A Night With Erotica

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MMM I watch her silhouette in her bedroom window, she is my room mate, my land lady and my fucking desire. She makes me so hard with her words that are so hot, her body is working to the music in that tight black dress of hers, those thick thighs is where I want to be in between taking my tongue over that swollen wet clit of hers, I get brave walking into her bedroom where she is dancing to her stereo holding a mixed drink in her hand and smiles at me turning in a circle wiggling that plump ass of hers and my heart is beating so wildly watching her hands on the sides of her thighs pulling her dress up almost allowing me to see that coochie of hers.

I feel my cock rising in my pants as her hips move so seductively to the beat of this wild sexy ladies music. She bends over in front of me allowing me the view of that gorgeous plump tanned ass. My mouth watered as my hand ran over my cock under my blue Jeans watching her body making love to the air. Running her hands over her body as soft moans come from her lips as her eyes are closed tightly and her body is moving so seductively that I can no longer control this primal urge raging with in from this witches dance of seduction. I move in on her taking her body into my arms and the black silk dress feels cool to my touch.

She looks up at me and utters between her lips. "Wolf" her eyes hold almost a mischievous fear in them.

"Erotica." Is all I can say as my lips passionately kiss her full lips feeling her suck on my tongue.

I picked her up in my arms carrying her to the bed and stood her on the ground as I pulled her dress over her head noticing she only has on a black thong, my mouth instantly goes for those luscious erect nipples that she refers to as N.E.'S. My large hand grasp the silky blonde hair of hers as I kiss her harder and passionately ripping her thong off of her and quickly remove the clothes that are confining my body from taking her. I am still clenching her thong in my hand as I lower myself down over her body and slip my cock into her hot, wet pussy, ahhhhh gawd she feels so hot, so tight against my raging cock.

Her legs are wrapped around my waist, her nipples taste so delicious and I twist them hearing her moan softly. Our bodies are moving together as one, we roll over so she is now on top of my 293 pound body, and the fiery wild cat she is pins my arms over my head, biting my bottom lip softly, she has the head of my cock slightly inside of her pussy and she moves slowly down the shaft with her wet juicy pussy that I just want to tear up with my hard throbbing cock. She began moving her pussy a little further down my cock and this was driving me wild and crazed with desire, I sucked on her neck, my hand is freed and wrapped in her hair and then I grab her hips pushing her all the way onto my rock hard cock. Her eyes roll into the back of her head as her mouth quivers from the pleasure that my cock is giving to her soaking wet pussy.

She grinds her hips hard onto my cock, our breathing is heavy and so intense, my cock feels as if it is in her stomach she has it so deep inside of her tight pussy. She digs her fingers into my chest, but the pain is making me want it more and I want to fuck her pussy, I want to fuck that pussy hard, I want to make her pussy scream as we both explode into such a powerful orgasm and her moans could be heard through out the house hold.

My whole world was being rocked into a night of pure illicit sex and I was loving it as she gave me just what I wanted. I only allowed a few minutes of rest before I had her by her wrist and placed the cuffs on them as I smacked her ass with my large hand leaving a stinging hand print on her ass cheek and a sensation in her pussy. Before she knew it she was laying face down on the bed and cuffed to the head board, mmm that is when I enter her ass.

Ahhhhh I was biting her shoulder as I pounded her ass with my huge cock. The pain hurt and yet felt good all at the same time, then she felt the dildo touching her clit that made it feel so much better and she wanted more of my cock deeper in her ass, I tried stretching my legs futher apart so I could go deeper inside of her and then it happened the explosion that sent me deeper into total bliss. My cum shot deep into her ass and her pussy gushed her hot juices over the dildo her body was arching and twisting from the warm erotic sensation attacking her pussy. Mmmm the benefits of knowing Erotica Writings mmmm.

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A Night With Erotica

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