New Awakenings Ch. 02

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I had no sooner finished dressing when a knock sounded at the door of the hotel room. Nancy and I looked at each other, at first afraid our secret had been discovered. I finished zipping up my jeans as Nancy walked to the door and opened it. Her husband Dan stood in the doorway grinning at her.

"Where were you that you got here so quickly?" Nancy cried.

"I was down in the parking lot, waiting. Damn, but you ladies took a long time!" Dan walked past Nancy, giving her ass a squeeze, and headed for the mini refrigerator. He grabbed a beer and looked at me and smiled. "Well? How did it go? Isn't she terrific?"

I looked at Nancy and then back at Dan. It wasn't difficult to tell he had been drinking and that in itself brought up images of a man sitting at a bar, while imagining his wife in the throes of passion with another woman.

"She is terrific!" I smiled back. "You are one lucky man."

"Damn right I am! But she's lucky, too. Right, hon?" Dan grabbed Nancy around the waist and kissed her deeply. As I watched, I wondered if he wasn't trying to see if he could still taste our coupling on his wife's lips.

Nancy broke away and playfully pushed Dan's shoulder.

"Yes, I guess I'm lucky." She looked at me with a smile in her eyes that told me she did in fact believe she was lucky.

I turned to pick up my shoes to leave and heard a sound behind me. When I turned around, Dan was laying on the bed, his hands at his belt, his eyes moving between Nancy and me. As he undid his pants and then his zipper, I stood almost in awe, not really believing what I was seeing. Nancy and I had agreed that this would be our night. Dan was not to be part of the package.

"Now, uh, Dan. Hon?" Nancy began as her husband fished his stiffening cock from his pants and began to stroke it.

"Aw, you ladies don't really think I could sit there imagining you two together all night and not get a little relief? C'mon – just until I cum?"

I searched Nancy's face, wondering how she felt about having me in the room with her husband stroking his cock and wanting more. Before anything else could be said, Dan stood up and quickly pulled off his pants then whipped his shirt over his head. I stood there gaping, unsure of what to do.

Dan was three years older than Nancy, but he had a nice build and was handsome in that rugged sort of way that older men have. His brown hair was short and his blue eyes were normally bright and alert. He laid back on the bed, his cock at full attention.

"C'mon, ladies! You can tell I need some help, can't you?"

I walked over to Nancy and placed my arm around her.

"Would you like me to leave you two alone? It's not a problem for me," I said softly.

"NO! I want you to stay, Chele!" Dan cried from the bed. "I want to watch the two of you together. After all, we did agree that could be part of the plan, right?"

Dan had us there. Indeed Nancy and I had told Dan that, if everything worked between her and me, we would allow him to watch. However, neither of us expected it so soon.

"How do you feel, Chele," Nancy asked. "Would it bother you?"

I looked first at Nancy and then at her husband, my brain working hard. Nancy had tried to be with another woman a few months earlier, but there had been a miscommunication between her and her husband – she wanted to be with the woman alone, her husband thought it was a threesome. The situation had ended badly when Dan started to pay attention to the other woman. I certainly didn't want the same mistake to happen with me.

"I tell you what we can do," I said to Nancy. "Let me help you get undressed, and leave everything to me."

She looked at me with caution, but by now she knew she could trust me. She nodded her head in agreement.

I positioned her in front of Dan and slowly began to undress her for him. As each piece of clothing was removed, I let my lips trail along her skin, my hands following the contours of her body. Nancy sighed and leaned her head back against my shoulder, giving in to my ministrations. I glanced over at Dan, his eyes glued to the action in front of him, his hand swiftly moving along the shaft of his cock.

I slid my finger along Nancy's jaw and turned her face towards me. Our lips met, and I kissed her slowly, savoring the feel of her once again. I could hear Dan's groans and encouragements from the bed, but my mind was filled with the essence that was this woman. My hands moved up to her breasts, squeezing them through the fabric of the bra she still wore. I felt Nancy's hands on me, but moved them away. Breaking our kiss, I moved my lips to her ear.

"Nancy, this is for you. This is your night of passion. Just let go," I whispered to her.

I reached up and released her bra, letting it fall to the floor as my hands ran over the taut nipples, hard with desire. I turned her towards me and slowly slid her pantyhose from her hips, then slipped to my knees as I pulled them off of her legs and to the floor. I kissed her stomach, letting my tongue trail over her skin until I felt the patch of fabric that comprised her g-string panties. I could hear Dan grunting on the bed, and I smiled at the picture we must have made for him.

I pulled Nancy's g-string over her hips, and once again her scent filled my mind with desire. I kissed the soft small bush just above her clit, as I slid the panties to the floor.

"Yes, oh yes," Dan grunted, his fist working triple time. "Oh God, yes. Do her, do my wife!"

I looked up at Dan and smiled. Standing up, I gently pushed Nancy onto the bed. She looked at me curiously, wondering what I had planned.

"Suck your husband's cock, Nancy. I think he needs a little attention," I smiled at her.

Dan positioned himself so that Nancy could easily take his cock into her mouth, sucking it between her lips as her hand stroked the shaft. I kissed her breasts and then moved lower, spreading her thighs as I went. I looked once more at the glistening pussy that greeted me and leaned forward. I blew a steady stream of air at her clit and was rewarded by her moan around her husband's cock. My hands spread her thighs wide, as my tongue slid along her slick pussy lips. I felt the bed shift and looked up as Dan repositioned himself to watch me eat and lick his wife's pussy.

However, Dan was soon forgotten as I followed the folds of Nancy's pussy, licking and sucking at the lips. Her taste was now familiar to me and I delighted in it. I spread her pussy lips wide and began to flick my tongue across her clit. Nancy began to buck her hips and move them towards my face even as her groans grew from around Dan's cock. I felt Dan's hand on my shoulder, rubbing and caressing, but my interest was in Nancy.

I pushed a finger deep into her pussy as my lips wrapped around her clit and I felt the soft velvet of her softness clutch at me. I began to fuck her while licking her clit, my other hand trying to hold her squirming body in one place. My face was wet with her juices, and I could feel desire growing within my own body.

"I want to fuck her, Chele. I have to fuck her," Dan said.

I released Nancy's clit with a slow slurp and looked up at him.

"You want to fuck your wife, huh? And you want me to watch you? You get off on that, Dan? Having me watch you fuck this sweet pussy?"

"Yes! Yes, I want that pussy – and yours as well!"

I looked up at Nancy who was a bit dazed from the pleasure she had been receiving and giving. I smiled at her. I shifted my position on the bed and Dan quickly moved between his wife's thighs. I watched as his cock plunged into his wife's pussy and her moans of delight filled my ears. Moving up towards her, I ran my fingers through her hair as my lips covered hers. Kissing her deeply, I ran my hands over her breasts, quickly finding her nipples. Pinching them and pulling on them, I pressed my tongue between her lips even as her husband was shoving his cock deep into her pussy.

Pulling away, I slowly kissed my way down her body until I once again found her breasts. Toying with one nipple, I wrapped my lips around the other one, sucking hard. I could feel Nancy's hands in my hair, urging me towards her. I bit into the soft flesh lightly, raking my teeth along the firm flesh to be rewarded by her cries of pleasure. I could feel her husband fucking her harder and faster, his grunts in my ears.

"Get naked, Chele. Please, let me see you!" Dan was almost begging.

I looked up at him and shook my head. That had not been part of the deal. But I could feel Nancy's hands on my top, pulling it from behind me. I released her nipple and looked into her eyes.

"You want me to get naked? Or just show Dan my tits?" I asked her.

"Just your top, Chele. I want to see your tits again," Nancy replied.

I sat back and smiled at Nancy and then at Dan. Quickly whipping my top over my head, I ran my hands over my breasts encased in their red satin. I looked at Nancy and smiled, her eyes following my every move. Slowly, while looking at Dan, I reached behind and unhooked the bra, letting it fall forward, setting my breasts free.

"Damn, oh damn, Chele! Those are beautiful! Fuck!" Dan began pumping his wife's pussy even harder.

I chuckled at him, and then turned to Nancy. Lying beside her, we wrapped our arms about each other, and kissed each other deeply. Our breasts once more rubbed against each other, our nipples exciting each other. I felt the bed shift and looked up at Dan. He had moved from between his wife's thighs and was moving up towards us, his hand pumping his cock hard. I turned my attention back to Nancy, kissing her, letting my hand drift between her thighs and found her clit. I began to stroke her until her hips were banging against my fingers, her groans growing louder.

"Oh yeah, that's it. God, do you know how beautiful you two look? How hot you look?" Dan was leaning over us, his eyes absorbing the scene being played out in front of him.

Nancy began to groan louder, and I knew her orgasm was close. Breaking our kiss, I leaned back and kissed her cheek.

"Cum for me, Nancy. Cum on my fingers," I said softly.

I could feel Nancy's nails dig into my arms as her body tensed. Her cries filled the room and suddenly her orgasm was upon her. Shaking and writhing, she arched her body towards me, giving herself over to me one more time.

Suddenly, hot spurts of jism hit my breast, and I looked up to see Dan's cock exploding his cum over our breasts.

"Fuck yeah! Oh yeah, that's it! Fuck!" He cried out as his cock released its heavy load onto our breasts.

I rubbed Dan's jism into Nancy's breast as I kissed her deeply. I felt the bed jump and looked up to see Dan lying flat on his back, breathing heavily. I wiped up a bit of his cum from Nancy's breast and fed it to her, smiling at her.

I kissed her gently on the forehead, tenderly, sweetly.

"I need to get going now. But I had a wonderful evening, and I hope to do this again sometime – with or without Dan," I laughed.

Nancy kissed me and hugged me. "Thank you, Chele. You have made a fantasy come true for me."

"I know. But I think your husband may be in need of mouth to mouth resuscitation!"

I got up and quickly put my bra and top back on. Slipping into my shoes, I grabbed my purse and gave them both a smile as they cuddled on the bed.

"Be good you two."

And I walked out the door. As I got behind the wheel of my car, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a few seconds. I needed to cum, had to cum. I started the car, thankful I only lived a short distance away. I knew every second of this evening would be played out as I satisfied my own desires that night and for many nights to come.

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New Awakenings Ch. 02

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