Magical Tea

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Hi hon. Mmmm could I have some of your tea here in the fridge?

It's magical tea? Giggles. Ok I think you been drinking too much magical beer. Mmmm this taste really, really good. So what have you been up too? Tripping on shrooms? How do you trip on shrooms? What do you mean by drinking the tea in your fridge? Hey don't be playing ok? Oh geese what is going to happen? Wow your face is strange looking right now . . . (giggles) you remind me of a troll

( Giggles) Hey why are you taking off your clothes? Look at your cock? It grows bigger and shrinks again. Do I want to lie down on your bed? Sure it might help . . . Why are you taking my clothes off? So we can fuck? Oh okay that might be fun ( giggles more)

Mmmm that feels good with your cock inside of me. Does it feel good to you? Can you feel me? Can feel my lips on your big hard cock? Mmmm it tastes so heavenly. Let me sit on that raging hard cock of yours. Oh yes, yes my pussy is so tingly and wanting to ride you hard. Oh yes baby more, give it to me harder and harder. Now pinch my nipples! Oh yes, harder, pinch my nipples harder, twist them! Mmmm, mmm your making me so hot, so wet. Mmm baby my pussy feels like its going to explode! Oh yes, yes, mmm yes! Oh I see fire works on the ceiling! Mmmmm yes I am cuming!

Wow that was really great and I want more. Oh yes baby lick my steaming pussy as I twist my nipples. Oh my thighs are spread so wide my legs look so long. Mmmm keep licking my dripping pussy. You want to stick your tongue deep inside of my pussy! Oh wow it feels as thick and hard as your cock. Mmmmm oh more baby more mmm yes that's it go deeper with your tongue. Oh your finger up my ass is going to make me cum! Bring me your cock so I can suck it! Mmm mmm mmmm yes oh yes. Do you like my lips around your big hard cock baby? Mmm mmm licking your cock up and down nibbling on your balls and taking its purple looking mushroom head into my mouth, rolling around and around and sucking on it harder, harder. Mmm mmm mmm I am going to cum! Mmm mmm mmm (slurping sounds) Mmm mmm drinking your hot cum mmm mmm yes mmm.

Yes fuck me up my ass, I need it, I want it now. Mmmm oh yes the pain is so hot mmm. Rubbing my clit as your pump me full of your cock. Mmmm yes baby yes fuck me, that s right harder fuck me harder now fuck me with all your might. Give me that big hard throbbing cock! Now I want you to fuck my ass full of you're hot cum! Give it to me. Please! Please give it to me! I want you to take my ass and fuck me! Harder, harder feed my ass with your hot thick white cum! Mmm mmm yes oh yes that's it! Mmm mmm yes baby yes. Give it to me. Mmm mmm mmm ah ah mmm mmm yes oh my gosh you make me so horny! Harder, harder do you want to cum in my ass? Huh do you? I can't hear you. Tell me you want to cum in my ass. Louder! Scream out my name when you cum! Scream out Erotica! Now fuck me! Fuck me so hard and fast! Faster! Faster! Harder make me want it more and more! Oh yes! Tell me you want me! Don't you cum until I do! Tell me how much I turn you on! Tell me how hot I make you. Do you want me baby? Do you want to fuck my ass hard? Mmmm are you fucking me right now? Is your cock deep into my ass? Are you going to give it to me really hard? Mmm oh yes just like that! Yes! More! More! I want more! Yes! Yes! Harder baby I am almost there as I feel your big hard cock swelling and throbbing in my ass! Oh I am cuming on my fingers! Yes! Yes! Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm Are you cuming! Cum baby cum hard in my ass! Oh yes pop that thang baby!

Mmmm that was great. Mmmm want more tea? (Giggles)

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Magical Tea

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