Love You, Honey

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Jun 17, 2004 8:39AM EST

Hi, honey! I know that you're in your big meeting this morning, but I wanted to tell you how much I love you. I'll be on the four o'clock flight but I've been thinking about what we'll be doing in a few hours.

I always love it when you strip me naked and scrub me down in the shower. It always turns into so much more than just a simple cleaning. Mmmm. I can already feel your soapy fingers slipping under my breasts and rubbing my nipples until they harden. You love to pull me back against your hard cock, teasing me mercilessly as your hand slides down between my legs, parting my wet lips and thrusting your lovely cock between.Oh, God!

But it's just a tease. You only let me feel enough to make me want you more. But I have something different in mind tonight.

I want you to tie me to the bed.

I want you to use the silk ties that that bobble head of a secretary gives you each year when she tries to get into your pants and make sure that they're nice and tight. She so gets on my nerves, thinking that she can satisfy you as well as I can but I know better. And so do you.

So tie me down. Make my wrists burn. And I want you to straddle my face, rubbing those juicy balls all over my face. God, you smell so good. Nice and fresh from the shower, Irish Spring mixing with your special musk. Mmmm. Straddle my face and stuff your fat prick into my mouth. I just love your silky cock skin. Hot and smooth. Your fat purple head will bump against the back of my throat, leaving drops of salty pre-cum that I eagerly swallow. So delicious. Almost as delicious the cum I hope you'll feed me later.

If I'm not doing a good enough job, you'll pinch my nipples. Oh, God, baby, I love it when you do that! You'll squeeze my thick nubs until they pulse with pain and my pussy throbs along with it. You'll ask me if I deserve your cock and I'll beg you for it.Please, baby. Give it to me. You'll straddle my face and use that fantastic cock to give me a face-lashing. The fat head will smack my cheeks, leaving streaks of jizz jelly.Please, baby. I need you in me! You love it when I beg. You adore seeing me so hungry for it, so hungry to suck your cock.

Then, you'll move down and tease me, smacking the fat, hard head of your cock against my already aching clit. Oh, the pain is so good! I'll squirm underneath you, begging for your cock but you'll laugh as always. Now, you'll shove that big prick into my cunt.Oh, yeah, baby! I can feel you inside me, stretching me, making me hurt with your size.Fuck, yes!

You know I like it a little rough. You'll pinch my nipples again and I can't help but cum, impaled on your hard steel and creaming the hot flesh. You'll growl and tell me that you want more of my cream. I'll beg you to make me cream again and you'll oblige me by frigging my clit until I'm screaming, my pussy walls squeezing you tightly. You'll growl again, but this time, you'll pound me until we're both breathless. I can tell that you're turned on because you'll have done my favorite thing: grabbing my hips in your hands and pumping into me.

Oh, God!Fuck, how I love it when you use me like that! You'll reach down and pinch my nips again and again, finally using your lips and teeth to catapult me to yet another unreached level of sexual bliss. I'll shiver, my toes curling into the sheets when I cum again.Oh, God! Oh, yeah, baby!

But you have a surprise for me. You'll pull out, excruciatingly slowly so that I feel every inch of your prick and then, flip me over onto my back, plunging that thick tube of meat into my ass. Oh, it hurts so much but I'm gonna cum anyway. I just can't help it.Oh, God! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! Oh, FUCK!

(Breathing noises and a bit of silence) I just want to let you know how much I want you. See you in a few hours. Love you, honey.

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Love You, Honey

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