A Summer Afternoon

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Walking into the room, I notice the dimness from the closed blinds. I feel the air stirred by the single fan, swinging gently from side to side, its blades moving the hot, heavy air. Outside the sun blazed in the mid-afternoon heat. In here, the dimness made the room seem cooler. Approaching the bed, I see him sleeping, the sheet tossed lightly over his body. A fine sheen of sweat covers his brow, and his dark hair clings to his temples.

Quietly, I pull the tank top over my head, the fan drying the sweat that had just begun to accumulate on my body. Softly kicking off the sandals I wore, I undo the button and zipper on my shorts, letting them fall softly to the floor. Walking gracefully and quietly across the room, I approach the bed and continue to look down. His face calm with sleep, his smooth chest rising and falling with each breath, one arm slung across the pillow, the other across his body. Looking lower, I see one leg has eased out from the sheet and is lying atop it.

Sinking down onto the bed, not wishing to disturb or wake him, I feel the soft coolness of the sheets as they press against the back of my thighs. Clutching the sheet, I lift it gently and slide my legs under its surface. Rolling onto my side, I brace myself on one elbow looking down at the man still asleep. Bending lower I press my lips to his forehead, and feel the moist heat that is there. I taste the slightly salty sweat and feel the dampness of his hair. Suddenly, his body rolls towards me and his arms engulf me, pulling me to him. His eyes are still closed, yet there is a smile that plays on his full lips. Moving lower, I let my lips trail down between his eyes and along his nose until I reach the tip. Moving away slightly, I notice his face reaching up, his lips pouting slightly. I notice his eyelids moving and know that sleep has left him.

Trailing my fingertips from his temple down the side of his face, I make my way to the full lips and feel them purse against my fingertips. Moving my hand away, I move closer, my lips brushing his. I feel his lips move under mine, and feel his arms crush me to him. Giving in to both of our desires, I sink down onto the bed. One arm moves under his neck, the other slides around his waist. I feel his tongue pressing against my lips, begging entry. Moving my lips against his, I part them and allow this gentle invader to slide past. Feeling the warm moistness of his tongue, my own rises up to greet it, playing and dancing with his.

I feel his body shift, and his weight feels welcoming as he presses me into the mattress. Clutching at his back, I pull him towards me, his lips crushed against mine. I feel the sweat on his back, my hands slipping over his skin until the fan’s movement can dry the wetness. Running my fingers through his hair, I feel the heat from his scalp, and begin to massage the flesh, feeling the softness of his hair between my fingertips.

His hands run the length of my body, and I shiver despite the heat. As he runs his hand back up to my breast, I feel the nipple harden in expectation. And soon, he begins to knead my breast, his thumb flicking at the nipple, causing it to rise to greet him. As our lips part, I see his eyes open and smile into their brown depths. I feel his lips along my throat and toss my head back to truly feel the softness of his lips and tongue against my skin. I feel his lips across my breast, and then his tongue gently circles the nipple, teasing it, making me arch my back to him, begging him softly with my lips.

Looking down, I see his eyes looking up at me, and then watch as his lips surround my nipple, sucking it between his teeth. Gasping as I feel his tongue lash at the flesh, I run my fingers through his hair, pushing him to me. I feel his hands on my back urging me forward, urging me towards him. I cry out softly as his teeth grab at the nipple, pulling it from my body, even as my fingers grasp his head. In my urgency, I spread my legs and wrap them around his waist, pulling him towards me.

I feel his need, his hardness pressing against my sex. I know we both want our needs, our wants, our desires fulfilled. I move my hips towards him, urging him to enter me. While at the same time, I feel his body pull slightly away from me, and I see the smile in his eyes. Lifting his head from my breast, I kiss him hard, and I am rewarded by feeling his cock twitch and jerk against me. I feel his lips press against me, his moans mingling with mine. I feel one of his hands on my breast, the other in my hair, pulling on it causing my scalp to tingle.

Moving my lips to his jaw, kissing him along to his ear, I grab his ear lobe between my lips and suck. Then I move my tongue along the outer edge of his ear, and feel his body tremble. Gently kissing the inside of his ear, I feel the dampness that has once again started with our exertions.

“Fuck me, baby,” I whisper urgently. “Shove your cock in my pussy, and fuck me. I want you so bad, right here, right now. Please, baby. Please fuck me.”

His raises his head and I know he wants to hold back, to make a sweet torture for us both. Yet, I stroke his face, reaching up to place a kiss on his chin.

“Please, baby,” I whisper just above the sound of the fan. “I need you and want you so badly.”

Reaching between us, I grab his cock, hard, stiff, and throbbing. I place it at the entrance to my pussy, my hips already thrusting up to him, my legs wrapped around him tightly. I watch as he raises himself up on his elbows, his hips rising slightly. I feel him begin to push into me. I feel my lips spreading, opening. My wetness allows him to enter me fully, his thickness causing a groan to escape my lips. He stays there, teasing both of us with the feeling of his cock sheathed inside my pussy.

Then I begin to feel him move. His strokes are long, slow. He pulls his cock almost from me, before he slowly sinks it in once again. My hands run over his arms and shoulders, grabbing at his back, lifting myself to him, feeling him. His lips are slack, his eyes slightly closed. I feel the muscles in his body clenching and flexing from his movements. Slowly he increases his speed, his hips beginning to move faster, my legs pulling him towards me. I rotate my hips as I begin to feel him piston his cock in and out of my pussy, my back arched, a smile of pleasure on my lips.

Suddenly, he stops and I feel his body moving away. I open my eyes to watch him grab first one leg and then the other, placing them over his shoulders. I run my hands up his thighs, my smile encouraging him. He begins to pump faster, and now his cock is fully entering me. My grunts of pleasure match his own. Our bodies become slick with a thin sheen of sweat, and I see it bead on his forehead. I move my hand between us, my fingers searching out my clit, swollen and engorged. Rubbing and pinching it, I see him look down to watch, his hips moving faster.

Reaching behind me, I insert a finger into my ass and am able to feel his cock pounding my pussy. Pressing my finger against the thin membrane, I start to rub his cock in the same way I rub my clit. His movements become faster and harder. His cock pounds me until I feel he is drilling straight through my body.

I feel my body building towards an orgasm, and I begin to tremble. My legs grab at his shoulders, and I know I’m going to cum.

“Cum with me, baby,” I cry out into the hot, dim room. “Spray your cum deep inside of me!”

I feel my body going over the edge, total pleasure washing over me as my body stiffens at first, then begins to convulse. I hear his grunts, and then I gasp as he plunges into my pussy. I feel his body shake and tremble, his cum spurting into my depths.

As we both sink back to earth, I run my hands over his body, watching as he catches his breath. He releases my legs from his shoulders, and falls heavily onto me. I welcome his weight, the feel of him, and press his head against my shoulder. His quick, warm breathing feels soft against my neck, and I clutch his body next to mine. I feel his arm drape across my body, and clutch me to him. Smoothing his hair back from his forehead, I once again press my lips to the hot, moist skin.

“Are you okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I’m more than okay,” he barely breathes.

“Good, cause naptime is over.”

I feel his body rise up, then feel his lips cover mine, his tongue once again searching. And I realize I can’t wait for the coolness of evening.

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A Summer Afternoon

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