New Awakenings Ch. 01

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We were finally alone. I looked around the hotel room that Nancy's husband had rented for us, and smiled. It was very nice. Fully stocked refrigerator, in-room jacuzzi, non-stop porn movies, huge bed. I looked over at Nancy and smiled.

We had spent the evening at a nearby bar, enjoying a few drinks and talking. I could tell Nancy was excited at the prospect of being with another woman. I knew I was a bit nervous. And it was easy to tell that Nancy's husband was having difficulty restraining his feelings. As we talked and laughed and got to know each other, I began to feel comfortable with Nancy, and found that I really couldn't wait.

Who could blame me? Nancy was nearing 50 that was true. But she looked no older than 37. She was shorter than I, probably 5'3". Her blond hair fell past her shoulder blades, and her eyes were a beautiful shade of blue. She had a generous body, with curves in all the right places. I wondered how I would look to her. She said she was pleased with my looks, and I purred from her compliments.

I was 41, though everyone stated I looked no older than 31. My light auburn hair fell in curls around my face and shoulders, my blue eyes had always been considered my best feature. My body was curvaceous, and I delighted in running my hands over my curves when in private. I could only imagine how it would feel to have a woman's hands touch my skin.

And now, Nancy and I were sitting next to each other in the sitting area of the hotel room, drinking our beers and talking nervously. I was despairing of how to start, when I saw Nancy place her beer on the table and slide to her knees. She one, then two, steps towards me, and she was between my legs. She lifted her hands to my face and brought her lips to mine. Her lips were soft and full, unlike what I had ever experienced with any man. I felt her hands run down my neck to my breasts, and I raised my hands to her neck running my fingers through her hair. Her perfume entered my senses and sent my mind reeling. Her hair felt soft in my fingers, and I lightly stroked her back.

Bringing my hands across her body, I gently cupped her breasts. Squeezing them gently, I let my thumbs run lightly across her nipples. Already I could feel them harden beneath my touch. Nancy returned the favor, running her hands over my breasts, finding the nipples under her fingers.

As her tongue entered my mouth, I sucked it gently, letting my tongue dance over hers. Our hands moved away from our breasts and began to stroke and caress each other's body with growing fervency. Pulling away from our kiss, standing up, Nancy smiled at me as she held out her hand to me. I grabbed it as I stood up, and smiled back at her. We made our way to the bed, and just stood looking at each other. I had had visions of undressing Nancy, but before I move towards her, she slipped off the vest she was wearing as she slid the shoes from her feet. Picking up her cue, I stepped out of my shoes, and started to undo the belt on my jeans. Watching as she pulled her dress over her head, I quickly pulled my top over my head, exposing my breasts clad in a red satin bra. Nancy looked over at me and smiled. I gasped as I looked at her – black bra encasing her full breasts, black g-string barely showing from beneath the black pantyhose. My fingers ached to touch her, my lips wanting to bury themselves in the cleft of her breasts.

Quickly, I pulled down my jeans, the matching red satin panties coming into view. I noticed Nancy watching me, running her hands over her breasts. Both of us moving together, we brought our hands behind our backs and undid the clasps on our bras. As if on cue, we released our breasts from the fabric that held them. Staring openly at each other, I could feel my pussy juices begin to wet the crotch of my panties.

Nancy's breasts were full, with small areola and large nipples. My own breasts were round, with very large areola and smallish nipples perking up at the feel of cool air. Hooking my thumbs in my panties, I pulled them down, and kicked them off. At the same time, Nancy pulled her pantyhose off, turning to expose her beautiful round ass to me. I climbed onto the bed, my own wetness beginning to seep down to my thighs, and watched as Nancy slowly pulled down the g-string covering her exquisite treasure. Our pussies were both shaved, with a tiny patch of hair just above the clit. Nancy had hair that was blond and almost straight. My own pussy hair was very curly and darker in color.

As Nancy slid onto the bed, I reached out to her with my arms. Enclosing each other in a hug, our lips once more found each other. I pressed my body towards her, feeling the length of her against me. I felt her hard nipples poking at my own breasts, my hand closed around her ass and pulled her to me. I felt her hand slide down the side of my body, moving gracefully over the curve of my waist and hip. Gently, slowly, we rubbed our bodies together, each relishing the feel of soft skin and gentle curves against our own.

"Oh, Chele, I have to taste your pussy – now!"

My mind reeled at her words. Another woman! About to lick and suck my pussy! Sighing deeply, I rolled onto my back and spread my legs, bending the knees. Nancy slid down my body, her lips lingering on my right nipple, sucking it into her mouth eagerly. Running my fingers through her hair, I pressed her close and arched my back.

"Chele, your areola are so huge! I love them! Oh, my God, they are beautiful!"

Nancy continued to suck and slurp at the little hardened points as my mind began to explode. Releasing my nipple with a small "pop", Nancy slid lower, until I felt her breath against my pussy lips. Resisting the temptation to grasp her head to my pussy, I clutched the bedspread beneath me. I felt her fingers spread my lips open; I felt her breath warm against my skin. When her tongue first touched my pussy lips, I gasped. I felt her tongue probing and exploring, on a journey of its own pursuit. Moaning softly, I looked down to see Nancy's sweet face between my thighs, her tongue eagerly working on my pussy. She was so beautiful! I reached down and lightly stroked her hair, moving my hips beneath her, encouraging her.

Picking up a dildo from a collection she had laid out earlier, I felt her begin to probe the entrance to my sex. Lifting my hips slightly off the bed, I spread my legs further to allow her easier access. Slowly she probed and turned the toy until it entered my pussy. Working the toy slowly into my pussy, her tongue continuing to lick my clit, I thought I would go crazy. As she shoved the dildo inside of me, she pushed until she hit my cervix. Moving her tongue around my clit, she began to fuck my pussy with the toy, ramming it in harder and faster. Crying out into the room, my body began to thrash about, my pussy slamming into her mouth. Grabbing the bedspread, I pulled on the material as I felt my thighs tighten, my first orgasm with another female building beyond stopping.

Crying out, my body shaking, I felt my orgasm overtake me. I could feel my pussy spasming along the length of the double-headed dildo Nancy had rammed into my pussy. Her tongue and lips were working hard on my clit, as I felt it explode against her tongue, my mind becoming lost in time and space.

Recovering slowly, catching my breath, I looked down at Nancy who was now smiling up at me.

"Damn, that was incredible!" I gasped.

"Yes, I know! You were great!"

I pulled her up to me, kissing her lips, eager to taste me on her. I was not disappointed. Her lips and tongue were filled with the taste of me, and I eagerly sucked my juices from her. Rolling her over onto her back, I suddenly thought of all the things I wanted to try with this woman. Leaning down, I kissed my way to her left nipple, I had not seen nipples as large as hers before, and the sight of them caused my pussy to tingle. Kissing around the nipple, washing my tongue over it, I sucked it into my mouth, my tongue flicking the tip. Nancy's moans filled the room and her body began to squirm under mine as I began to pinch and twist her other nipple. I could have simply sucked these delicacies by themselves, but I was to eager to get my first taste of another woman.

Kissing my way down her body, discovering that she was ticklish around her navel, I smiled. I settled between her thighs, kissing the tender flesh, running my tongue up each leg from her knee to just below her hidden treasure. My fingers spreading her open to view, I simply gazed at the beauty before me. Her lips and pussy were pink and glistening. She seemed tiny – a sweet delicacy, waiting to be enjoyed. Licking along the outer lips of her pussy, I tasted her for the first time – her musky, slightly salty taste filled my mouth. So close to my own juices. Gently, I probed the inner folds of her sex, feeling her inner lips and the entrance to her sex. I could hear her moaning above me, but my own moans filled the room as well. Taking long, slow licks, I let my tongue trail over her pussy loving the feel and taste of her. Moving up, I flicked my tongue lightly over her clit, and the response was immediate – her body squirming under my mouth, twisting from side to side, her fingers in my hair pulling me towards her. Sucking gently, I closed my lips around her clit, pulling it into my mouth. Her cries of pleasure fell on my ears as though it were the most wonderful sound I'd heard.

Suddenly, I knew what I wanted – and wanted badly. Releasing her clit from my mouth, I looked up at her and smiled. Her look to me was a question. I rolled onto my back, moving away from the headboard.

"Nancy, I've always wondered what it was that guys found so enticing about a woman sitting on their face. I want you to sit on mine, k?"

She smiled broadly, turning quickly. Facing the headboard, straddling my head with her thighs, I wrapped my arms about her thighs, pulling her down. Her lips spread above me; I reached out my tongue as she descended on my mouth. Licking, sucking, slurping, I ran my tongue over her entire pussy, before concentrating my efforts on her clit. Though a little difficult to breath, I looked up at her, her face a contortion of pleasure as she grasped the headboard and moved her pussy over my face. I felt my juices flowing, and suddenly realized why men love this so much. I felt I was in heaven, pulling her onto my mouth, sucking her clit, watching her face, and hearing her moans of pleasure.

I felt her thighs tighten around my head, saw her grip the headboard tightly, and heard her cry out as her orgasm swept over her. Grasping her clit between my lips, I flicked my tongue wildly, excitement over bringing this woman to orgasm sweeping over me. As she began to relax and whimper, I held her firmly over my face, but just licked her very gently. Slowly, she raised herself off of me, and sank into my arms. We held each other kissing and nuzzling, almost in awe of the fact that we had just given each other so much pleasure.

We stayed like that for what seemed an eternity. Then I looked into her eyes, and smiled.

"I have another idea, okay?"

She looked at me a bit warily. "Okay, sure!"

Gently rolling her over onto her back, I once again settle between her thighs. She lay back with a sigh, letting her body relax. I pulled apart her pussy lips and once again I drank of her sweet nectar. Licking and sucking, I heard her calling out my name, and I smiled. Reaching over, I picked up the 18" long double-headed dildo. Moving it against her pussy, feeling how slippery she was, before holding it to the entrance of her pussy. Licking her clit hard, I gently worked the dildo into her wetness, slowly sinking the toy into her. Moving back and forth, I rammed it in as far as it would go, her hips moving about wildly. Gently releasing her clit, I sat up and looked at her with a smile.

Scooting closer to her, so our pussies were mere inches apart, I placed the other end of the toy at the entrance to my own pussy. Nancy struggled to sit up to watch, her eyes filled with pleasure. Seeing the other end of the dildo buried in Nancy's pussy, I found it easy to slide the toy deep within me. Our pussies were now 2 inches from each other. I laid back and began fucking the toy inside of me. Nancy took her cue from me and began to fuck her end of the toy as well. With each of our thrusts, we rammed it further into the other, each of us moaning loudly at being fucked by a female.

Sitting up, I wrapped my legs around Nancy, and placed my hands behind my back. Moving faster, I fucked the toy with greater urgency. Not able to simply lie there, Nancy also sat up. We wrapped out legs around each other, our arms holding each other, our lips searching. Kissing each other, our pussies fucking the same toy, our moans indicating our pleasure.

I reached down and began to rub Nancy's clit. She followed suit, and soon we were watching each other fuck the toy between us, as we had our fingers on each other's clit. I could feel the orgasm building within me, but I wanted Nancy to cum with me. Looking into her eyes, I encouraged her to let go, to let me feel her orgasm. We both fucked the toy harder and faster, our fingers flying over each other's clit. No longer able to hold back, I let my body go and felt my orgasm wash over me. At the same time, I heard Nancy's screams, and knew she was cumming against the toy buried in our pussies. Jerking, riding the toy and each other's fingers, both of us crying out, our bodies shaking as total pleasure consumed us.

Slowly easing our fucking of the toy, we let our fingers trace each other's body slowly, carefully, fully. Reaching towards each other, we kissed, allowing our tongues to search and probe. Slowly letting the toy slip out from between us, we both stretched out onto the bed, breathing deeply, smiling, giggling, and laughing at our new found pleasure.

Getting up and getting us each a beer, I watched Nancy's body move gracefully, suddenly wanting her again. As we drank our beers we talked of our experience, of men, of life. I suddenly felt more comfortable than I had in a long time.

"Well, I suppose I'd better call Dan to come pick me up," Nancy stated simply.

I nodded. Dan was Nancy's husband who had so willingly given me his wife to enjoy. As she dialed his cell phone, I got up and started getting dressed.

To Be Continued...

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New Awakenings Ch. 01

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