My First Taste of a Woman

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Hubby called, says he's got a surprise for me when he gets home. I can't wait, the not knowing is very exciting, and all sorts of thoughts are running through my head, what could it be? Flowers would be nice, jewelry even better, maybe he's taking me to dinner... and after the last surprise he gave me I can only imagine! Mmm what could it be?

I still have an hour to go before he gets home, I'll take a quick bath and dress nice just in case it is dinner he has planned. I bathe quickly, dress in a black button up sweater and jeans. Ten minutes, he'll be home, the anticipation is killing me, my palms are sweaty, my heart is racing, just like a kid at Christmas.

He's here, I hear the car door shut, and then another. Do I dare look out the window, is he getting something from the back, is someone with him, no..... I won't ruin the surprise, I'll wait. I hear his footsteps coming up the stairs. I will at least greet him at the door.

I hear him at the door, walking toward it I reach it just as he pushes it open. Not letting him get but barely in I throw my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply.

"What's my surprise?" I ask, "I can't wait".

He just looks at me sheepishly, "well it's here, but you'll just have to wait for a few minutes, let me shower and get ready, then I need to do a couple of things and you'll have your surprise"."But what- ever you do while I'm showering no snooping, stay away from the windows and don't go to the car", he tells me.

"Aaahhh.... so it's in the car, well you better hurry I can't wait", I tell him.
He hurries off to the shower, it's all I can do to not look outside but I want it to be a surprise, so I don't.

He takes the fastest shower in history and soon he's calling me to the bedroom, "what your wearing is nice but I think this would be more appropriate", he tells me, holding up my red, crotchless, lace teddy".

"Oh so this surprise is kind of like the last one you gave me", I say giving him a wicked smile.

"You said you were open to more surprises in the future, and I found one I really think you'll enjoy, a few stipulations with this one though, I want you to wear this blindfold, at least at the beginning".

"Hummm.... you’re making me nervous now, why the blindfold?”

"Just part of the fun" he says, and hands me the teddy and blindfold, "now change, put on the blindfold and lay down on the bed, I'll be back in 5 minutes, feel free to touch yourself while I'm gone", he slips me an evil grin and leaves the room.

I do as instructed, thankful I had already taken a bath, and lie on the bed nervously waiting for him to come back. Wondering what kind of handsome stud he's brought me this time, and what kind of fun this experience will be. While I'm waiting I start to touch myself, already excited by the thought of the events that are about to take place, I'm wet, my fingers slide easily into my pussy, across my clit.

He's back, "no peeking" he says, "just relax and enjoy the moment babe.
I feel a hand on top of mine, rubbing my clit with me, a soft hand, small like mine. All other thoughts are quickly put to rest, a soft, warm, wet, tongue begins to lick the folds of my pussy lips, I remove my hands and the tongue delves deep, dipping into my pussy and then circling my swollen button. I am no longer worried about who this mystery person is, only that whoever it is sure knows how to make a woman feel good.

Hubby starts to kiss me and pinch my pert nipples, "does that feel good? “ he whispers in my ear.

"Mmmmm....Yes, who is it, do I know them, never mind I don't care.... it feels so good. The person between my legs slides a finger into my steaming, wet slit, all the while tonguing me, bringing me closer and closer to climax, I arch my back and start to fuck this wonderful tongue. I have never been touched so tenderly or softly, never tongued so masterfully.

I feel hubby's cock on my lips, rubbing across them, coaxing them open, I take his engorged cock head in my mouth and start to tease it with my tongue, he moans as I suck the length fully into my mouth. His blowjob will have to wait, I let him slip out of my mouth, I cry out as the height of climax engulfs my body, I start to reach down to run my fingers through the hair of the mystery man, and hubby stops me.

"Not just yet" he says, "just enjoy it, you can touch and explore soon enough", my body quivers and shakes with the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

I reach for his cock, he's not beside me anymore, "I want to suck your cock, where are you?" I ask.

"I'm here, I'm just watching, you look so hot, so sexy.... would you like one of your toys?" he asks.

"No, this feels too good, I just want this to last all night", the tongue slides up my body to my breasts, sucking softly on one nipple then the other, finger still fucking my pussy, mmmmm no other man has ever made it feel so good. I'm cumming again just as intense as the first time, my god this is incredible.

"Can I take off the blindfold now" I ask, the licking and fingering stops.

"That depends, how open-minded are you going to be, are you willing to do anything......... this will all stop if your not?"

"Yes.... Anything, just please let him lick my pussy more. "I'll do anything I promise, just please, please don't stop".

"Ok, but leave the blindfold on just a few more minutes, please?" he asks.

"Ok, just don't stop... I gasp, something cold touches my clit, I squirm away, "what is that?" I ask. It touches me again, this time sliding down my clit to my hot pussy, cold liquid runs down the crack of my ass, "is that ice?" I ask.

"Yes, feels nice huh? “hubby says.

After the first initial shock wore off it did feel nice, different, with the blindfold my other senses were so much more alert. All of the sudden the ice was slid into my pussy, the feeling was like no other I'd ever experienced. To make it even better that wonderful tongue was back, pushing the ice into me, then sucking it out, rubbing it on my clit over and over, until it was almost melted. The coldness of the ice made my already erect nipples even harder, as if reading my mind a cube is slid across my left breast, circling my nipple, I's so cold, but yet so very erotic. I breathe in pants every time the ice touches my body. I first pull away then push back for more, loving this strange new sensation. Hubby tells me to get on my hands and knees, I do, I don't want this to stop, so I obey. The mystery man is rubbing the ice over my ass, it melts and the water runs down my legs, tickling, running between my ass cheeks it warms quickly. That talented tongue starts to lick the water off of me as it runs down my body, licking my ass cheeks, legs and.…oooohhhhh tonguing my asshole. "Mmmmm that feels good" I moan, pushing back into the reaming, soft lips pressed against my cheeks, velvety tongue probing my flower. I am ready to be fucked, I beg hubby to let him fuck me, take me on my hands and knees.

"You will be fucked, are you sure if I let you take off the blindfold that you will still want it no matter who it is?"

"Yes, no matter who, any one who can make me feel that good I will still want, and I trust you to know what and who I would like, before I take the blindfold off can I touch him, suck his cock, explore his body with my senses and hands?"

"Mmmm....Yes, and I think you'll be very surprised with your exploring," he said.

I turn around on the bed and sit with my legs tucked under me, a slender finger is sliding in and out, I reach out, feeling for his face. I touch satin hair, about shoulder length, smooth skin, and pouty lips. His tongue darts out and licks my fingers, sucking them into his mouth. Down to shoulders my hands glide.... small frame, both hands slide down his chest, searching for nipples, only to find... BREASTS, I gasp, pull my hands away. Oh my god, it's a woman, a woman has been licking my pussy, a woman has given me the best orgasms I've ever had, a woman has been touching me in ways I've only dreamed of.

The finger still moving in and out, feeling so good, my hands return to HER breasts, caressing them gently, rubbing her nipples, I lean forward to lick this soft nipple, suck it between my lips, for the first time I hear her moan as my tongue circles her nipple, sucking, nibbling, from one breast to the other. I lick up her chest, neck, her chin, finding her soft pouty lips. I glide my tongue across her lips, tasting myself on them, her lips part and I kiss her, softly and slowly at first, my tongue dancing with hers, then deeper, lustfully.

My head is spinning, I can't believe how good this feels to be with a woman, how soft and tender, how gentle every touch is. I've completely forgotten about hubby, this woman is the only thing I can think of, how good it feels having her touch me, kiss me, make me cum. She pushes me back, we lay against each other on the bed, our bodies as close as we could get them, hands roaming each other, memorizing every curve.

While kissing I remove the blindfold, pull away from her sweet lips and look at the first woman who has made me cum. She is very attractive and petite, I notice hubby sitting at the bottom of the bed, cock in hand, stroking his fully erect shaft, enjoying watching the two of us together. I slide my hand down her breasts, stomach, to the small patch of fine hair on her mound, I stop not sure what to do next, and then begin to do what comes natural. My hand moves lower, I slip one finger between her hot lips, she's so wet, my finger slides up into her, probing her velvety tunnel.

Getting lost in the moment I slide down her body planting soft kisses and licks on my way, licking from hip to hip, down her left thigh, up her right, pausing for only a second before I taste my first woman. Slowly running my tongue over her wet pussy lips, parting them with my tongue. I find her swollen button, lick it softly, and then plunge my tongue into her sweet hole.

Mmmm she moans, pushing into my tongue, so sweet are the juices running into my mouth. Uncertainty is quickly replaced with instinct. I lap at her slippery pussy, running my tongue up and down from clit to hole. I get on my knees, bury my face into her, sucking on her sweetness. Her body starts to quiver, I know she is about to cum, I'm making a woman cum for the first time, all the while thinking that this won't be the last time. She fucks my face, riding the waves of climax, and I love everything about it.

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My First Taste of a Woman

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