in the eyes, said they wanted to have a threesome.

To say I could have been blown over at this point would have been an understatement. This was the last thing I had expected. Katie had always been the conservative one, always the smart one, never reckless. That was me. I didn’t know what to say. Katie waited and when I didn’t say anything, she dropped the other shoe. Ned and Katie not only wanted to experience a threesome but they wanted me to be member number three.

I was flattered and somewhat shaken. Katie leaned over the table. She’d always thought I was extremely sexy and beautiful. When Ned and her had talked about possible candidates, they always came back to me. Ned thought I was attractive, always had evidently. Katie smiled at me as she took a sip of wine. Setting her glass down, she said she’d always wanted to try this. Would I consider playing with them?

I sat back, drinking my wine and trying to take in what had just happened. One of my oldest and dearest friends had just asked me to not only have sex with her husband but to have sex with her too. I looked at Katie, this time really looking at her. I found, to my surprise, that I was actually feeling attracted to her. I took another sip of wine and thought about Ned. He’s tall, jet black hair, tan with brown eyes. Suddenly an image flashed in my mind. Me riding Ned’s hard cock as Katie watched. I shivered and felt myself getting wet. The next image was the deciding factor. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself laying between Katie’s legs, making her cum with my tongue.

Looking up at Katie, I saw anticipation in her face. Yes, I told her. I’ll do it. Katie was excited. We finished eating, neither of us really tasting anything. Over another bottle of wine, we planned the day and time. Saturday, 8:00, their house. As we parted company after lunch, I felt a giddiness I wasn’t used to. What had I just agreed to? And did I really have to wait four days to have it?

During the week, I thought of little else but Saturday night. As Saturday morning dawned, I showered, shaving my legs and getting myself ready. I’d never done anything like this and I was nervous. And extremely, extremely aroused. As I dressed to go to Ned and Katie’s, I dressed for seduction. Sheer black stockings. Red lace garter belt, no panties. A red and black bustier that pushed my D size tits up. A black dress that buttoned up the front, leaving all but about five buttons undone. Stiletto heels. I was dressed, wet and ready.

As I walked up to their door, I thought about what was going to happen. Ned answered the door. He was sexy in his tight jeans and black linen shirt, open. His bare chest was tempting. He closed the door behind me, handed me a glass of wine and said Katie was waiting for us. He led me upstairs to their bedroom. As I walked in, I noticed candles everywhere and Katie. Katie was stunning. Laying in the middle of the bed, she was wearing a blue teddy that barely concealed anything. The candles added shadows that only enticed, caused excitement. I sipped my wine and walked towards the bed. Ned stayed near the door, leaning against the jam, watching.

I slipped one knee down onto the edge of the bed. Katie reached out and slipped her fingers over my open dress. I watched Katie looking at me, smiling. Very quietly, almost in a whisper, she asked me to kiss her. I felt my heart race and my pulse quicken. Bracing myself on the bed in front of me, I leaned over. My lips gently touched Katie’s, kissing her slowly, sensuously. Her hand came up, cupping my cheek. I opened my eyes, watching hers. Our lips pushed harder against each other, our lips parting slightly. I heard a moan and realized it was me. Katie’s mouth was lush and soft. Her lips tasted like wine. Using my tongue, I gently pushed her lips open and met her tongue with mine. My first kiss with a woman and it was breathtaking.

As we pulled apart, Katie’s face was flushed. Her chest was rising and falling fast from her increased breathing. As I sat where I was, Katie reached up and slowly unbuttoned my dress. I kept my eyes glued to hers, watching her reaction as she unbuttoned me slowly. Her eyes danced as she saw my red and black bustier. When she couldn’t unbutton anymore, I stood up and finished the remainder. Slowly, I slid my dress to the floor and stood there in my bustier, garter and stockings. My trimmed pussy stood out, framed by my garters. I knew I was wet. Katie’s eyes ran hotly over me, stopping to take in my pussy. I looked over at Ned and watched him drinking his wine, smiling at me. His jeans had a huge bulge in front. I couldn’t wait to see it.

I sat back on the bed again next to Katie. Kissing her lips again, I ran my finger down the back of her neck, skimming over her skin. Slowly, I pushed the straps of her teddy down her shoulders. As it fell, her round breasts were revealed. Her nipples were hard, the nubs erect and pointed upwards at me. Flattening my palm against her nipples, I slowly caressed her, circling my open hand over her. Katie moaned and laid back against the pillows. I’d never touched another woman’s nipples before and I couldn’t understand why. I loved the sensation, the feel. So fucking erotic.

Pinching her nipples with my thumb and forefinger, I pulled gently. She moaned and I laughed. Leaning over, I kissed her again and then moved down, my lips making a trail down her neck to her right nipple. As I circled her hard nub with my tongue, Katie pushed upwards and moaned again. Pulling on her teddy, I slid it off her until she was naked. I looked at her, laying open to me. Her pussy was trimmed, her strawberry blond bush glistening with wetness. Feeling adventurous, I slowly kissed my way down her stomach to her thighs. As I ran my hands over her legs, she opened her legs wider for me. Her pink pussy lips stood out for me, dripping with moisture. Looking over my shoulder at Ned, I licked my lips. His eyes were on fire watching me make love to his wife, my oldest friend. Lowering my head, I kissed the inside of her thighs and then moved up to kiss her lips. Katie moaned and arched. She tasted sweet and like nothing else I’d ever tasted before. Better than my own taste.

Kneeling on all fours, I used my fingers to open her lips and ran my tongue down her lips and up again. She moaned and I kept up my action, stroking her gently with my tongue. With each lick, she got wetter. Her clit was turning hard, pushing it’s way out for my attention. Taking her clit in my mouth, I sucked and Katie bucked into my face, her orgasm ripping through her. I felt proud and excited. I’d just brought my first woman to orgasm.

Sitting up, I looked over at Ned again. He walked towards the bed slowly, setting his wine on the dresser. He slipped his shirt off his shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Katie watched me as Ned undid his jeans and slid them to the floor. When he stood, I saw just how aroused he was. His cock was bigger than I’d expected for some reason, or maybe I just wanted him that badly. He had to be at least 9 maybe 10 inches long and he was pointed straight up, throbbing. As he approached the bed, Katie reached up to me and stroked my neck with her fingers. Reaching down behind me, she undid my bustier letting it fall lose, releasing my breasts. Ned and Katie both stared at my DD breasts and I felt the heat in the room notch up again.

Ned knelt on the bed across from me. Leaning over, I ran my hands up his thighs. They were hard and solid. Ned reached a hand around my neck and pulled my lips to his, kissing me, his tongue pushing against my lips. Katie’s fingers were playing with my nipples, tugging on them, caressing them. I moaned into Ned’s mouth. Slipping away from him, I leaned over and took the tip of his cock between my lips. He moaned and Katie urged me on, telling me to suck him like I’d sucked her. Without using my hands, I slide my mouth up and down his length, sucking him. My mouth closed around him again and again, my cheeks collapsing with each suck. Ned moaned and pushed his cock further, deeper into my mouth. As I sucked his cock, Katie crawled around behind me. I moaned as I felt her fingers exploring me. She was gentle, getting to know me and my pussy. I opened my legs wider and Katie leaned down. When I felt her tongue on my pussy, I sucked harder on Ned and moaned louder. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’d never been so aroused.

After a few minutes, Ned pulled his cock from my lips. I watched as his hand stroked his rock solid cock. Katie crawled out from under me. They both laid me back on the bed. Ned lifted my legs up over his shoulders and watched me as Katie guided his cock to my open pussy. As he slowly slid inside me, I moaned, lifting my ass up to give him better access. He plunged inside me, stroking my pussy with his cock five times. Pulling out, he held his cock out to Katie. I watched as she sucked him, licking all my juices off his rod. Ned rammed his cock deep inside me again. I pulled Katie up, telling her to sit on my face. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I licked her fast, sucking on her lips, her clit, her whole pussy. She bounced up and down on me, moaning. Leaning forward, she kissed Ned as he fucked me and I ate her pussy. It was amazing. As I felt my orgasm build again, I pushed upwards, forcing Ned deeper inside me.

After I came, Ned pulled out and flipped Katie over onto her stomach on the bed. I watched as he rammed his cock deep inside her pussy, making her squeal. I lowered myself down behind Ned and licked his balls as he fucked Katie. He moaned. I ran my tongue up and down his ass and then over his balls again. Katie was grunting, begging him to fuck her harder. I never would have believed she was such a screamer. I loved hearing her yell for Ned to fuck her pussy harder, to drill her dripping cunt. Ned pulled out and grabbed me. Pulling me up, he kissed my mouth hard, his hands cupping my breasts and squeezing my nipples. Katie rolled over onto her back, stroking her own breasts. Ned laid me down on top of Katie. Our breasts mashed together. Spreading my legs, Ned rammed his cock deep inside me again. Katie and I kissed, our tongues fighting one another as Ned fucked me harder and harder.

Katie’s hands were all over me, rubbing me, caressing me. Ned pulled out of my pussy and slammed his cock into Katie. She moaned into my mouth. With each thrust from Ned, she kissed me harder. Ned pulled out again and entered me again. I was moaning, begging him to fuck me, to make me cum. In and out of me then Katie then me again. Ned was amazing. Katie and I both orgasmed two more times a piece before Ned pulled out and told us to flip over. Stroking his cock in his hand, he grunted as his cum shot out across our bodies. His cum covered Katie’s breasts and my pussy. It felt warm and wonderful.

Ned collapsed on the bed and watched as Katie and I licked his cream from each other’s body. The three of us showered and then crawled into bed. We made love again and again all night and into the following afternoon. I can’t thank Ned and Katie enough for wanting to share their fantasy with me. Katie has promised to come to me with her next proposition, which we’ve already hatched out. Katie’s breaking it to Ned tonight. We both want another man in the bed with us. The proposition is a foursome. I can’t wait!

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