Naughty, Hot, Literotica Ladies

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You are all so graceful like a soft tender doe that is basking in the morning dew. You make me feel like you're really in my room. The erotic words you send across my monitors screen gives me a hot, insatiable need to scream. The lust that fills my very being is not obscene, but so sensual and you each hold a tender spot in every MAN's mind and heart on Literotica. In my fantasy I am holding you, softly running my fingers lightly over your soft hair, down the side of your jaw bone, to your small tender neck until my finger tips find the hardening nipples under your white chiffon gown.

I hear you softly moan as my lips softly suck on that tender precious neck and you reach up placing your delicate hand on the back of my neck as I hold you so close to my hard yearning body. My cock grows hard from wanting you, and you remove the gown that holds your soft flesh from my aching lips that desire to taste the sweetness of your perfume.

You are driving me wild, so soft, so fragile, yet unbreakable. Oh lovely ladies how you make my heart pound so hard within my chest, this burning for you takes away my breath. I can visualize you standing before me letting your hands roam over my chest, down my stomach to the throbbing cock that is calling out for you to take it into your sweet, hot, juicy pussy so that I may give you the pleasure you have given to your readers here.

Do not stop typing those seductive words of hot kisses, inviting caresses and pure sweet ecstasy that have never been experienced except by you lust filled ladies. I sit with my hand slowly stroking my cock with my eyes closed with visions of your words running through my mind, they have captivated me and are now holding me a willing prisoner of your seduction on my monitor and moving deep into my cum filled loins. Yes slow strokes, which are long and become harder with each one. The veins are throbbing in my cock and now the clear salty liquid is seeping from my cocks head, slowly it is running over the head and my body twitches thinking of your sweet tongue and red lips touching my cock so softly.

You have my cock in your mouth sucking and licking and allowing it to roll in your mouth and I want you, gawd I am burning up with passion and the heat is so intense. Oh pretty ladies come here in my arms and let our bodies join together as you spread your perfect silky legs apart for me to over take your pussy with this raging cock of mine. Your tiny body moves against mine and our breathing is so hot, and in need of the other. I cup your breast sucking the tender swollen nipple as my cock goes deep within your tight juicy pussy.

Can you feel my cock? Can you feel my cock deep inside of your pussy that is burning up with desire and lust? Your clit is throbbing and wants to release its hot cum all over my hard cock that wants to come deep inside of your pussy that is begging for release of this sexual frenzy your body is going through. We roll over, your now on top of me giving me your pussy with hard thrust from your hips down on my cock over and over as I bite your nipples and then stick my finger in your ass!

Your head goes back as your mouth opens to release the scream that is building deep within your body and I ram my cock harder into your pussy that is dripping with your juices as it slides over my cock and my finger slowly goes in deeper into your ass, now there are two fingers moving in and out of your tight ass. You're ready to explode and I quickly get you on your stomach, which is when you raise that ass up to me wanting me to take it. I smack it as my hands grip your hips and I slide my rock hard cock in your ass and my hand finds that begging clit and we cum in such a frenzy of sexual desires that has been building since our first type written words. I look at my hand that the cum is running over and smile at the monitor with your type written words.

Oh baby!

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Naughty, Hot, Literotica Ladies

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Dedicated to the ladies of Literotica