Moonlit Meeting On The Beach

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It was a beautiful night for a walk along the beach I was alone and feeling a little blue. It was a long day one I thought would never end but lets not talk about that. I want too tell you what happened on my walk. This definitely made up for the day I had in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

When I got home from work I got undressed and jumped in the shower. My body was so tense the hot water felt so good relieving my aching muscles. I had music playing in the background as I just let the water cover me and enjoyed the sensations. I was feeling so good and was starting to get a bit horny. I put some shampoo in my hair and felt it run down my chest and back down too my ass and my cock and balls. It felt so strange but oh so good. Mmmmmm. As I was rinsing the shampoo from my hair my hands traveled down my body rubbing the shampoo through my chest hair down my stomach reaching my cock and balls. I take my cock in one hand and balls in the other squeezing and stroking too the rhythm of the water as it splashes my hot tight body.

My cock grows in my hand and my balls tighten oh it feels so good..Mmmmmmm, mmmmm Oh yes I know I will have a hot sticky cum. Always the best place too cum in the shower, can clean up the evidence unless you miss a spot on the ceiling or something.. I am stroking my cock long hard even strokes squeezing my balls..* oh.* Yes mmmmmm gawd yes. I am so close too cumming..mmmmmm Yes stroking faster harder oh yes. I feel it building up. Oh yes oh yes.. I am cuming mmmm mmmmmm..awe. That felt so fucking good would have been better if I had someone with me too enjoy it. After the shower I got on my casual clothes white linen shorts Hawaiian shirt and Sandals because I was heading to the beach.

I parked my car along the beach and I get out. It is such a beautiful night the moon is full there is a cool ocean breeze and you can hear the waves as they crash along the shore. I enjoy going too the beach at night and just walking through the surf, it's so relaxing. This one night however I was going to be in for a very hot and wonderful surprise. Up in the distance I thought I saw a flash of red, the moon was full so it gave off a bright light that night. I started too move closer too see what it was I saw, my jaw dropped too the sand when I noticed the most beautiful blonde I have ever seen in my life. She was a vision of loveliness I know it sounds like something from a book but it's true. She was wearing a long flowing red dress that looked tattered on the bottom so it just flew in the breeze you know the torn look. Oh! So sexy hmm. When I got closer I heard her crying and mumbling too herself being the caring person I am and a horny bastard as well, I walked up to her and asked if I could be of help in any way. She looked up at me and kind of flinched when I surprised her she thought she was alone then all of a sudden there is this strange guy in front of her. I introduced myself to her,

"Hi my name is Phillip" very nice to meet you.

She then told me her name was Cinnamon. it fit with her dressed all in red.. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help since I hate too see anyone crying especially a lady as lovely as her.

When I first noticed her the song "The Lady In Red" came too mind. I still can't get that tune out of my head nor do I want too. I want too remember this moment for the rest of my life. My cock gets hard just thinking about it, I mean her Oh Yeah! I mean her. Long blonde hair, brown eyes a face of an angel and the body too match. I fell in love in an instant not sure what was going too happen. I am sorry the thought of Cinnamon just takes over, let me tell you what happened.

I ask her to take a walk with me in the surf, we take our shoes off and continue our walk and talk. The moonlight makes her sparkle as we walk and I need too stop and kiss her, so I wrap my arms around her and give her a very sensual kiss. I felt her kissing back, oh yes baby I was getting so fucking hot right now. I can feel her hands running along my back to my ass her nipples were starting too poke my chest and the kisses got deeper and more passionate.

My cock was getting harder and harder. She pushes me away and peels her dress off letting it fall too the ground. I take my clothes off and take her into my arms and lay her down. The feeling of the cool sand on our bodies as we roll around is more than I can take. She climbs on top of me and gently slides my cock into her hot steamy dripping pussy. Mmmmm Oh yeah baby, it feels so good she slowly brings her body down on my cock, her pussy feels so good so wet so hot. She is all the way down my throbbing cock is deep inside her luscious pussy oh yes the sensation feels so good..mmmm oh yes. She slowly starts riding me in and out up and down long and short. My cock is getting a riding like it never had before. I think I am in love oh yes baby.

I want more, you make me feel like I have never felt before, these sensations are so intense, so hot and so sexy. Yes baby keep riding me I feel your juices flowing down my thigh. I reach down and stick my finger in her juices putting it to my mouth and taste it. Yes baby you taste so sweet. I want too eat you, my cock is harder than it has ever been before, baby I want to eat you bring that pussy up here now I am hungry for you. She climbs off my cock and then onto my face, as she lowers that beautiful pussy towards my face it drips it's sweet juices all over me. The aroma of pure sex, what a lovely scent that is and the flavor is so sweet. I get my tongue going as it gets closer and closer when all of a sudden she just drops her pussy right on my waiting tongue. Then I feel her mouth as it wraps around my now very throbbing cock. She licks her cum off the sides running her tongue along the shaft and balls. You can hear her smacking her lips at the taste of her cum. I do agree it is a very sweet cum one I wouldn't mind tasting every day. I am licking her lips separating them with my tongue I suck her clit in my mouth and suck on it getting every drop. She grinds her pussy and sweet ass into my face I savor every drop.

The feelings she gives me as she sucks on my cock, gawd she gives the best head and she takes it all the way down her sweet throat. I can feel my cum building getting ready to explode, she starts to grind harder and faster as she gets closer.

Oh yes baby, oh yes I am getting ready too explode my cum deep into your throat. The feeling of her pussy fucking my face is making me hotter I am going to explode I feel it getting ready to blow. Her body is quivering, shaking we both are going to cum together. Yes, gawd yes I am cuming. Oh baby I feel my cum shooting deep down your throat my mouth is full of your cum oh yes baby. mmmm gawd baby , you are so fucking great. I never came like this before oh baby you are the greatest, we light up a cigarette even though I don't smoke it needed one.

She got up and put her dress on. Smiled at me gave me a big hug and a hot kiss and left. Not a word nothing she just left, I found the woman I wanted to spend my life with and she leaves as quick as she came. I just lay there in awe of the whole thing as I reach into my pocket and notice a piece of paper, it was a note from cinnamon. It said " my number is 555-2335 I had a really good time and looking forward too much..much...more..Philip you are the best lover I have ever had and I think that I will ever have."

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Moonlit Meeting On The Beach

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He meets his soulmate on moonlit beach.