Pleasures of the Flesh

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Home alone.....these times were far and few between. The cleaning was done and boredom was setting in. A steamy hot bath sounded good, some music and candles would help to relax me.

As the water flowed into the tub, steaming up the bathroom, soft romantic music started in the background, while candles were set aglow in the small room casting shadows on the walls. The mood for relaxation was set, I stepped out of my silky robe letting it fall to the floor in a heap. Mmmm....the water was hot, just the way I like it, stinging as it first touches the sensitive soles of my feet. Slowly I lower myself, adjusting to the heat little by little.

Aaahhh.....I sigh as I lean back against the cold tub, sliding down under the water so that only my head is exposed. Closing my eyes I lay there, all tension almost immediately leaving my body. I reach for a washcloth and squeeze some bath gel into my hand, steam rolling off my hands as I work the gel into a lather.

Working up one arm then the other, down my neck, across my shoulders and full breasts, covering my body with the rich perfumed suds. Moving down one leg and up the other, between my legs. Mmmm.....I moan as I linger perhaps too long, rubbing the soft, thick cloth repeatedly over my growing bud. Letting the washcloth float away, I begin touching myself with slippery fingers, slipping in a single digit. The hot water slaps the sides of the tub softly as I work my finger in and out, rubbing my clit simultaneously with my thumb.

My legs fall open farther, the water splashes over the side, the flame of a candle sitting on the edge flickers, casting a distorted shadow across the wall. Oooo....this feel so good, faster....deeper I masturbate in the cooling water. I move one hand up to my pert nipples, pinching and pulling, caressing my breasts. My breath begins coming in gasps as I feel the tingling of orgasm wash over me, I lay there breathless for only a minute, then rise and sit on the side of the tub with my back against the wall. Spreading my legs, my hand goes back to my slippery, wet pussy, delving two fingers into the softness.....moaning loudly, I'm glad to be alone as I continue fingering myself. Rubbing the cum from my first orgasm over my engorged clit, I feel the next one cumming, the slopping, sucking noises from my fingers pumping my tight tunnel echo in the tiny room. Knowing I'm alone and there is no need to be quiet, I cry out as my body quivers from the intensity of the pleasure. Bringing my sticky fingers to my lips, I suck them with my mouth, tasting my sweetness. I slide back down into the water, find the washcloth floating on the bottom of the tub, lather it up again, wash and quickly dry off.

I blow out the candles on my way to the bedroom, pick up a bottle of body lotion and sit on the end of the bed. Starting with my feet, I massage the creamy scented lotion all over my body. Still feeling unsatisfied, I toss the bottle aside and reach into the bedside table drawer, just from touch I know when I have found what I'm looking for. I pull the vibrator from its hiding place, put it in my mouth and suck on it a bit to warm the cold latex. In and out of my hot mouth I slide the hard toy, lubing it with saliva as it warms from the friction.

I run it down my chin, my neck, my breasts.....squeezing it between them for a minute, leaving a wet trail of saliva in its path. As I pass my stomach I turn it on, a low hum echoes in the silence and becomes barely audible as I slowly push it into my sopping pussy. This feels soooo good I moan out loud, moving the vibe faster in and out, rubbing my clit with the slick fingers of my other hand. I tense as another orgasm floods my body, moaning loudly, gasping as wave after wave sends my head spinning.

God, I wish hubby was here I think to myself, here to give me the things I can't get from myself or these toys. What I wouldn’t do to have his face buried between my legs, licking my swollen clit with his soft tongue, plunging it deep into my burning pussy. Mmmmm.......just these thoughts have brought me to climax again, my whole body shakes from the pleasure. Lying spread across the bed, vibrator still humming inside of me, I wish for him to be here with me.

After catching my breath I start to play with the vibe again, thinking of what I would tell him to do if he were here.

So into getting myself off, I never heard the door open, I felt the bed move, I opened my eyes to see him sitting here, a wicked smile on his face. "How long have you been watching me?" I asked.

"Long enough" he said, taking my hand and placing it on his rock hard sex.

"Mmmm......take off your clothes, join me, let me show you how much I want you" I said.

"I'd love to, be right back" he left the room, I continued to play, trying to wait patiently.

It wasn’t long before he was back, his shirt off, pants unzipped, cock building. Standing at he end of the bed, he stripped his remaining clothes, grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the edge. Kneeling, his face disappeared between my legs, licking feverishly at my clit as I continued to work the vibe in and out. Oh, my God, I was cumming again, his tongue felt so good, I was squirming under him, he held me to the bed as I bucked against his face wildly, screaming his name.

I brought the dripping vibe to my mouth, sucking it clean of my juices, he buried his tongue deep into me as he watched me sucking the cum-soaked toy. I wanted his throbbing cock in my mouth, I told him to get up on the bed so I could suck his cock while he licked me. He slid up onto the bed and lay beside me in a 69.

I started to lick up and down his shaft from head to hilt, teasing the head with the flicking of the tip of my tongue. I was moving slowly down to his balls, licking and kissing them, before sucking them into my hot, wet mouth, massaging them with my tongue, making him groan like an animal in heat. Taking as much of his massive shaft into my mouth as I could, then slowly sliding it out, running my tongue the length of it on the up strokes, letting saliva drip down onto the head as it slid out of my mouth. On each stroke that he slipped from my mouth he would immediately try to push his cock back between my pouty lips.

The longer I milked him the closer I got to another orgasm from his masterful tonguing, I was ready to flood his mouth with my sticky sweetness. He must have sensed this because he stopped, came around to kiss me and whispered in my ear, "I have a surprise for you do you want it?"

Of course I wanted it, I told him. He reached into the bedside table drawer pulling out another smaller toy, making me a little curious as to why he was getting out another one. He smiled at me as he lubed it up, I knew then what he was up to. I rolled onto my back, pulled my knees up to my chest, wrapping my arms around them to hold them in place, giving him access to where I knew he was going. He slowly worked the smaller toy into my tight ass, inch by inch, gently, until I had it all. He smiled up at me, "This is not your surprise, this is just the preparation for it, are you sure you still want it?" and his face once again disappeared between my legs.

I was so hot, so wet, how could I say no at this point. With him working the toy slowly in my tight ass, his tongue lapping at my soaked pussy, I begged him to please give me his surprise. I don't know how it could possibly get any better than this, but I wanted it and I wanted it ....NOW! He raised his head to look at me, cum dripping from his chin, smiling, "if you’re sure you're ready he teased"

"YES....YES.....yes I'm ready....ready right now!”

He turned toward the door and said "OK". Slowly the door opened, I was nervous now, I thought we were home alone, all the while we were being watched. Watched by a very attractive, dark haired, tall man. Without realizing I moaned out loud, he was already undressed and VERY hard.

"This is Seth, your still want it"?

"Hell, yes" I said, motioning for him to come to the bed.

"He's yours to do what you want with, I only ask that I be included" he said as he stood at the end of the bed.

" problem, two men to use anyway I want, how yummy. I think I'll start with him licking my creamy pussy, do you think that's a good start, Seth?" I asked in a husky voice. Without a word he was on his knees, between my legs licking my used pussy with a lustful hunger.

Hubby came to the side of the bed, I, without hesitation, took his pulsating cock into my mouth, sucking him with the same fever Seth had for my pussy. Seth's hot, soft tongue circled my swollen button, delved deep into my depths bringing me to yet another mind shattering orgasm. I was ready for a good hard fuck, I wanted hubby first, partially to torture Seth's hard on awhile longer and partly to give hubby some satisfaction for such a wonderful surprise.

Breathless, I told Seth to take hubby's place in my mouth and hubby to fuck me, and neither of them wasting any time, Seth's hard cock was parting my lips before I knew it. Hubby was rubbing his throbbing erection across my clit, sticking just the head into my slick hole and back to my clit, such a wonderful teasing....I loved it.

I took Seth fully into my mouth, giving him the same blowjob I'd minutes before was giving hubby, maybe a little better, I was getting so hot from all the teasing. Finally, hubby plunged his entire length into my hungry cunt, I bucked against him wildly, careful not to let Seth slip from my mouth in the frenzy. If ever I've acted like a slut this would have topped it, I let Seth slip from my mouth and told him to fuck me....hard, hubby backed away and let Seth take his place in my sloppy cunt.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked me. All I could do was moan as Seth slid his hardness into my burning slit. He started slowly, pumping in and out, long strokes, I could barely keep from screaming as I came for the first time on Seth's massive cock. Seth had fucked me for about fifteen minutes when hubby whispered something to him and he pulled out of my swollen pussy. He laid down on the bed beside me, caressing my breasts, pinching my nipples gently, kissing me passionately.

It didn’t take long, and I knew what was next, I felt the familiar cold lubed finger pressing into my ass, loosening me up for what I was sure to be an incredible double fucking. Seth pulled me onto him, sucking on my erect nipples as they brushed his face, I moaned as I pushed back into hubby's probing finger. Sliding down Seth's body to ride his hard cock, I felt hubby's engorged head pressing into my prepared flower. I pulled up almost letting Seth slid out to give hubby easier entrance to my backdoor. He went slowly, pressing in an inch at a time, he groaned loudly, I could feel that I had all of him. His stomach was against my ass, I lowered myself onto Seth, staying still a minute to allow myself to adjust to the cock in my tight ass. They started to move, this felt so good, being completely filled with throbbing, pulsating cock...this double fucking. Hubby pumped slowly into my ass, Seth moved even slower in my slick pussy, I moaned low and deep in my throat as I fucked them back.

I cried out for them to fuck me harder.... slam my pussy..... pound my ass, I was cumming on Seth's cock for the second time, my spasms milked him to an intense explosion at the same time. I could feel the spurts of cum as he climaxed inside of my stretched tunnel. Watching the two of us hubby could hold back no longer, he pulled out of my ass and stroked his hard cock, shooting all over my ass, up my back. The three of us breathless and exhausted collapsed in an entertwined heap onto the bed.

"What could possibly be better than this?" I asked them as we lay there panting.

Hubby smiled at me wickedly," I have a pretty good idea if you're open to more surprises in the future".

I was definitely ready for more surprises, I couldn’t wait till the next one.

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Pleasures of the Flesh

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